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Hi blogging besties.  I am sadly, on a lovely car ride to New York City to drop off the bro for college.  I should be back Friday night but we shall see.  In the meantime enjoy some of my favorite things because I certainly do ha.

So I often get a lot of questions asking about my favorites of random things.  Favorite running clothes, swimming crap, breakfast foods, fruit, veggies, the list is kind of endless.

I have a really hard time shopping for real girl clothes, instead I could buy everything and anything towards my Running clothes addiction.  Anyone else want to be part of the ACAA (Running Clothes Addiction Annoymous).


My baby newtons win out.   I get a lot of questions about these babies and if I feel faster running with them.  The reason I run in Newtons is because they have lug action that works well with my feet.  You see-I really do run on my toes and shoes with too much weight in the heels begin to irritate my them and that’s why you hear me frequently whining about my heels hurting.

I don’t think they are personally are a “faster” shoe.  I actually don’t think any shoe is faster than others and I hate when people say “every since I switched shoes…I have dropped so much time in this distance.” It doesn’t work that way and I think each person works well with a certain shoe as I think there is someone in the world for everyone.

Okay off my soap box.

 I race in my nike waffle racers.  They are light and straight to the point.

You can kind of see the waffles.


I hate running in cotton t-shirts.  I’m not too sure why but just the feeling of a short sleeved cotton shirt really irritates me.  It might have something to do with it rubbing against my arm pits (I hate arm pits so much) but I do not ever run in t shirts anyways-technical or cotton.  I hate how the sweat absorbs it and then it weighs more than you do.

How did I ever run in this...I really don't know.

That being said-I normally either run in a singlet or a sports bra.  My favorite singlet is this one that I stole from Matt.  Actually he got it from his high school track team so I’m stealing from my high school.  I guess.

My favorite sports bra (uh boys cover your faces I guess).  Is this one that I got at old navy.  It’s not even Nike or cray cray like me but just normal.  Possibly the only non colorful running thing I own.

Grey and boring...just like me.


I really just prefer running in spandex.  Some people like to run in shorts but honestly, mentally I feel faster in spandex so that is my jive. 


I vary if I run with my ipod or not.  Sometimes I want to have more in thought runs and sometimes I just want to break out some rap music.

I always need to have some sort of head band in my hair otherwise it gets to be afro style and I always straighten my hair before races.  Always. 

I’m really bad about socks.  I know my feet would thank me so much if I actually wore decent socks.  Do you have any recommendations because I certainly need new socks.  I’m really not joking.

And lastly do not forget about my dads 1990s Half Marathon sweatshirt that I stole from him and frequently wear.  I know-it’s as obnoxious as I am. 


Talk to me about your running/working out wardrobe.



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  1. I don’t think there are faster shoes, but if you get shoes that fit you and support you well, you will be able to train better/harder/longer and that will make you faster. So there’s that. Lesson: get shoes that are good for you.

    I heart my spandex. Especially purple spandex, but I only wear purple on top, I feel like a purple ass is too much for a 30-year-old. I do match my swimming gear – goggles, cap, suit all complimentary. Because it’s fun at 5:30 am.

  2. In love with spandex as well. And I often work out in a swimsuit and spandex shorts since I’ll go directly from running/biking/rowing to the pool and don’t want to waste time. The people at my gym probably think I’m a nutso exhibitionist, haha.

    I swear by Asics, shoe-wise…I have high arches and they support me best.

  3. I am all over the place with gear. I love nike tempo shorts but I also love spandex. I run in a sports bra as long as I’m not with my coach because that would be awkward, and the sports bra has to be ultra compression even though my chest is lacking in a need for compression. I get really bad blisters, so for racing I wear these funky little asics with a funky little lip that prevent my ankles from getting all nast. Though I don’t know if you have that problem because of your ostrich running.. otherwise I just fly with costco socks. They’re cheap and colorful and that’s all I need.

  4. I like that you don’t have to try on running clothes. Trying things on can be such a pain… or I’m lazy. I sometimes like spandex but mostly wear reg running shorts. I love running tanks so much better but I don’t mind running in t-shirts. Oh and socks wise I have fav socks they are experia thorlo pad socks. They are incredible like the most comfy socks I’ve ever put on my feet. I have umm 6 pairs of them 🙂

  5. I’m also a spandex pants or shorts girl — I don’t like fabric bunching up or blowing in the wind. Most of my running clothes come from Target — I love their Champion sports bras and running capris. I have one long sleeve Under Armour running shirt ($10 on clearance baby!) that I wear when it is cold outside and i just love it.

    Shoes — I have Asics that I was fitted for and they’ve been good to me. Socks — I like Under Armour socks — they are really thin and wick the sweat away and they stay put — I don’t like having to adjust socks when I’m working out.

