Socially Awkward Musings in the BCs

Please enjoy how socially awkward I am and why I shouldn’t stay up past 10:00pm when I’m tired.  I would edit all my awkward grunting and weird noises out but that would take away from the atmosphere I feel.  That and we all know I’m not a major in the arts.

Question for you:

Are you socially awkward…can we be besties?


17 responses

  1. Ummm I thought we were already besties. No but seriously I feel like we could be real life besties too. I sort of love your story about your lab partner (Lateesha? I don’t know how to spell it) because I’ve totally done that before. Except it was a super sassy cross country runner that had short hair at one meet and hair down to her ass at the next meet. I wonder if that slowed her down?

  2. Good luck with anatomy. At my school, a lot of people say anatomy is the hardest class you can take (I guess our anatomy teacher is crazy hard). Ummm I dont think I’m socially awkward but let’s be besties because I basically am asleep or dead by 10pm. And my boyfriend says I make “whale sounds” if he tries to wake me up.

  3. “Um Hollie… it’s Lastisha” bahahha… sooo funny! Idk what I would have said!

    Maybe you can buy that same phone off of Ebay?!

  4. I am totally awkward and we can totally be besties. We ARE going to besties however until I lose this 8 lb gain and get my life back in order. Can we meet in real life yet???

  5. That Latisha story is hilarious!!

    I’m socially awkward too…at least you can pull off a vlog! I’ve tried and I can’t, haha

  6. ahhhh I AM IN THE BOONEYS AND I CAN’T HEAR THE VIDEO!!!! What the fuck well long story short no matter what you said you know I lahhve you. Mwah HAVE A GOOD DAY MAHDEAR <3

  7. Get an iPhone and you will never turn back:) Just kidding not trying to pressure you! And don’t worry you are no the only socially awkward one! Sounds like something I would do.

  8. I am incredibly socially awkward. I think I make people very uncomfortable. =P Ha. REALLY AWKWARD. I want to be besties, maybe one day I can meet you and we can have a waffle party and watch Tyra shows! lol perfect day right there

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