True Life: I’m a Burnt Hot Mess This Week

Okay true life: This has been the most random roller coaster of a week I have had in quite some time.  I’m real glad it’s coming to a close.  Like real glad.  Sometimes I don’t deal with stress well-or obnoxious people (but I’m not here to rant tonight). 

Another fun fact-I’m not even a roller coaster fan.  I’ll go on them and not complain but they don’t do much for me.  I like to ride the fun and silly rides (um-anyone been to Busch Gardens know the Rhine River Tour?  Bahaha. )  But yes complete tangent.

Reason numero uno for my hectic schedule: My pool opened this week and there was lots of drama there as always.

But on a side note-check out this sweet tan line from only the first week.  I know jealz.

Yeah that is going to look real good in my strapless dresses.

Laura told me since I do wear a lifeguarding bathing suit-it's uniform and technically I'm a real girl everyday now.

Since I needed besties to work with (and I’m in charge), I was able to get aDuBs a job at zee pool lifeguarding.  Today was her first day and luckily for her it wasn’t…too…cray cray.

Besides my pool sending me off a cliff-I have been struggling to find time to do anything else (or having the energy too) not limited to not preparing decent meals.

I haven’t been getting enough vegetables lately at all.  When I am rushed and whatnot, I eat whats quick.  When I’m stressed out, I don’t take the time to plan my meals, I eat on the go.

I know slap me on the wrists. 

But to make up for it-I have been having lots of pumpkin pancakes (that is 1 serving of veggies 😉

Always with my pumpkin fork

And lots of kale bowls.  

Kale+ garden eggplant + mushrooms +feta cheese + parmasean cheese+ lots of garlic (um good thing you guys can’t smell me).

 Is kale on sale where you live?  I legit got a weeks supply for about 3 dollars. (I love krogar).

I was finally able to relax today after work, as aDuBs and I needed to celebrate she was alive from her first day at my pool and went to Panera.  I tried their newest salad, but honestly, I like the fuji apple salad better so that is what I’ll be getting ha.  Plus an artichoke Panini because they are the

Well blogging besties-I have my first open water swim in the AM so I’ll be getting a little schleepy schleepy tonight.  1 mile swimming parallel to the beach.  🙂


Question for you:

1.       Do you burn or tan?

2.       Would you rather go to the amusement park or a zoo?


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  1. I like your tangent blogs! sorry to hear about the stress though. I am working on the ‘stress eating” but finding something else to do always seems to work for me. Like getting out of the house! haha anyway. I usually burn once at the beginning of the summer, than tan the rest.

  2. I burn and transform into a radish until it fades to a tan and then freckles start to appear–yes I have weird skin haha
    I think I’d rather go to a zoo, so many wicked cool animals! 😀

  3. I hope your stress lets up as the summer goes on! It sounds like your pool is a pretty intense place to work. Love the tan lines tho ha! that is def a good perk to working out side. Stress eating happens when I have a bad day at work I stress eat to. It kinda sucks but at least you realize your doing it.

    I usually tan sometimes I’ll turn pink first but it always ends up brown I never peel. I’d def rather go to the zoo. I live 5 min from Carowinds and am not big on going huge crowds and lines annoy me plus going so much when I was younger kinda burned me out on the whole roller coaster thrill thing.

  4. I like your random blogs. 🙂 I burrrrrnnnnnn! I turn bright lobster red. Although I’ve gotten a somewhat nice tan this month (compared to how pasty I usually am) it is nowhere CLOSE to how tan you are after a WEEK! Hahaha. I am not a huge fan of amusement parks or zoos. I don’t care to see “wild” animals sitting in a box/cage for people to walk by and ogle at all day. But I do like feeding giraffes. 😉 I love roller coasters but amusement parks (um do fair rides count?) kinda gross me out – too many people and dirt and unclean old rides (and I am by NO means a clean-freak).

