Swimming and Broski

I suppose I forgot to tell you before you watched my vlog, it was still me just wearing my glasses because it was early.  I don’t put in my contacts a lot in the morning unless I’m working out.  In fact, I wear my glasses often.  I like to pretend I’m intelligent sometimes.  I think it confuses people.  But anywho-

Last night we made Crockpot chicken.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing until…well now.  I personally like chicken fat (along with steak fat) so it is easy for me to scoop it all out and god knows no one else wants it and thinks I’m disgusting so it works out well.  We served it over kale, random greens, eggplant, squash and mushrooms.  So good.

After an incredible journey with Anna up north to the train station (because our lives are so fun)-I came home and went to bed.

But not without having a chat with my leg.  Oh do you think I’m joking because my I frequently do.  I asked for forgiveness to the running gods of my ostrich ways and that I would rather go back to that bird style of movement versus my penguin walking.

Well my little tendon listened to me as now I walk a little bit normally.   As normal as I am though.  It was such a big day for me seriously with that because I am not supposed to be walking this well until later in the week.

But on today!

I slept in until 8:30.  I think I finally caught up on some rest.

Now here is the only negative Nancy part of my day.  I went to the gym to see if I could do some of those elliptical (or cycle I guess…) and they all hurt my knee.  As in if I did them, I would be where I was on Saturday.  It was rather frustrating since the doctor told me those wouldn’t cause me pain.  So after I cried and got all that jazz out of the way I decided I would just come back and swim when the pool was open.   Good thing I didn’t wear makeup today.

Like I said.  I’m not going to frill it up and say that this is fun or easy  and I’m happy and having the greatest time of my life.  I’m an emotional sap and I will cry when needed. 

But during my time of waiting for open swim and since I’m an art major, I made myself a motivational poster so that I can really see where I’m trying to go.  Don’t worry…if you ever need one.  I got your back.    For me, I need to keep telling myself workout hard now will just cause me more pain later.  Would I rather be in pain now or more pain later…

But then I went for a 5000 meter swim and I felt so freaking good.  I’m currently writing this blog 30 minutes later so it’s probably why I’m in such a good mood.  I really think it might have even stretched out my tendon a little more and I can walk even better.


Anywho more updates on my familia front.  AKA the broski.  He called home yesterday for the first time!  He gets one 5 minute phone call each Sunday.  Sad story I will miss it next week but we are letter writing and he gets his laptop.  So more communication!  Matt-you have so much catching up to do.  Just kidding!

They seem to take a lot of pictures of you enjoying yourself Matt.

Can I just sign up for the boating portion of a military academy?

Incase you wondered, in Matt’s company of 36 people…already 10 have dropped out.  Holy schmee-I guess it isn’t all fun in games.  He is a little cray cray but then again so am I.  😉


Question for you:

  1. Do you wear glasses?
  2. Do you ever go boating?


28 responses

  1. ahhh that sucks that you can’t use those machines. At least you’re already a swimmer. I mean I know you want to stay away from the pool in the off season but you don’t look like a drowning baby puppy like I do. I also love that work of art right there. You should hang it on your wall for motivation.

  2. Aw that’s awesome that you’re leg is feeling better! Yay for the swim! you’ll be recovered in no time! 😀
    I used to want glasses, but then realised they look TERRIBLE on me, like seriously gross, so I’m glad I don’t need them!
    You looked really good in your glasses! I’m jealous! 😀

  3. I’m glad your brother is doing well and still in school :). Would love the boating too!

    That’s awesome that you were able to swim… at least you can still do something, right? Love your drawing…


  4. Hey you can swim!!! Yayay 🙂 I have a feeling you will be able to Arc train by the end of this week or the beginning of next!! Your broski is such a cutie anddd a trooper for sticking it out so far. He is the 🙂

  5. I seriously love your artwork. Hahahaha.
    I do have glasses but I wear contacts most of the time because I am always running, swimming, working out, hiking, riding horses, etc. and glasses just do not work well with those types of activites sadly. Oh and apparently my eyes are so blue that nobody believes me when I say my contacts are clear… Which is why I hate saying I wear contacts.
    I’m glad you are still able to swim at least!

