Like You Didn’t Know How Cool The Daddykins was Already

It’s fathers day.


So I hope you wished your daddykins a happy Fathers day.

If you read my blog on the regular, than you know that me and the dad are supah close.  Like the besties I clearly don’t have in my life.   But I’m not going to do a mushy post about him because quite frankly that isn’t our relationship.  We call each other idiots, retarded, ask wtf each other are doing, mutter under our breath, often drop the f bomb…but you know. 

My dad and I have a great relationship laced with sarcasm and bashing each other.  But full of love. 


Here are cliffnotes of our glorious 20 year relationship:

My dad never wears a suit.  Except for very serious occasions like when we graduate.  Since he was in the Navy for 30 years…he really didn’t need too.

He took me out on that epic 5.5 mile run that we finished in 1:01 a year and a half ago.  We took a picture because god knows this girl did not know how to run back there and the entire time he spent making fun of me saying I had swimmers legs and blah blah.   He helped me develop my love for running single handely (he runs road races almost every weekend not limited to 5ks or marathons).

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2010

We take facebook photos.

The first time I ever visted my now college (4 years ago)

My dad told my homecoming court escort, De’anglo if D dare dented my dads car with his ass, he had a dagger waiting.  He really does have a dagger that someone in the Middle East gave him. At least D understood he wasn’t going to actually use it because god knows I think he was a lil bit scared.  As have all my boyfriends when my dads whips that thing out.  Okay yeah now you see where my cray cray came from.


Oh and he makes the best steak ever. 

So yes-me+the daddykins=besties.

A 2 mile open water swim a few years back


Oh yes and a lot of people asked about my graduation dress.  (It was the one I bought hurr that aDuBs hated.)  I think it personally looks better on then on the hanger.   I have a lot of dresses like that though…actually I just have a lot of dresses.

It’s a Yoanna Baraschi dress and Abercrombie and Fitch Green belt.  Shoes and purse are nine west and god knows where I got my stunnah shades.  Oh wait-forever 21, I did know!


Question for you:

Do you have a good relationship with your dad?  

Has anyone majorly influenced something you like to do?

My dad got my into swimming and running and sarcasm….  What would I do without him.


20 responses

  1. I looove that dress so much! 🙂 You look awesome in it too. I love all your pictures! I don’t think I have a picture of me with my dad since I was like… 10? We aren’t close at ALL. It looks like you and your dad have so much fun!
    Even though my mom is a swim lesson teacher and all that jazz, she never really pushed for me to start swimming competitively. I only joined the swim team when I was 11 because my little brother wanted to do it and I couldn’t let him be better than me at something. 😉 He doesn’t swim anymore but I do! 🙂

  2. I was going to do a post on my dad, but I got distracted with celebrities. Hah. We have an on and off relationship. Right now he thinks I hate him. I don’t see my dad though because of his job. I see him like once every three months. My dad is my biggest fan though.

    But your dad is awesome. I have such high respect for anyone in the Navy. I love how your family is all into running.

  3. Happy Father’s day to your dad! I love that you guys can run together. My dad is hilarious, and we have the perfect cooking relationship: he goes fishing, then I cook the fish for both of us.

  4. Happy fathers day to papa lolzthatswim! Its so funny that you rarely see your dad in a suit, whereas I rarely see my dad dressed casually! My dad and I are close, but we fight because Im a little miss sassypants. I inherited my goofballness from him, unfortunately I didn’t inherit his ability to charm people. Oh well. Oh he’s also awesome because he let’s me use his iPad on long car rides to read blogs, aka right now.

  5. I love my Daddy, too. We were close when I was really little, and then he got confused when I wasn’t a tomboy anymore. Now that I am back to my tomboy ways, we are tight again.

    Also, we are having steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus tonight for dinner. No joke. And ice cream. Obvs.

    Love you, twinnie!

  6. I have a good relationship with my dad, as well, and he’s also a hardcore athlete–he does mostly cycling now, and ran D-I track and XC in college.

    also my requisite stalkerish comment: you swam for coast guard blue dolphins?? like EVERYONE I KNEW swam for them in middle school/high school (except a few losers who swam for FTE). we probs have IRL friends in common….haha.

  7. I love all of the pictures- cute! My dad and I have a good relationship. We’re both stubborn, which causes us to butt head sometimes, but we laugh about it, because we know I inherited my stubborn, perfectionist tendencies from him :).

  8. My daddy and I have a kind up of up and down relationship… we’ve had some stretches that were pretty bad but recently things are on the upswing which is good 🙂

    You and your dad are ADORABLE and you look gorge in taht dress/in life in general 🙂

  9. Love this post on your pops! I’m pretty close to my dad, but there’s definitely some distance. Physically and the kind of distance that occurs when you “grow up.” He came over today and we picked right back up from where we left off, so that’s always a plus!

  10. that dress is so freakin cute. JEALOUSSSSSSSS. antm i think soo??!??!

    i am also wicked jealous of the amazing weather u seem to ALWAYS have…smmmhhh

  11. Love this and all the pics of you and your dad!

    Um twinnies… my dad is the one who got me into running as well! hes been running since he started doing track in high school and new years eve of 2010 he took me on the 4 mi run on the beach that changed my whole opinion of running. I’d run on and off with him for years but that is when I finally started running hardcore. And we have always had a really great relatioinship too.

  12. TWINS! My Dad and I have THE SAME exact relationship, haha! If I gave him sometihng super gushy mushy booboo he’d probably just laugh, or pretend to take it seriously to make me feel better, THEN laugh 😉

  13. My dad & I are a lot alike too. We are both carnivores & like crude humor. I actually look just like him –minus the moostash! He’s a hardcore Harley dude and all of my old boyfriends were scared of him too, lol! Actually, my husband is the first and only guy that he ever liked! Dad’s opinion is mucho importante.

  14. Lvoe this!

    My dad and I are pretty close now… and I fully credit him with my love for hockey. I learned early on to love hockey or he’d ignore me 8 months of hte year! lol

  15. love the dress~
    I do have a close relationship with my dad. We are more alike. I got my sarcasm from him, so needless to say my mom hates when its the three of us, because she doesnt understand and usually gets mad. o well!

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