Real Girl Mondays

Mondays are real girl days for me (and also Jamie) because Cavalier (my pool)  isn’t open therefore I don’t live my life in a swim suit.  Unless I go to the beach in which I’ll wear a bikini and not a guard suit (but that is a nogo today).

This morning I had a lovely wakeup call at 5:30am because I had jazzy sunrise aerobics to attend too.  These ladies are seriously cray cray.  Someone came in today in a push up bra (not a sports push up bra…if there is such thing) a push up bra, booty shorts and knee high socks.  Um girl I don’t know who you were trying to impress at 6am but it wasn’t me.

Confession of the day:  I love taking photos in my car.  (not when I’m driving…I’m too spazzy for that but when I’m sitting in traffic because the bridge is open…) but I wish I had a legit photo booth inside Lorraine.  I need it bahaha.  (I’m a freakin weirdo and I know it).

Oh em geez, Jamie and I even did the same real girl expression face

Breakfast today was a lovely bunch of chocolate peanut flour pancakes.  These are seriously some of my favorite pancakes ever, as I was finally able to buy dark chocolate cocoa powder versus regular.   I’m actually not a big peanut butter (or any nut butter) fan but these are the  I don’t like care for the texture and it gets stuck in my throat.

with nutella topping yesss.

I had a few doctors appointments in the morning and then went out to Oceana Air Base to meet the mom for lunch . 

Anywho-we ended up going out to a place called Atlas that is known for their salads.  I got a salmon salad with fresh fruit along with random normal salad vegetables and honestly I wasn’t impressed too much.  I think there was way too much iceberg lettuce and I was still pretty hungry afterwords.

So I got ice-cream.

Why they gave me two spoons...I don't know.

On the way home, I decided to change it up and have a hot run at Mount Trashmore.  I literally learned that I ran in 95 degree weather.  No wonder I was once again a hot sweaty mess.  I was able to shower at the Mount Trashmore YMCA though, which is always good.  I ran 8 miles at roughly a 7 minute pace which I was happy about.  I think it was because there is a family of geese and I am TERRIFIED of birds so I was trying to run away.  There are a ton of road races there, but I hate birds so they make me a little bit nervous.

Well I’m off to try my first cooking of spaghetti squash.  You guys know how obsessed I am with it but I have never actually prepared it before. 


Questions for you:

1.       Which animals scare you the most?

2.       Favorite spaghetti squash recipe?


35 responses

  1. I do spag squash either Italian style or mexi style — both total yum. And you can microwave your squash for faster results: Just stab a few times all around, place in microwave and cook on high for 3-4 min sets. Keep rotating after each set. When you can press your finger and indent the flesh, it’s done. About 12-14 min for a medium/large spag squash.

  2. I can’t really think of any animals that scare me but I HATE bugs!!! I always think they’re on me and when they actually are on me I freeeeak out!

    I love spaghetti squash too! Its so delicious! My fave recipe for it was from a Shape magazine a long time ago….turkey meatballs with the best homemade marinara ever! Its on their website if ya wanna look it up! SO delicious though!

  3. I made sketti squash yesterday! I just microwave it. I have advanced culinary skills. I like putting it in pancakes, which if you haven’t tried, you should.
    I’m really jealous that you have a stewarts. I love their ice cream, but I only get to have it when we go to NY. I had no idea they were in VA too!

  4. I’m kind of drooling over those chocolate pancakes with nutella. That’s how you do breakfast! 😀 And roaches scare me most. Ewww

  5. I have never tried spaghetti squash, yet pretty much every other kind of winter squash! I am eager to see what you come up with, I could use some ideas and recipes
    Geese are pretty dang scary… and swans! They are so gorgeous but just plain freakin mean

  6. Hahahaha I love your makeshift photo booth pictures in Lorraine. Ha. We totally did do the same real girl face! Lol! A gaggle of geese would freak me out too (and dang, you are speedy!). Birds are kind of weird… Once in 4-h I was learning how to show some girl’s HUGE duck and then the girl pased out (for real) and the duck went crazy quacking and tried to nibble my finger. 😮 Anywho, the animals that freak me out most are monkeys and gorillas.

  7. I take pictures in my car too. I have one to prove it. Hahha.

    What’s wrong with just wearing a push up bra, booty shorts and knee high socks to the gym? Doesn’t everyone do that? Maybe I’m alone on that one…

  8. Woo, sounds like you had an awesome run- that an impressive pace- you are a speedster!
    I actually find all animals pretty scary- little puppies are the worst though, they’re all jumpy with little sharp teeth- I cringe thinking about puppies.

  9. Your pancakes look delish especially with nutella topping mmm.
    I also dislike birds especially chickens.
    That sounds like an awesome 8 miler especially in the heat! danggg

  10. I’ll pretty much take spaghetti squash in anything. Um, you are crazy fast. Seriously.

    Not a fan of birds (they attack and poop) or bugs really. Ick.

    Obviously miss wardrobe malfunction wants to be shown up. I’m not sure how you could show that up though. haha

  11. Great run! And you like peanut flour? Whats your pancake recipe? I got some and honestly I’m not super loving it… really not that much flavor?

    I got my 40+ miles this week… although I had to grinddddd today just to get 3 after my 11 and 7.5 tempo run this weekend!

  12. I really don’t like bird either…or reptiles for that matter. I’ve tried spaghetti squash twice now and didn’t like it. I do however love roasting the seeds on the inside:)

  13. Ooo spaghetti squash is delish! Throw a wad in a frying pan with a touch of olive oil, sprinkle in cajus seasonings and whatever other flavors you want, and serve it up with a lil bit of cottage cheese and a veggie burger on top. YUM

  14. lady in your class – 🙂 I’ve thought about taking pictures of people in my gym…. some people amaze me!

    yummmmm those pancakes look delish!!! I love pancakes and need to start eating them more! Nice job on your run 🙂

    I don’t like birds either… or snakes or spiders. And what scares me the most when I’m running are dogs that aren’t on leashes!

  15. I can’t believe someone went in a pushup bra. That is just EMBARASSING!! Although I do kinda wish I had a sports pushup bra to make it look like I’m not a man! 😛

    Scared of birds?! Haha!! Well I’m scared of spiders. EIGHT LEGS?! Freeeeaky.

  16. Spaghetti squash is amazing ANY way… but I love it as “real pasta” or with cinnamon and spray butter! Sounds random, but it’s sooooo good!!!

    And just FYI, I refuse to pack my waffle iron so I can recreat your pancakes/waffles post show. you’re a bad influence and I love it!

  17. A push up bra!?!? Really?! What the heck?! Way too early for any of that…actually that’s never ok!
    I loooooove Nutella. Craig claims ‘he doesn’t like it,’ but the funny thing is I put it on toast for him all of the time & he says he just loves the toast. (I dont’ tell him it’s Nutella- haha!)

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