So Fly in July

Pardon the title, it was either so fly it July or in July I will be a social butterfly…bahaha.

So I have been telling myself I will get back on top of blogging but have been so busy it has clearly been a fail.  I have been wanting to do a food blog and for some reason I have just not been in the mood.  Maybe my food has essentially been the same…maybe I forget to charge my camera or maybe I just quite frankly don’t feel like sharing what I’m eating.  Actually it is just more or less that my food is boring and won’t interest anyone at the current moment.  I mean unless sandwiches are your jive…


But anywho-Can you believe it’s already July? 

Do I need to make July goals like many of my favorite blogging besties?

Possibly because I have been so scatterbrained lately but I actually have a lot of adventures planned for July to keep me in check so we shall see.

Since you are oh so curious about stalking my July Schedule-I’ll share with you my tentative plans and festivities.  Then I can also refer back here when I forget what the hell is going on in my life.

July 4th 5k

and taking one of these shots to celebrate Anna's 1 year running anniversary. Wow this was a year ago. Holy schmee time flies.

and hanging out with Chef KatelynEpic blogging meetup again (duh).

and taking lots of photos duhhh.

July 5th I believe I have a nighttime 4 mile race.  It’s part of a group of races called the summer series but I should probably look into it ha.  It isn’t as serious as most road races and that is why I love them.  To run is fun-because running is funning sounds like I never graduated from elementary school.  

July 6-8-I’ll be in New York City dropping on the broski to college.  AH-I’m going to miss him a ton blergy berg.  I won’t be able to talk to him but on Sundays for about 5 minutes for the first couple of months.

No more running bestie. 🙁

July 12th is my 21st birthday.  Feel free to send me a pair of granny panties because I’m actually 20 going on 99.

July 16th is a hugh jass race called the Allen Stone Run Swim Run.

1k run on the beach-1k swim in the ocean-5k run on the boardwalk.  I won last year so I kinda would like to repeat that.

July 21-26-I’ll be tentatively traveling and probs away from the blog.

July 30th-I have a 2 mile open water swim just North of New York City.  My relatives all come and do it too-it’s like way to much of my cray cray family.  I’ll literally be able to see Matt’s college-but can I visit?  No.

Seriously-I am one busy woman in July.  Good heavens.  It will most certainly be my most busy month of summer as August dies down.


As far as this weeks stats go:

Running: 62 miles

Swimming: 2 hours

Cross training: 2 hours

This was a heavy week for me and next week tapers down again.  Since I will be traveling to NYC and doing 2 races, it’s important for me to realize that I’m not going to be able to get all the heavy training that I can normally get at home.  We shall see how everything goes and no need to get my panties in a bunch that I won’t be running and swimming as much as both training plans call for.

Hypothetically I’d like to get: 50 miles of running and an hour of swimming, but I’m not holding my breath.

Well like I said.  Anna and I have a 5k July 4th.  I would like to be under 21 minutes right now.  I have no speed work because of my heels so anything under 21 minutes I’ll be pretty pleased.  By the end of the summer-I should be under 19:30 at least.

I had some of my favorite carbs for dinner to prepare of course.  I love this Greek restaurant.  I had the baked pasta with gyro meat and pita bread with feta cheese.  Can you say I’m overly full and is my belly.  #hellyes

I love gyro meat.

and pita bread with cheese nomtastic.


Question for you:

How do you feel about speedwork?  Love/hate it?

What are you doing in July?  (Coming for a pancake party for my 21st…of course you are!)


27 responses

  1. I need to do speed work desperately. Its on my training plan once my foot feels better. I normally don’t like speed work, but I’l take it just for my foot get be back to normal. I don’t think it ever will at this point.

    A nighttime 4 mile race sounds like so much fun. Running at night is hella exciting. I don’t know why.
    And dude, I want to send you something for your birthday! Ahhhh. I need to think of something.

  2. Wow girlie, you have a super busy month! Good luck with all those races and with dropping your bro off at college, that’s gotta be hard for you guys especially since he just graduated. Will definitely eat pancakes on your birthday, haha :).

  3. Schedule sounds amazing! and I am increasingly freaked out by the geographic parallels in our lives, since your parents live where my parents live and we both go to school in NY and now you’re visiting my ciudad.

    hope all the races go fabulously!

  4. Bah, don’t do speedwork, I am not a runner and what running that actually takes place in my life is ridiculous. True life – I think I walk faster than I run.

