Because I’m so Amazing….

Thank you Sophia @ Raven Waves for giving me this amazing bloggers award. True life: I’m not amazing or exciting but I like surveys and I know your life will just not be complete without reading my answers ha.

Directions: answer the questions, and then add your own question at the end for the people YOU award it to to answer!

My favorite cartoon character is…from Sailor Moon! Hell yes.  I used to watch this show religiously.  Me and Sophia@Raven Waves are going to have a little blogging meet up and just watch that and eat pancakes.  I’m glad you had no say in it Sophia. Ha

 My favorite thing to photograph is… I’m more of a painter actually.  I like to take photos of my besties though.

My favorite thing to cook is… breakfast.  Nothing else.  (Actually true life: I don’t think I can cook much else).

My favorite way to exercise is… blergy blerg.  Don’t make me choose favs.  I love running and swimming but ultimately I’m going to be a little old lady doing aerobics errday at the ymca.

Words cannot even descibe how happy I was google brought me to this image bahaha.

My favorite movie is…I don’t have a favorite because I’m not a big movie watcher.  I can’t sit around for long periods of time without moving and/or talking.

My favorite article of clothing is…dresses duhh (or anything not wearing pants. I have no realized I haven’t worn blue jeans since April 28. ha)

This one is my fav. Excuse the extremo cropping

or my country club dress is fabulous

I lurrrve my formal dress too actually

Actually true life: I don’t have a favorite dress.  My favorite article of clothing (Just ask Caitlin) are my stunnah frames.

My favorite flower is… a rose. Cliché and I don’t care.

My favorite breakfast is…Um duh didn’t have to cook it and extremely delicious.

Don't question if I have eaten this entire thing. I legit hold the record in the diner for the most pancake challenges completed.

Now I have to tag people. Because new readers are amazing-I’ll tag some of my newest blogging finds that I loveee (and you will too because we are twinnzies) 🙂


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Now you answer a question!


12 responses

  1. hahah Holly you’re too funny! Lovin those shades, looking hawwt girlfriend!! 😛
    OMG that pancake!! I’m drooling! BUT I think I could take you on in a challege…!hahha!

  2. Awwwww, you tagged me! Thanks, lady! So… that means I’m supposed to do the survey too???

    Good lord, that pancake. Ok, great idea, we need to do a big pancake eating flash mob. Since everyone wants pancakes because of you.

  3. Those sunglasses are for sure legit. Amazing. Also, I wish I had your giant collection of dresses. I kind of wish I had a giant collection of any article of clothing really. Thanks for the taggage! 😀

    Also, I want that pancake in my stomach. Aaand I am for sure checking out all the other blogs you tagged.

  4. You are so amazing at painting! I love when you post pictures of your art work 🙂
    I am so glad i’m not the only person who isn’t good at watching movies. I need to do things and I need to talk the whole time hahah. My bf gets soo annoyed. I’d rather have a pancake party with you 😉

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