  6. I love Nike shorts and shirts (dri-fit! No cotton!), but can’t stand the shoes for running. My Mizunos are where it’s at for running :).

    I’ve never run in just a sports bra. I so don’t have the confidence for that.

    Hope everything went well dropping your bro off at school!


  7. I realize this makes this post, almost redundant… But I too love wearing headbands while running, but I often deal with issues with them slipping a bit.. I bought some Goody (I think, from Target) brand ones.. And they are alright. Are you sporting the Tarjay ones too?

  8. smartwool socks. they’re redunk. i got a pair, and week later bought more. and then asked for some for my birthday. it’s an obsession.
    my brother wears ’em for cycling and loves them too.

  9. I wish I could run in a sports bra and feel ok about myself. I mean, I know I could get away with it but sometimes I just don’t think I’m in THAT good of shape.

    I love my Nike Tempos, I have them in like 4 different colors.

  10. I totally agree with the shoe theory. You need a good shoe that suits your stride and style. If you don’t, it will slow you down and cause injury potentially. When you find the right shoe, duh, you’ll run better and go faster. I went and did a whole quiz on what shoe I should have before I picked out a certain pair.

    I always wear spandex pants too. I overwear my Nike technical running capris. They have a zip pocket right over my butt that is the perfect size for my phone and key. Woot. Then I like to wear a tank or a tee that isn’t too loose. I hate having things dangling or having to hold things when I run.

  11. I usually wear shorts, a t-shirt, and some type of non-cotton sock since I get bad blisters (and blood blisters!). I don’t usually run in a sports bra partially because of how self-conscious I am right now with my weight, and also because I literally glow in the dark (I’m super pale!). I HATE the nasty sweatmarks I get with cotton t-shirts but it’s something I have to put up with I guess.

  12. I couldn’t work out or run in a spos bra. I’m not confident enough and I’d probably blind someone with my pasty white stomach. I actually kind of like tshirts because even though they get wet and sweaty, it feels good when the wind blows! I dont like tight shirts but sometimes I do wear tanks.

    Ya know I love going shoe-less! 🙂 When not barefoot it’s vibrams for me. 🙂

  13. Well, you know how much I heart spandex. I finally embraced it this spring and will never go back. My left thigh always chafes in regular shorts. I have no idea why. And you’re faster in spandex. It’s a proven fact. But lulu spandex all the way. I wear Nike capris when it is below 40 degrees. Never tights. Doesn’t get cold enough here for tights.

    Cotton is no bueno. As are sleeves. It’s either singlet/tank time or long sleeves. I don’t do short sleeves. That’s why God invented arm warmers. Which, as you would say, are

    You are so right with shoes. I’m am in New Balance 890s right now for regular trainers, and my adizeros for racing, which I believe make me faster simply because they are pretty. And I PRed my first race in them, so they are sentimental faves.

    Socks–Adidas, all the way.

    Sports bras, well, have yet to find one that’s pretty and functional. So, lululemon, if you’re reading this, racerback bra that fits a 32DD without crazy underwire or heavy straps or hooks in the back!

    I would never run in just a sports bra, but I’m nearly 15 years older than you–no one needs to see that!!

    Headbands are a must, as you know. NO one needs to see the ‘fro unleashed.

    Randoms: I always carry my inhaler. I never listen to music, unless I am on the treadmill, because otherwise, I will get bored in two minutes. I get at least three more with good tunes.

    I hate carrying water, so unless it’s like 14+, I sneak into coffee shops for water fountains or else buy some along with way and run by and back. I really hate fuel belts. Mostly because they interrupt the fabulousness of the spandex.

    Thanks for entertaining me, as per usual.

  14. I think if I was more comfortable in my body I would enjoy running in tank tops or something other than cotton t shirts but for now that’s all I got. Until then I will live through your running clothes mmkay? 🙂

  15. thats so funny you straighten your hair b4 every race, i love that! I AM obsessed with having good shoes to run in! its a MUST!

  16. I’m so picking about my running socks. I just wash and wear certain ones.

    And I just totally laughed when you said you race in Nike waffles and you love waffles so…
    I’m just a nerd with nerdy jokes. I know.

  17. I can’t stand running in cotton either. It really bugs. They also never seem to really last long.
    I don’t mind running in shorts, as long as the don’t ride up, but I’d prefer my spandex tights that go just above my knees.
    I know nothing about running socks, or if they are worth it so maybe I’ll have to look into that. 😛
    I rarely run with music, I personally love hearing the sounds of feet pounding and whatever random nature sounds are goin’ around. If I’m on the treadmill though, music HAS to be involved.

    It’s kinda interesting seeing what works for everyone 🙂 Everyone has different responses!

  18. I forgot to add, I was just looking at a pair of Newton running shoes and I read that they are difficult to transition in because of their bottoms. Is that true? They look nifty.

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