Oh.Muh.Gawd. You’re Naked!

Now that I have caught you up on my vacation life-I can move into my I’m back at home and boring life.  On Saturday morning after my run, I came home to this.

At least give him a sweater...

We boarded our dogs at the groomers and my mom asked them to shave our dog.  Apparently it’s quite common in Golden Retrievers in the summer months…who knew.

What was wrong with this look...I don't know. Maybe my dog is going through a midlife crisis.

Let’s see if there are any other honorable mentions in my life.  My pancakes were looking brown today and they are pumpkin so I decided to photograph them for interest.  I am a true believer that pumpkin pancakes make the most photographic.  I also a true believer that if you add sprinkles to anything, it makes it 1000X better.

Monday is normally aDuBs day off from me.  I mean the pool is closed, she has lessons and class, I have class and aerobics so we normally don’t see each other.  But today I forced into some Panera with me.  Why-because it’s good and I needed my daily dose of Anna.  (Seriously why are people friends with me?).

Today I just did a standard 1 hour slow and easy run.  I’m tapering down for my big race on Satruday which I’m super pumped about.  I’m clearly living an eventful day today.  Without all the extra working out and such, I have nothing to fill my time with. I had read everyone’s blog by like 8am ha.


Well blogging besties.  I’m off to take my Human Anatomy practical.  Don’t worry feel free to throw out the “that’s what she said jokes” because I’ve already been there.  

I’m disappearing tomorrow as I have some celebrations to attend to.  It may or may not have to do with running in giant granny panties while drinking and anchoring a relay.  I keep it classy in my life.


Question for you:

1.       What did you do for your 21st birthday?

2.       Have you ever tapered for a race?  Do you like it? 

I don’t do full tapers because my body does not react with them very well.  I do much better if I slow my miles down (swimming and running) versus cutting them.  I am way to stiff after rest days actually. It’s with that for swimming and running.  When we taper for both-I take two days off and do light activity the day before.  It has always worked well for me and you know what they say…do what works best.


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  1. Oh the poor dog! We ‘ve though about doing that to our pup, but she’d never forgive us, I’m sure.

    For my 21st, my friends and roomies through me a surprise party — let’s just say I was passed out in a hallway before midnight

  2. Your dog looks so weird! (sorry). I guess we all miss his fur look!

    Well, the pancakes look awesome (as normal). Ahhh, tapers the best part o the swimming season. I remember how strong& fast I felt during that short period of time.

    Good luck on the race Sat. I am confident in you!

      • I was in such shock about your poor doggie, I totally missed your B-day. Glad you had fun. I’m with you on the drinking, but I don’t drink at all, too many alcoholics in my immediate family & I have a child, so I made a decision not to. (Plus I don’t enjoy alcohol, and I already have a problem dealing with overeating, sigh).

        On a side note, please tell me that your cross country coach is having the no sweets for the month of Sept (like last year)…whether it’s true or not! I need the nudge! Or whatever he comes up with and then encourage us to join you in the challenge.

  3. yeaaaaaaaah happy birthdayyy!!!! 21 thats whats upp!!!!!!
    never tapered as never really raced for something needing a taper…but questioning it for my first half…

  4. Happy Birthday — have fun tomorrow!!!

    For my 21st — a friend of mine took me to a casino, we stayed at the hotel and got mighty drunk. No big deal. 🙂

    I tapered for my marathon and I was kind of going crazy not running very often. I try to just “trust” whatever training plan I’m on.

  5. well since you’re gonna be busy tomorrow I’ll say it now — happy birthday! I wish I could tell you i did something awesome for my 21st birthday, but I’m not quite there yet. I will tell you that on my upcoming birthday I plan on buying a lottery ticket and ordering bumpits over the phone since you have to be 18 or older to call.
    I’ve never taken off days as part of a taper. Though the most I race is 5k’s and it would probably be counterproductive to take days off for 3 miles worth of racing. The longest race I’ve ever run was a 10 miler and I just ran easy before that.

  6. YAY happy almost 21st birthday!!

    We went to the southside in Pittsburgh for my birthday! I ended up having like 13 shots and didn’t get drunk! Imagine that!

    You can still come to Pittsburgh and we can go to the South Side.

    Also, I’m not sure why your dog looks so sad when he’s shaven. 🙁

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🙂 I had a hilariously bad 21st…a couple of days earlier, I’d gotten a horrible case of poison ivy (I’m like…deathly allergic), so I was on fire and also on prednizone and therefore puffy and cranky and not allowed to drink. I sat in my apartment with my face in the air conditioner and my roommates made me non-alcoholic pina coladas. It was HARDCORE. 😉

    Also, your dog looks like someone photoshopped a golden retriever’s head onto a yellow lab’s body…

  8. My 21st was relatively tame! I went to dinner and had my first legal drink there, then went home, and didn’t wake up with a raging hangover 🙂

  9. I had lunch with my Mom and boyfriend, then later had my family and friends over for a pizza party followed by cheesecake! Lame right? I know! I usually just do whatever the training schedule tells me to do-I don’t think I’ve reacted negatively to tapering but I think your idea is a great alternative!

  10. I just slow down instead of tapering or I do cross training. I give myself rest before a race too. Resting makes me stiff. The next day my legs never want to move.

  11. I usually taper by cutting back slightly on my mileage (not too much), and the day before a race is usually just a 3 miler to shake out the cobwebs (during the off season). During track and cross country I don’t really have much of a choice since our workouts are scheduled by the coaches, but the day before a meet, we usually do a run that is out 15 minutes and back faster. Our mileage isn’t really “tapered” until regionals and states during cross country, and our mileage isn’t really cut back during track, but the intensity is.

  12. I had a huge pool party for my 21st. Definitely a great birthday.

    And you totally made me laugh out loud at work with your TWSS joke. Good luck!

  13. yess, I always taper for a race. and your doggy is so cute with his shaven body.. I haven’t ever seen a shaved golden! haaha.

    I spent my 21st in Key West with my parents and my best friend. and THENN I rented a party bus in Charlotte when we got back from Christmas Break. it was awwwwesome!

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