Because I am a Material Girl

I don’t really know where to begin this post but it has come up a few times in the last week so I thought I would at least do my best to answer it.

How have you changed since high school?

For me, high school was over 3 years ago-closer to four really.  I didn’t go through a metamorphosis really until the middle of my freshman year of college but we will get to that.  I was extremely socially awkward freshman year and only hung out with oh ya know…myself.  At the end of freshman year-I decided to well experiment with makeup.  I think I applied more makeup the first day then I have ever before.

My high school was a very preppy, materialistic, omg you did what, she did who, he did this…ah you get the story.  I was caught completely in it.  I was a stuck up snob and I’ll be the first to admit it.

Here jam to this while you are reading because that was what I was.

I’ll just tell you a lil bit about how high maintenance this babygirl was.  It takes about 30 minutes to straighten my hair.

True life: I still love thse sunglasses.

I did it every single day of my junior and senior year.  Everyday.

I think I owned 1 article of clothing that wasn’t Abercrombie and Fitch or wasn’t a polo.  I think I once went three weeks wearing polos and mini skirts. 

Actually true life:I know I did.

I had a very strong group of 6 friends.  We kinda were like the same person but in 7 places.  We all either swam or dove.  We were snobby, pushy, judged people-just think means girlesc.  Blergy blerg.


One of the many parties I went too.

Actually this is from this past Jan. We still do hang out occasionally, but they have gone a different path in college than I have. (I am tan because we had a training trip for fake and bakin here)

Here’s a biggie:I drank more my senior year of high school than I have my entire college career.  My boyfriend was a big drinker/partier and dragged me into it

A paty of only wearing towels? Yes.

I don't think I need to explain the epicness of this night or the fact that we sent my swim coach a Christmas Card with this photo on it


At the time-I loved it.  Now-not so much.  As to why I am secretly 70.

I like to pretend that something clicked in my brain (maybe I matured…yeah right) but I’m not really too sure what happened.  One day after swim season my freshman year of college, I decided I was done. 

True life: I didn't straighten my hair on this airplane trip and I was so self consious people were judging me. I seriously debated doing it in the bathroom.

Done caring that someone would judge me if I wasn’t wearing designer name brands, done worrying about the mass amount of makeup covering my face everyday.  Actually now I don’t wear makeup half the time anyways because I am forever making food and I run out of time before work bhaha.

Now I take my reral girls day to be once per month and only straighten my hair for road races. So there.


Question for you:

How have you changed in the last 3-4 years? 


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  1. I have mellowed out in the last few years I’m not quite as loud and wild as I was in high school and I also dont drink much anymore. My jr year of high school and first semester of my freshman year of college were my worst. Now I just dont care what people think either and I rarely even put on makeup.

  2. Again, we are twinnies. My high school was very country club, Mean Girl-esq. Except I was not one of the cool ones.

    Then, stupid me–I went to the same type of college. I was in a sorority. I wore pearls (voms) and bows in my hair (double voms).

    Though I was too lazy to straighten my hair! 😉

    Keep rocking your curls and spandex, twinnie!

  3. I love the high school pics! Your blog has really inspired me… but it’s so crazy how different you are and how different I am… I think I’m going to do a whole blog on it instead of just posting it in your response… but I was a high school band nerd, didn’t run, ate meat, and was about 30 lbs heavier when I graduated (and I’m 5’0″ so 30 pounds on me was a lot, not tall like you!). As far as the last 3-4 years I’ve changed… gotten into running a bit more, got married, got to be really independent since graduating college. But high school… wow that was so long ago!



    I love your hair and your pretty face sans make-up! I think you are such a natural beauty and half of the time the make up and things we do to our hair just makes us look worse!

    I, like you have changed we’ll say since high school (4-5 years). In high school I hung out with a shady crowd who by the end of my senior year only wanted to drink and party. I started dating a guy 4 years older than me my senior year of high school who was a “bad boy” and let me just tell you that that summer was the worse summer of my life. I never got in so much trouble or put on so much weight from drinking.

    My first two years of college I experimented and went to parties but never really felt like I belonged at any of them. It wasn’t until I met my group of friends and Mike that I started having fun and realizing that you didn’t need to drink to have fun…which a lot of people in college DO NOT UNDERSTAND. We occasionally had parties and I occasionally drank, but I knew that I hated the way I felt and the things I did when I drank. But once I settled into my own skin, starting actually dating Mike, and just enjoyed being around my friends…I realized that having fun wasn’t so much about drinking, it was about just hanging out and enjoying each others company.

