My Life Just Continues to Get Stranger

Well now.  If I were to ask you in aDuBs and I’s relationship who saves who 99.9% of the time, I would say-Anna you are the level headed intelligent one and I am the clown.  Insert some other choice words speeding down the highway to get to another airport less than an hour apart.  Long story short, to continue to series of unfortunate bad events that only happen in my life-I went to the wrong airport.  The airports are about 30 minutes apart but when you arrive at noon and your flight leaves at 1:15-you realized what happened and are the wrong airport and then hit traffic.  Well let’s just say Anna continues to save my ass.

I did get there at 1:00 to check in.  After a patdown, and the shortest security line ever, I made it to the gate at 1:12….but that flight was delayed until 2.

So after that flight took off and landed, my next flight was delayed.  I think some creepy business man was trying to hit on me while I was sitting reading your blogs on the airport.  He kept telling me about all his business adventures (I don’t even think I looked interested FYI) but when he told me he was thinking about moving to down to VA Beach to start some shipping company thing-I literally was like “Oh kewl beans.”  He stopped talking to me after that.

I guess men aren’t into that phrase…so sad.

Moving forward into where my life gets stranger.  We board the propeller plane about 2 hours late.  No big deal.  The plane seats 36 people.  Mentally I just did that multiplication because there were 9 rows and 4 seats per row.  Actually 37 because the back seat had an extra middle seat.

The flight attendant informed us the reason that the 40 minute flight was delayed for so long because the bathroom wasn’t working.

Okay.  Whatever at least we were finally going, I figured it was the AC broken because I’m sweating a storm. 

So we take off.  Before we take off (because somehow I always get to sit next to either the wheel or the propeller), I literally said to the person behind me, the wheel looks really flat (little did I know he was a pilot).

We get into the air and all of a sudden the plane is shaking (and the AC still isn’t working). Not normal shaking from clouds or normal wind turbulence, shaking like even a small child would know something isn’t right.   The pilot puts the landing gear back down…the man behind me says hmmm that is strange and not good, not good at all.  I wish I had realized he was a pilot before we were back on the ground.

5 minutes later we hear some clenching noise (my teeth perhaps…or the vice grip I have on the arm rest?) and the pilot comes onto the intercom.

“Please pardon the interruption but the plane cannot go into a higher gear and we will be downgrading and flying back to our takeoff airport.”

Its times like these I wish I didn’t drive manual cars and didn’t know what getting into gear meant.  It’s also times like these I wish I was on the ground.

That next 25 minutes (because we just about halve our speed) was the freaking scariest thing of my life.  I don’t think I can even relate to you how scary it was.  We were seriously shaking (and not getting any lower) and the plane was making some craycray noises that god knows I was not okay with.  I am a very frequent flier but this was really scary.  I had a vice grip on both arm rests and was just telling myself 5 more minutes the entire time. 

After deboarding, they said they were going to bus us over the other airport (about 2 hours away).  They had room for one other person on the 8:30 flight (it was about 6 now), but that sure as hell wasn’t going to be me.  Don’t ask me why I thought it was a good idea, but me and four other plane besties rented a car and we drove.  Yes. I do realize it was an extremely poor decision but I wasn’t stuck at the airport until 10 and then taking a bus that got to the destination around 1am.

And I am alive to recap strange things in my life.  I really do think I could write a small collection of shorts stories with the things that happen to me.


Question for you:

What is your best plane story?  Or worst I guess.


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  1. That is so scary! Glad that you are safe. I don’t have any crazy plane story so I guess I should consider myself lucky. But I know if I had one I would lose it!!

  2. Good grief that is scary but I’m glad you are OK. I think the worst thing that happened to me on a plane was from Chicago to DC, when I was stuck next to a guy from a culture where hacking phlegm onto the ground is socially acceptable. Oh and we sat on the runway for 2 hours first. I almost’d

  3. Ahhhh. I would have been freaking out, man. I hate planes.
    I have had some terrible experiences. One time when I was flying from Chicago, the plane just dropped like a thousand feet and another time we were flying through a storm. Literally. The lights were going off and crazy stuff like that.

  4. Oh my I would have been super scared… flying frightens me even though I have done it so many times! Your story tops mine, but one time we were landing and the plane was just not slowing down once we hit the runway… the plane started to swerve a bit and finally screeched to a stop. Not sure what was wrong but I was flipping out to say the least!