    I can’t promise to send you granny panties but will you email me your address pretty please so I can send you something? 🙂

    All those races look like so much fun! My town is so boring, we dont have anything.

  5. What are you doing racing up in NY on July 30th? And damn girl, thats a lot of miles! I love speed work but I have a hard time getting warmed up and starting- I need to be able to like run on the treadmill for 30 minutes and just magically be at the the track lol. Got any good workouts for me?

    When does Katelyn get there? Good luck in you 5k!

    Oh yeah, is the 4 miler the zoo races??

  6. I totally can’t believe its july eihter..ahh my birthday is in 2 days!!! And YES I love love love your July plans-so jeal that you and katelyn can hang together all the time! And omg I am so jealous of the nighttime 4 miler race!!! I love nighttime runs:) Annnnd you are so freaking gorgeous girl because you + that dress (with your old running bud!) is SOOO dang gorgeous!! I Love you!!

  7. Of course you’re going to be under 21 minutes. If you’re doing your daily runs at practically 7:00 pace that will be no problem. You sure do have a busy month… I wish I had cool plans like you! I’ve always wanted to do a nighttime race.

    speedwork = love it. well, I hate it while I’m doing it but I love the results and how I feel afterward.

  8. I HATE speedwork!! Its the one thing that makes me dislike running while I’m doing it.

    All your July plans sound so fun!!! Good luck with that run swim run! I’m sure you’ll defend your title 🙂

  9. Happy birthday! And, July sounds like quite an athletic feat – you are my heroine.

    I adore gyro meat, and one of my favorite restaurants serves Gyros + fries with shaved feta, lemon juice, salt, & just a tiny dash of oregano on top. Heaven. My youngest son & I scarf them down like nobody’s business when we go to eat.

  10. Um I actually feel like it would be kind of creepy if anyone sent you panties for your birthday, lollll

    July 4th I have a 5k
    July 15th I have my math final!
    July is the last month for me to squeeze in all my training before my tri! Ahhh

  11. I have been blogging absent as well, my friend! Haha. Looks like July is going to be super busy for you!!

  12. Your July looks like it’ll be super fun! I can’t believe its already July. Summer is flying by. Awesome training week.62 miles is BA (at least to me) I’d love to be doing that much. Hope you have a great race tomorrow!

  13. your doing your big race on july 16th, which just so happens to also be my bday 🙂
    July looks busy for you too. I have something on each day of my calendar….need to go schedule time to sleep and some naps haha

  14. It’s a big exciting month for you! I’m counting down the days for the END of July, we have a trip to Vegas planned on the 29th. I celebrate your 21st for you 😉

  15. speed workkkk soo necessary…totally need to up my game thereeeee
    and hell yesss happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy almost! my bday is this friday but only 20 so NOT as fun as you
    but damn dude you got one busy ass month!!!! know your gonna kill itt!

  16. wow you really are one busy woman!!! I can’t believe it’s already July either. I feel like Summer just started and before we know it, it will straight up be OVER. Ahh, the horror!

  17. AAAH your 21st is so so soon!! That is SO exciting!! Definitely up for that pancake party- sign me up! 😀

    And I LOVE speedwork!! Feeling fast is SO FUN! Pssh you’re so fast anyway I’m sure sub 21 tomorrow! GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  18. Oh my gosh, you are SO going to go sub-21 tomorrow! With all of the running you do (cough, 62 miles!) you are certainly capable of doing that. That is the typical weekly mileage for the top runners in my state, Michigan, and they run around 17:00 (one girl actually did!)

    I feel like speedwork is super fun if I’m feeling good. If I feel sick or fatigued, I don’t have that much fun and I just try to survive, haha. I think my favorie type of speedwork is mile repeats, because I’m not very speedy, and I like to just get into a rhythm and zone out.

    Love that 5k picture by the way!! 🙂 And how exciting…21 years! I feel like 17 is such an awkward number haha.

  19. I’m not a fan of July because it means June is over 🙁 I already miss Europe in case you couldn’t tell. So July will be full of working, and working, and not having fun on vacation. wah! 🙁 yes I’m bitter 😉 lol

  20. You are a busy lady! Sounds lole youve Got a fun July planed though 🙂
    I’m doing an internship at Harvard in the public health lab for July! I’m super excited

  21. Good luck on your caaaarazy July, girly! And happy birthday if I forget on your birthday. I’ll try to remember to eat a pancake in honor of you.

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