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I have a very special request for you guys.  One of my real life besties (OMG I know you are probably shocked that I have real life friends too) is competing in some half iron mans and such.

Jim is currently doing 4 events in 19 days, with the Tinman Triathlon (70.3) happening Saturday (that’s tomorrow!) ; and ending with the Providence 70.3 on July 10th, and the I will be only two events away from completing every major endurance distance event in regards triathlon and running.

When the 3 remaining events are complete, then it’s on to the culminating Ironman distance triathlon on September 11; which is the eight year anniversary of when I was struck by the grenade in Iraq.

All you have to do to help Jim’s cause is like his page on facebook.  YES-that is it.  I know all you internet savvy folks have facebook’s-so if you do it we can celebrate with a pancake party at my house. 

And don’t worry-since I don’t associate with the nonblogging world (just kidding) he has a blog too.


Since It is Friday, I’ll share a fun fact. 

Fun Fact: I always fill up my tank of gas on Thursdays because I normally have 100 Kroger points on my card and it’s 10 cents off at shell so I get 20 cents of per gallon.  Now-you guys know my car Is a lil baby and I ended up filling it up with 50.01 dollars worth of gas.  My brother and I always have a game to see who can get it closest to a whole number…we are just weirdos I guess.

So yesterday I lost…well no not really because he car cost 73 dollars to fill up bahaha.

I’m still working at the pool (as no one has died yet and I have a job) as my cat tans on top of my moms car.  It was a good thing I shooed her off before hell broke loose ha.

I wish I could work on my tan...not in the hood.

Well that is all I got for you on this lurvely Friday blogging besties.  So go like Jim’s page and I’ll be hollering back at you tomorrow night with some exciting sarcasm and news.  😉

peace out and happy Friday


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  1. Liked his page!

    Girl, when I get to Virginia, we totally should have a meet-up!!! I’ll bring the boy to take pictures of us. 🙂 He’s used to my crazy narccissistic photo obsession. Even pre-blog…. Haha. I’ll be back in NC for good in August. 🙂

  2. That is really cool about your friend Jim and very inspiring. Def going to check out his website.

    20 cents off per gallon and still $50?! woah crazy. But I always try to get it on the exact dollar amount but always fail haha 50.01 is pretty dang close to getting it on the whole dollar amount. Impressed.

  3. Wow, that’s incredible. I just liked his page.

    I’m not gonna lie — gas stations scare me. First of all I share a prius with my mom, so I rarely have to fill up A) because it’s a hybrid and it takes forever to run out B) usually my mom is driving when it needs more gas. Also since I’m a jersey girl I don’t pump gas, so the skeevy dudes who work the gas station freak me out.

  4. Gas is crazy expensive. My car fills up for like 36 bucks though. Hahah. It’s a trooper.

    Look at that cat! Oh my gosh. I just want to hug him.

  5. Ok this thing stopped letting me reply to everyone, so thanks for checking out my site and for the facebook likes. P.S. Hugs are always welcomed!!!

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