  6. Well I’m glad your brother hasn’t dropped out — it shows he is strong and dedicated like his sister!

    I’ve had glasses since 2nd grade, but I mostly wear contacts.

  7. Hollie I’m so sorry to hear about your leg, injuries are a bitch. But there isn’t a SINGLE succesfull athlete who hasn’t been set back by injury at some point(okay don’t hold me to that but I’m guessing!), its just part of being an athlete, albeit a very sucky part. You’ll be healed in no time and back to your (annoyingly amazing) running ways. In the meantime you have permission to cry & complain your lil heart out.
    You are seriously beast for swimming 5000 metres! I thought I was pretty badass for swimming just over 2 miles today(pathetic!)

  8. Oh my god. 5,000 meters. I can barely get 2,500 in without getting ridiculously bored. Maybe I need those water proof radio thingies? I could totally work out then.

    Don’t be down girl. Before you know it you will be back at running. The road to recovery is a long one that sometimes stinks, but in the end getting back up and starting all over again is what counts.

  9. I wear glasses, but my current glasses aren’t the updated prescription I get my contacts in, so I don’t feel as safe or clear or whatever. I pretty much just wear them when I wake up and late at night and then pop my contacts in in the morning. I lost a contact in the pool once…. suuuucks.

    So I pretty much love your little drawing, but I’m sorry to hear you’re injured. It’s hard to deal with, but it’ll be a good time to give your body some rest or discover new cross training and all that jazz.

    Dessert heals all, remember. 😀

  10. It’s great that you can still swim, even though it’s the off-season! It’s a bummer that those machines caused you pain, but I’m sure you will be back running again before you know it! I know, easy for me to say! Even though I’ve never really had a serious injury that has put me out for more than 8-9 days, I totally understand your disappointment.

    By the way, I’m likin’ the cartoon! 🙂 looks kind of like my drawings…well…my really, really good drawings!

  11. gah i am so sorry girl- thats gota be frustrating! but i respect you SO MUCH for taking care of your body. and I know God is teaching u a lot thru this whether you see it now or not! you are awesome!

  12. Well good news on the walking! Haha, how did you not know about putting chicken in a crockpot… like what else was going on with your crockpot? Pulled bbq pork is awesome in the slow-cooker!

    I thought you were going to make me some paintings for my new apartment?

    Great swim- I’ll be doing it tomorrow!

  13. I wear glasses in the evenings and on weekends unless I’m going some where. I don’t usually wear my glasses to work or school.

    We recently got a boat so my dad and I take it out to go fishing on the weekends a lot.

    Sorry you weren’t able to use the machines you were told you would be able to. I’m glad you didn’t keep going though and just waited for open swim. So awesome that swimming helped it so you can walk a little bit more normally now! Love your picture!! It made me smile considering I’m at work at 7:30am haha.

  14. I do not wear glasses – i had lasik surgery done about 10 years ago. It doesn’t last forever, & I can definitely tell that my vision is not as good as it once was, so I have a feeling I’ll be rockin’ the glasses in another five years or so.

    No boating. We have small kids & I’m paranoid about taking them out on a small boat at this age. As they get older, definitely. Most of our neighbors have boats & we live near the water.

  15. I go boating once in a blue moon, usually on vacation as the lakes here are too gross for words! And I do wear glasses, but only once a week to give my eyes a break and a lot during the weekend. Every other day it’s contacts!

  16. I hope on my daddy’s boat alllll the time when I’m home. I get a better tan in the middle of the watah. 😉 and I hate my glasses, so I generally only wear them when I’m sleepy.

  17. I’m sorry you’re still hurting!! 🙁

    I wear my glasses every day. I wear them to work because I sit in front of a computer, and my contacts get blurry if I do that for too long. I really only wear my contacts when I’m out and being social. I used to HATE my glasses, but now I don’t mind them 🙂

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