    So yes Miss Hollie, I have changed since high school. I have matured and I personally love the person I have grown into.

    P.S. You are beautiful running twinnie. 🙂

  5. My high school sounds identical to yours. (It was Connecticut at it’s finest). I honestly didn’t buy into it too much though and as a result was a bit of an outsider in a lot of ways. I think I’ve still changed a lot from the person I was then, for the better. I think I always envied those with the material things in hs and now I don’t really care so much b/c it isn’t what truly matters. Good post!

  6. Ha amazing! I like the transformation – and I can’t imagine straightening my hair for 30 minutes every day. Whyyyy did you do that to yourself?? I love your look now!

    Realgirl days are overrated but I have to have them 3 days per week so the other 2 I’m totally slacking. Actually in high school all I did was mascara and some badly-matched foundation but now I have it figured out! Then again in 20 (okay, 5) years I’ll look back on myself and say I looked like a total dork.

    Anyway I hope you’re having a great summer break 🙂 It’s been forever!

  7. Your highschool sounds just like mine….in eighth and ninth grade I was totally caught up in all of it…but I am so glad I realized how caddy and unimportant all of that is. Sure I lost “social standing” and my so called “friends” bc I got out of all that nonsense, but knowing what’s important in life and knowing who my true friends are is so much more fulfilling. Love this post hollie.

    As I said on twitter…ya got majah swag girlfren.

  8. What were you in that one picture? Hermione from Harry Potter?

    You know what’s so odd? I was literally just going to do a post about how I changed. You beat me to it. Now if I do it, I’ll look like a thief. Haha. Maybe I still will because I changed. I got most changed in the yearbook senior year so I’m not making this up.

    Your hair is so amazing. Let’s trade.

  9. I was party crazy my first year in college, and then decided I had enough. I am also healthier and happier with myself!

  10. I was the same way with alcohol- except my freshmen year of college was my downfall…. then I woke up and realized what an idiot i was acting like and it wasnt me.

    btw- that hp picture HILARIOUSSSSSSS lets be something really cool (not super slamish) for halloween this year….

  11. You are soo pretty! I love this post.

    I was never into the whole social scene or anything. I was always just the quiet smart girl and was made fun of sometimes. I have never partied or drank and don’t plan to! My sophomore year I started getting pulled into the high school culture a bit though – I wore a bunch of makeup every day (which I looked awful with), straightened my already mostly straight hair, and concerned myself with wearing brand name clothes. That was short lived though. Didn’t take me long to figure out that that stuff is so stupid! I don’t wear makeup now and my hair is mostly in a ponytail all the time, I’m a bit of a tomboy so I HATE Real Girl days. I have them maybe once a month!?

  12. Wow. This is an amazingly honest post. It’s kind of funny to relate yourself to a mean girl (lol). But it is also great to see that you’ve made such a change. It’s amazing how we go through phases. This is a huge question to tackle that would take more of a blog post than just in the comments for me. Also I totally like how you put a song specifically to jam to while reading the post! lol

  13. Oh man — we are SO similar! I was not an athletic snob but I was an academic snob….academics were “the thing” at my high school — if you weren’t smart you weren’t anybody. Period. So I thought I was better than everybody because I was so smart and awesome and got into American University. And then I found out my parents had saved $71 for my college education (true story. $71.62 I think?) and wound up taking a year off, then going to UMass, then not being able to afford that while not working and taking 2 more years off and here I am 4 years later still an undergrad haha. HELLO wake-up call!

  14. That sounds like my high school. I can describe us in a few words: rich, arrogant, and white. Imagine being the way you are now and being with people like you used to be. That’s me. I’m hoping to find more people like me in college as my life is pretty boring now because no one wants to hang out with this grandma who wants to bake and go running instead of getting wasted. The last 3-4 years have been pretty cray cray in terms of my changes. I mean, I went through an eating disorder, therapy, high school, and became an athlete. I’ve lost a hell of a lot of friends, but I’ve made a lot of new ones to make up for it.

  15. I think I’ve changed a lot but very little at the same time… does that make sense? I had learned now to be more careful with the gifts I would get a girl… Don’t set the bar too high with Tiffany’s too early- shes gets super expectant and I was broke then most of the time lol.