  5. OMG that’s so scary!! So glad you’re ok though!!
    I don’t really have any stories like that, I’ve just been through turbulent patches but nothing like that!
    Hahaha kewl beans is a major turn-off, I’ll keep that in mind! 😀

  6. AHHHH! Don’t tell me these things! I’m going on my first commercial airline flight for my cruise this August! I hope I don’t crash and burn or need a Xanax to help calm me down.

  7. Holy crap, that’s scary! My worst plane experience was flying from the Virgin Islands to Atlanta a year and a half ago…we were in a really bad storm, and the captain came on to announce that the strong headwinds had caused us to use up the fuel more quickly than usual and we were going to stop in Miami for an emergency refueling. There was horrible turbulence and the flight attendants were freaking out, which made ME freak out since they’re obviously very used to flying. We just kept going and going and not seeing land, and things were falling all over the place. The lady next to me was clinging onto my hand and telling me about her kids and I was really, REALLY wishing I hadn’t watched so many episodes of LOST.

    We arrived safely, other than however many years the experience took off of all of our lives…

  8. Ugh. So scary. My husband has had one of those flights once. Super scary.

    My worst flight was a series of flights in 1996 (yes, I was in college–I feel old now!). We were supposed to fly from Atlanta to Rome via Amsterdam. We left from the Atlanta airport during the Olympics. In July. The international terminal had no air conditioning. Oh, and this was back when we had paper tickets, and our choir director insisted all 50 of us stand in line together to check in. Which took like three hours. And then our flight was delayed. And then we got on the flight, and we got caught in a storm and had to make an emergency landing in Little Rock (um, we were supposed to be going east, not west!). Then stopped in Memphis. And missed our connecting flight. It was 1am, and they bussed us to the hotel. Did I mention there were 50 people and ONE bus for the hotel? Got there at 3 am, only to have to wake up at 5am for another flight.

    To La Guardia. THEN they bussed us to JFK. Then we flew to Amsterdam. We were already well into day two of travel. Then to Milan, then to Rome. Where were were supposed to sing at the Vatican about five hours later. Our luggage was lost (shocking). We got on a bus, got to our hotel and had 45 minutes to change, and no sleep in three days. Shampoo spilled on the skirt I was supposed to wear to perform. I had to borrow my roommate’s, which was three sizes too big. Our feet wouldn’t fit into our shoes. It was a disaster. I called my mom and said I wanted to go home!

    I still to this day have no idea why we didn’t take a direct flight from Atlanta to Rome! Makes no sense!!

    Glad you arrived safely!

  9. OMG I am so glad you are ok!!! I would have completely 100% freaked out!!!! You did much better than me. As for that creepy business man-he should be ashamed of himself. CREEPER!!! Glad you made it safe and sound. Hope you can enjoy yourself now!!!

  10. um. you need to tag me in this post hollie. you know i’m waiting for my name to be gigantic in your tag cloud! haha

  11. OMG.OMG.OMG.
    1. your plane- WTF??? you would have the plane that had something wrong with it
    2. YOU TOLD ME YOU WOULD MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!!!! riding in a car with strangers is not making good choices!!! oh hollie…
    haha this post really freaked me out. i dont think i’m gonna be able to sleep after reading this!
    glad you safe and hope you having a great time!
    <3 aDuBs

  12. I’m glad you made it! Although, you made no mention of where you were or where you were going? Lol or did I just miss that. I’m usually pretty cool on planes- yeah turbulence scares me, but I figure at that point, theres not much I can do about it.

    And I would have rented the car too- I’ve seen people do that many times

  13. Oh goodness, I’m glad you are okay. Those creepy occurrences are why I hate to fly! I’m going to Vegas this Friday, wish me luck!

  14. Oh my gosh, Hollie, this is freaking INSANE! I cannot believe all of that happened to you. I would of gone crazy. My stomach would of been in knots…and I would of probably had my whole life flash before my eyes. That is frightening!
    I’m SO SO SO glad you are ok!! The pilot should of listened to you about the wheel. Good grief, what WAS he thinking?! They need to give you all some compensation or something for all of that. Nuts.

  15. oh my gosh!! I never had that happen, but I did have a REALLY mean guy in front of my once. Let me just said he cussed at me and I was only in 8th grade. not cool old man haha

  16. wow, omg rough day!! what a scarzy trip that would’ve of been for you…i’m so glad you’re still alive and happy!! and now you have a great story to share, too:) I’ve missed your blog so much girlie, ahhh I need to work less so i can actually read and write blogs again!

  17. Thank goodness they got the plane back down! That sucks being in that sitch.

    I haven’t had a crazy experience like that. I’d have to say that flying 7 hours over an ocean just a row across from a toddler screaming and hopping around his seats the entire time was pretty… memorable.

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