Food Day Monday and Real Girl Streaks

Okay yes.  True life:  I promised I would do a food blog soon and what better way than Monday.  Wow is it already another Monday?  And not just any Monday!  It’s the mom’s birthday.

So yes.  My weekend went Matt’s graduation, fathers day and now the moms birthday.  Tomorrow is also epic as my pool opens but it isn’t quite a um…celebration.

This is when my azz actually sat in a guard stand. Now I just deal with the problem people.

 Without further ado: nom noms of the day

This is now my working week of summer time hours when I wake up errday at 6am.  I go to the gym to either lift, swim or run outdoors from 6:30-7:30.  It depends on my mood and how I slept the night before.  I do not run on tired legs.  It’s not my jive.  EVER.

I come home, make breakfast and am out the door by 8:15 since I need to be there at 8:30. Except Mondays because that’s my day off since the pool isn’t open on Mondays.  I thought I would at least get into the routine today.

Breakfast today was…just for the occasion of food blogging and changing it up.  Two egg sandwiches.

I had a ton of homework for my online classes so I caught up on that all morning.  Then I was already starving by say 11:30 so I decided to make myself more tuna fish sandwiches.  Sandwiches must have been my jive today.

Tuna Melt+chedder cheese is the

Then I got my aerobic action on, as I do every Monday.  So I guess I don’t really have the day off, but I don’t consider aerobics to be much work.  The ladies are hilarious and the time always flies right on by.  Today I integrated superbass and finally found a good remix of party rock anthem.  I swear the ladies wish they had my booty beats aerobics CD when they were off on their own outside of class.  They always ask for all the songs bahaha.  I’m a terrible influence.

Dinner was the mom’s favorite (similar to my favorite I suppose).  Ham, sweet potatoes and corn.  Does anyone else have a strange addiction to ham?  I find it incredibly tasty. 

Oh and I’m a 4 day real girl streak.  I know you probably are as shocked as I am.


Question for you:

What is your summertime routine?


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  1. I saw your sweet potato, and want one ASAP! Of course Im not off till wednesday for the grocery store 🙁
    My summer routine doesnt change much, except my kiddo is off school. so on days Im off we go to the pool. But dont worry we arent the problem people (at least I dont think haha)

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOVE corn on the cob! It is my fave veggie EVER ever ever 🙂
    When I ate meat I always hated ham oddly. Then again I never ate it very much…Italian family == we had lasagne for all holidays, not ham 😉 haha

  3. My routine changes since I am working now and it depends on the time I am working. A lot of waking up bright and early though, which I don’t mind.

  4. I try to keep my days off routine of waking up way way early the same as days I work but on off days I get a nap 🙂
    yay for real girl streak! I’ve been trying to wear non running shorts lately more but I still wear t-shirts a ton…. hehe

  5. Right now I have no routine, seeing as I am unemployed. So I sleep in a little too late, stay in my pajamas a little too long, and snack a little too much. It will make me appreciate having a job, I suppose :).

  6. Ham is pretty much amazing. My summer routine? Pretty much just work out in the mornings and then do math until I have to work then go hang with the boy… weekends if I don’t have a swim meet it’s work out + boy time. haha. and maybe a little math too D:

  7. My summertime routine is currently really embarrassing because it basically involves me waking up, eating breakfast, doing nothing, eating lunch, taking a nap, eating dinner, and maybe working out at night or baking something.

    I’m thinking it’ll change a bit when I get back to school as I’ll have research obligations and such… and I KNOW I’ll beon the go all the time at disneyworld!


  8. I was a real girl x 4 yesterday. I shaved my legs, tweezed my eyebrows, washed my hair, and got dressed up. That doesn’t happen. I’m inspired by your 4 day streak.. that’s incredible.

  9. I hope your Mom had a wonderful birthday! I LOVE fresh corn too, that would definitely be on my birthday dinner list 🙂 I actually had some last night- it is starting to taste PERFECT- no need for any butter, salt or pepper..perfect as is!
    And, my schedule stays the same…summer & winter…& fall & spring 😉 I hope you have a nice little break though for college, you deserve it!

  10. You look so PRETTY Hollie!! 🙂 And your eats are SO yummy!! Plus I wish I was a lifeguard cos you just look so COOL up there! 😀

    My summer schedule= bake, eat, sleep, run. Good times 🙂

  11. youre so pretty! like a flippin model!!! love EGGS!!! eggie sandwiches rock.
    my summer schedule- lay out, work out, work, go out with friends, lake!

  12. I miss having a summer routine! I used to be up at swim practice @ 6:30 every mornin. Ugh.. now my day depends on what time I work, etc!

    Sweet potatoes … nom nom 🙂 Gotta love sandwich days too! I had a sandwich day on Sunday 😀

  13. I only eat ham like once a year at Easter. Too salty for me 🙁 But I do have the odd ham and cheese sammy every now and again, sooo freaking good!

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