    You are awesome Hollie. The real way you are is great and I’m glad your shared this. You’re an amazing and honest person!

  16. This is an awesome post…I like how you were so honest about everything! I’ve changed a lot too in the past few years. I’m currently a senior in high school, and I remember in 7th-9th grade I was always trying to be “cool” and “popular” and fit in with everyone. I tried to act snobby and stuck up, even though that wasn’t me. In 10th grade, I decided to change- I became more fit, lost a lot of weight, and ditched my friends (they had begun to drink, party, etc.). However, I’m a shy person, so I had trouble making new friends. I became more independent, and I stopped trying to be “popular” and I stopped caring about what other people think of me. I became a runner at the end of 10th grade, and that changed me even more. However, I’ve been dealing with eating disorders since then, but now I’m looking at everything differently, and I feel like I am still changing…in a good way!

  17. My high school is like this. Last year I tried so hard to “fit in” that I ended up really losing a sense of who I was. I was miserable that way, I believe this was part of the reason for my eating disorder. And although I’ve lost a lot of “friends” being the way I am now, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’ve changed more in this part year than I probably have my whole life.
    My sister is always telling me I act like a grandma and hey I’m cool with it 😉

  18. LOL, your swim coach probably could get fired for that pic or at least in trouble with wifey, lol! My high school days were def crazier than college days. By the time kids were having college kegger, I was like been there done that. That’s probably why I made the dean’s list a couple times 😉 My bffs were soooo the mean girls in HS, that’s why I relate to that movie. Looking back, I would have never been friends with me. You live & you learn. Great post! I used to use a real iron on my hair freshman year. A clothes iron.

  19. Well, I”m ancient compared to you, so I’ve changed a ton since high school. Generally speaking, high school was a time of adjustment for me, & I’m a lot more confident than I was then. Ahhh, the tortured days of youth.

    In the last 3-4 years – huge changes. I’ve become a mom twice over, started getting infinintely less sleep, and started running. 🙂

  20. I feel like everything …MATTERED so much in high school, and by a year or so into college I had the same realization that it didn’t matter so much. I was still going to class in A&F with no outfit-repeating and always color-coordinated jewelry, and then I finally looked around a classroom and noticed everyone else was in crusty pajamas…hahaha. It was a liberating moment indeed. Oddly, I think I was negatively judged at the beginning of college BECAUSE of my high-maintenance preppiness (which doesn’t mesh well with music school), rather than after I learned to somewhat chill in the brand-whore department…

  21. ummmmmmmm story of my lifeeeee—except i was that snob in grade school. thought i was soo so cool. then 8th grade I grew up fast…I realized i was done caring what people thought of me and I wanted true friends. only one of my friends agred withme–by best friend since the 4th grade. come high school i kinda was a loner stuck to my own thing floated among groups…it took me until half way through my freshman year of college to find my way. I got really into fitness in senior year of highschool–but in an unhealthy manner. only until freshman year of college half way through did my entire perspective change. I decided I wanted to identify myself based on who I wanted to be and not what others thought I should be….
    and i have been this weird a** crazy girl ever sinceeee!

  22. I am a lot more selfish about what I fill my time with. Instead of doing what I know will keep other people happy I do what makes me happy. I take care of my needs. I do what I enjoy doing. Not that I don’t care about other people or put myself out there, but I realized the importance of ‘self’ and having people in your life that respect me instead of expecting me to be them.

  23. I have def changed too! But also for the better.. I think we are twinnies cause I used to straighten my hair hard core and now i love its curlyness 😀

  24. Hollie,
    This post rocked! I seriously know exactly what you mean. I was the same way in highschool. I totally wished that I had saved some of the money that I spent on A&F clothes..ya know?! What a waste. I was all about the polos too. Ridiculous.
    I love that you said you are now 70…I am too 😉
    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first picture of you in the airport, you are beautiful!

  25. Aww LOVE this post!! I’ve changed quite alot in the last few years…I was alot quieter and more self-conscious in high school, worried about what people thought about me and how I looked, people judging me etc.
    The past few years I’ve just totally let go of that and I really don’t care what people think!! I’m me and they can do what they want with that 😀
    Oh and I loooove your natural hair, you’re gorge girly!

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