  5. Dang girl you are dark! I wish I could get that toastaaaay! But i just pretty much burn and then tan a little….boo for pastiness.

    I love amusement parks! Especially roller coasters! Zoo’s make me sad 🙁

    I love that strawberry pecan salad from panera! Its muh fave!

  6. Bahaha your tan line is intense. I usually burn really bad on my face for like one day and then tan the rest of the summer. As crazy as this week is, the rest should be good (more tolerable?) since you have Anna with you.

    I have to say I’m not a fan of the summer salad at panera either. Fuji Apple Salad is probably one of my favorite salads in the world.

  7. Holy burned tan line!
    I can’t tan to save my life. I’m pretty pale and I burn easily. But I’m pale and proud 😉

    I’d rather go to the amusement park, fo sho.

  8. um..loveeee your blog
    and damnnnn i want that tan line. switch lives and go to school for me this summer 🙂
    and def zoo
    usually i tan– but i got my first sunburn the other day and peeled…yeah as a 20 year old i prob shouldnt complain about that being my first burn…but i am gonna anyways

  9. I burnnnnnn. And def amusement park… but at Busch Gardens you can do both! Same at Disney actually… We’ll go when you come visit! Glad you crazy week is over Holz, take a break and recharge!

  10. Wow that’s one helluva tan mark!! I’m jealous, feels like I haven’t seen the sun in years!
    I go a bit red, but then it turns into tan so it’s all good 😀
    Amusement park for me! I love rollercoasters!

  11. I love Panera, but we don’t have any where I live (there are some in Michigan, just not any near me!), which is a major bummer! I love their Fuji Apple Chicken salad, and there was this one sandwich I tried (I think it was the vegetarian one), and it was really good!

    I definitely burn…I have to wear spf 50 just to survive…I’m so pale! I like both zoos and amusement I’m not sure which one I would rather go to!

  12. As you know I live in Scotland. I don’t burn ,I don’t tan,I don’t see the sun*EVER*.
    I wish I swam at your pool, the pool I go to only has old grumpy men for life gaurds- I bet your is much more fun.
    I’d go for the amusement park- but I’m the same as you and prefer the fun rides over the ones that make me feel like I’m going to hurl.

  13. I tan like crazy. I have the most insane tan lines from work. Just wait for the sunglasses tan. Ughhh

    Amusement park for sure; I love rides!

    Over here, Kroger is Ralphs sooo I’m going to have to hit up Ralphs for some cheap Kale.

    Good luck on your open water swim!

  14. I hear ya, sista. With work and everything, I have to eat something simple and sometimes that means less veggies than my usual 20 pounds worth.

    I tan easily. That’s because I’m Italian. Holla. (:

  15. Kale was on sale by me too! I would rather go to the zoo and omg the apple chips and pecans and cheese are soo good on that salad.. Basically all the toppings haha

  16. I burn first and then tan.
    Roller coasters don’t do much for me either. I used to go on them if I was at an amusement park, but now I don’t think I would even want to do that. I like the calm rides like the log chute or White water rapids. Those are fun.

  17. so funny i made kale chips today at lunch bc i got my kale on sale the other day!! then i log on to read some blogs and EVERRRYONE and their mom…had kale today!

    ps. you are black

    give me your tan. we havent had the sun in um a week

  18. holllly cow, how have I let myself get so behind on your freaking scrumbdidiliumptious blog!! (I thought you’d appreciate my wonka inspired wording:) but dannng girl, regardless of your horrible lifeguard tan at least you’re freakin’ BRONZE like a goddess:) and holly cow, I love me some pumpkin pancakes, I miss them so much because I can’t find pumpkin ANYWHERE!! ps that is so weird about the kale, they’re selling it for a flippin’ DOLLAR at my krogers! and that’s for an 8 serving bag..craziness!!

  19. Hope everything is okay! I am really trying to avoid that kind of tan line for my brother’s wedding, but it’s hard!

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