Lets Chat Injury

So injury isn’t too bad when you think about it.  (Actually I’m just talking out of my ass here…it sucks don’t you worry).  But anywho-I have compiled a list of things I can get away with now:

1.       Taking a year to get ready to go anywhere becomes socially acceptable…oh wait I can’t walk.

2.       My parents allow me to text someone in the house a maximum of 3 times a day to bring me up or down the stairs something.  (It’s mostly food)…

3.       Not driving.  I hate driving anyways but the pressing down on the clutch hurts me and I’m not supposed to drive a lot with the meds.  Hopefully though I’ll be done with those soon.

I’ll compile and add to the list as I find other great things that I don’t have to do.  It helps me look at things in a more positive light that way.

Oh and by the way.  I have my own youtube channel that feeds into my blog.  I upload all my vlogs into youtube.  So much freaking easier.

I won’t make this blog all about my injury though because as I said yesterday, I’m more than an injured soul.  I do other things in my life ha. 

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  1. I think the past tense of “spin” is “spun.” I spin once a week but quite honestly it is my least favorite workout that I do so I’m not sure why I even go. Anyway, I love that duck award! Sooo cute! And congratulations on it. 🙂 I hope you find plenty of fun stuff to keep yourself amused with while not running. I know that’s frustrating but at least you’re trying to stay positive.

  2. Aww you poor thing!! Your penguin walk is cute but I’m sure it’s super annoying!
    That’s so funny how you have a text request limit, you should just request boatloads of food each time 😀

  3. I like how you’re trying to stay positive with your injury! You’re right, injuries SUCK. I had no idea that it was so bad that you can hardly walk! I’m glad that you can swim, though…I bet that would be an effective way to get your anger out! 🙂 Stay strong! I know you can get through this!

    P.S. I’m really likin’ your vlogs! You’re so funny!

  4. Love you. I totally text in the house just to be a lazy ass. Mwahhh if I lived nearby I would totally bring you baked goods!! I have a shit ton of cookies in my freezer. Like, a SHIT ton.

  5. You’ll be back to running before you know it.. I totally know how you feel about being injured too so if you ever wanna talk to can email me or tweet me and I can give you my numbaa so we can text!

    P.S. I hate driving too 🙂 lolzzz

  6. Sorry about the injury- but I don’t mind reading about it. I haven’t been injured (knock on wood), but I had to take 5 weeks off due to severe anemia (we’re not talking “I can’t give blood” anemia- we’re talking “I’m surprised they didn’t transfuse” and “I will NEVER be able to give blood” anemia) last summer. I was always scared no one wanted to read about it or cared but it was a pretty big deal to me to not be able to run.

    However… during that time I did some new things and it was interesting… I tried yoga and did zumba classes. I got to know some other runners outside of running which was neat. I came back from it running a lot faster than before, and after 5 weeks off it was amazing how my body just “remembered” what it was supposed to do. Just wanted to offer some encouragement because I know the days after a diagnosis like that really do feel like the end of the world.

    And you never know by posting about it someone else may be having the same problem and might get it checked out, so you really might be helping someone by talking about it :).


  7. Thanks a lot for the video, for answering almost each comment and for talking about what your recovery routine is ! I totally understand when you say that you have to be busy to not think about running and about the injury, i feel exactly the same !

    Stay positive (i know how frustrating it is not to be able to run…), that’s the most important thing!

    I really enjoy reading you so keep posting nice posts and videos as you do !

  8. Ohhh, I feel your pent-up rage/restlessness on not being able to work out! I was in a walking cast for 4 months this winter with a medial sesamoid fracture, and not being able to run AT ALL for that amount of time seriously freaked me out. I was totally anti-bike as well, but out of desperation when my pool closed (yes, at the same time as I was in a cast…ridic), I tried it and I’m actually pretty much a fan of biking at this point. 🙂

    Hope you heal quickly and exploit your family’s delivery services to the max until then.

  9. Sorry about the injury Hollie! 🙁

    The youtube video (and the link you provided) didn’t work for me — it might be my computer though, who knows!

  10. Haha you look so cute with your glasses! Don’t worry about rambling about your injury.. i did it on my blog because it’s so cathartic. the mental aspect of the injury is rough and it helps so much to just bitch about it. Watching the vlog was like reliving the first days of my injury. I had to walk with my injured food perpendicular to my normal foot. It was awful. congrats on 2nd woman overall! Youz da shit.

  11. Oh Hollie- don’t rush back into anything! You’ll just make it worse so relax and remember how strong you’ll be when you come back. And you’re angry when you workout? Lol, Hollie, what are you angry about on an everyday basis?

    Ha and awesome duck. My first duathlon like 3-4 years ago, the awards were wooden ducks, but like big ol’ carved wooden ducks haha!

  12. I really wish I automatically woke up at 7…that just doesn’t happen. Hope your knee feels better soon girl! Good job on your exam though!

  13. Sorry about your injury, Hollie. Milk it for all it’s worth 😉 and get back out there soon.
    Thinking of you! x

  14. Aww Hollie, I’m so sorry to hear about your injury 🙁 UGH. I have to say I LOVE the video though..not that it’s GOOD news, but I like the interaction. I think you should keep posting them.
    I’m glad that at least you can swim…that’s definitely a positive. …But I hope that you can walk soon. Sorry you have to walk like a penguin, know you look cute doing it 😉
    Stay positive girl- love ya!! xoxo
    PS: the duck award IS cute!!!!

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