All You Need for Travel is Coffee.

And apparently Greek Food.  I can never get enough of that stuff.

Okay yes, I did promise I would do a food blog about my journey to New York City.  I didn’t take photos of everything because I didn’t really have the energy and the trip wasn’t about my food blogging or blogging.  It was about the broski.

Anywho I also cannot promise I eat the most healthy or even remotely so.  I can promise you I ate all of this and more (did minimum exercise…it was a fabulous break) and didn’t gain any weight.

It’s important to remember that you don’t gain weight in a matter of meals.  It’s life choices baby.

The most important thing about EVERY single one of these meals was I completely enjoyed each of them.  All of them were Actually thinking of all my eats makes me want to travel and visit my brother everyday taking the same exact route.

I had 4 Starbucks fraps. And I loved every single one of them. That giftcard I got for my birthday was the best thing ever. I don't know why I contentiously pose with my coffee.

Chick fila breakfast stop. The broski wanted one last time before he only ate college food.

Okay so this salmon salad was the greatest salad I have ever had. EVER. NYC you win.

These meatballs were the size of a small baby...once again winning NYC.

But then I had this gyro meat salad in New Jersey and it came with pita bread. So many hard choices of best salads...

When I visited Katelyn in Rochacha a few months back I fell in love with lentils..when I saw them on the menu I had to order them again.

Not sure why I was in such a greek mood but ordered a greek salad for an app at a DINER of all pancakes (um don't you worry it was after 11 and they didn't serve breakfast) Oh and confessional. I have come to terms with onions. They are now okay in my book.

But the spankopita pie was another great nom. Omg and it was only 5 dollars! Best.Meal.Ever.

As you can see-I’m not going to get my panties in a bunch not eating like I do at home.  Give me coffee and give me…well more coffee and I’ll be good to go.  Mind you-my family isn’t big breakfast eaters so we didn’t go that route.

Can you believe I didn’t have pancakes for an entire 3 days and the world has not ended.


Question for you:

Travel: does it make your nervous for yo eats?



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  1. Nice eats Hollie!! I kind of look to eat indulgently while traveling and I don’t worry too much because I know I will go back to my normal eats within days!

  2. Looms like you had an amazing trip! I love NYC!
    When traveling, i get nervous about not having something I will be able eat or want to eat. Also my food allergies don’t help! But I’ve gotten really good at packIng snacks and food for myself when I travel! I love Larabars, apples, and little nut butter packets!

  3. That’s great that you didn’t stress too much over food whilst traveling! I tend to get nervous in general when I can’t plan what I’m going to have, like yesterday at a family lunch. But I pushed myself to have that 2nd piece of Pavlova (it was delicious). All the food looked so lentils is one of my fav foods.

  4. I like traveling because it means we’ll be eating in restaurants often which means I can choose foods that I don’t normally make at home — like fish!

    Those meatballs are seriously huge! Wow.

  5. Mmmm 4 starbucks fraps, I could get used to that! 😛 everything looks amazing, especially that salmon salad!!
    I used to worry about it, but not anymore!

  6. Travelling does make me nervous when eating… eating at new restaurants can make me nervous too, just because being a vegetarian, I never know what they’ll have. But I do like trying new foods when I’m travelling or eating things I don’t normally eat.

    I usually eat more on vacation but all our vacations are also really active so I don’t really gain weight. All your food looks super yummy especially those Greek salads. Have you ever had baklava, it’s a dessert and it’s yummy and Greek?


  7. That salmon salad looks phenomenal.

    Yeah, traveling freaks me out food-wise because of my eating disorder…sometimes I have to pack things for myself to avoid full on panic attacks, hah. I have an extended overseas trip coming up and have legit been contemplating mailing 14 quarts of my “special” brand of choc soymilk to Eastern Europe…this is not normal. 😛

  8. I can’t believe we missed each other in NYC! I am glad you enjoyed all of the amazing looking food pretty lady 🙂 Travel definitely makes me nervous food-wise. I am getting better at it though

  9. Nice eats girl! Everything looks delish! And I agree…when you’re on vacay ya gotta take in the local eats otherwise its just a waste! Like for example I am in boston this weekend and plan on eating seafood up the wazoo!! I mean literally stuffing my face with the freshest stuff on earth! Oh yes.

  10. I usually gain weight when I travel but when I come home I get back to normal so I try not to freak out about it! My boyfriend would completely agree with your have coffee will travel attitude! Boy is like a walking Starbucks gps:)

  11. Nom nom. That all looks delish. Traveling makes me excited for eats because I get to eat things I don’t normally! 🙂

    Happy to be back in your blogging life.

  12. I would seriously eat greek food for every meal if I could. I love it.
    My favorite part of traveling is trying all the cool new restaurants and foods and what not, but I hate when there are no vegetarian options and all I can have is iceburg lettuce salads. I used to struggle a lot but now I look forward to eating out and trying new things without preparing it myself — for me it actually takes the “anxiety” away since I just come to terms with making do with the situation.

  13. Nope food is definitely one of the best things about traveling! Although I don’t like I gain weight after traveling I wouldn’t worry about food when traveling for a single moment.

  14. Looks like a great trip! I’m jonesin’ for all of that now… except I’m not a fan of feta lol. Glad you kept a healthy mindset and enjoyed it all because you need it!

    And no, never “Rocha” lol, only variation is “Raahhhhhhchessta” like they say it up there ; )

  15. I think my favorite part of trael is that 99% of road stops out here have A&W’s at them… meaning I can get diet rootbeer and it makes me happy.

    I became absolutely ADDICTED to small little greek restaurants due to an ex bf. We ALWAYS ate at them, they’re fantastic becuase they have EVERYTHING

  16. OMG that salad looks amazing!!! I love salmon on a salad- theeee best. I usually don’t get nervous eating/traveling, I probably eat less while on the road and on vaycay than I do working from home every day soooooo.. bahah.

  17. Whoa, that salmon salad does look amazing!!! I prefer to eat at home most of the time because I like things a certain way…MY way, LOL! But it’s a nice change when given the opportunity to eat out on vacations and stuff. It’s all about the balance! And coffee. You definitely have your priorities right with that one. 😉

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