Giant Salads, Bikinis and Autocorrect

I’m currently typing up a follow up to yesterday’s post about plus size models but it may take me a while because I have a lot to say.  I do, however, want to quickly thank you guys for your kind words and I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am with myself inside and out, which is why It didn’t bother me.  I was just like yeah okay-freako.


Moving on to today.  Both the daddykins and my older brother Doug came home last night. (Dad flew in from a work trip and Doug flew in to watch my brother graduate tomorrow).  Of course, I was sleeping at the ripe ole time of 9:30 because I had to wake up at 5:30 today.  YES 5:30 to go on a run.  Some might insinuate I’m a lil cray cray…

But I did have a reason because we had a health inspection at my pool today. Yes, I’m wearing one of my high school hot pink sweatshirts.  Um-long story short I had a different jive back then.

oh my gosh nervous webcam face.

After my pool inspection which took practically the entire day.  So.freaking.long.  (It passed by the way.  Duh-it’s my pool and we are the  I’m also going to be interviewed for the news like I was last year.  I suppose that is what happens when you are the manager of the most contraversal pool in Southern Viginia.  Prey for me on Tuesday.

Sometime in there, I declared a lunch break because I was starving, and I forced my entire staff to go to Farm Fresh with me to get salads.  Okay that’s a dirty lie- I said-I’m about to buy a 3 pound salad at Farm Fresh and your asses better be back here by the time I have chosen exactly what I wanted in said salad.

Fun Fact: This salad was 3.58 pounds and I devoured the entire thing.

After all my pool stuff, I went to my first club team practice all summer.  It went awesomesauce.  We had timed 100s off the block and for the first time in a while I actually felt really good during them.  I honestly don’t even think I had that good of a practice during my college season last season.

Anywho-maybe it was because my new sports bikinis arrived.  What up.  Seriously-all of you get obnoxious ones and we can be twinnies.

I know back in middle school you guys took them myspace peace sign Please love my running spandex tanlines because god knows I do.

I know I’m not as a good at taking locker room photos as Caitlin but I try hard.  Kind of.

On a side note-I programmed my Microsoft word to auto correct twins to twinnies.  HA.

One last side note-I think I’m going to use colors in my blog.  What do you think?  Do you like using colors? 


Questions for you:

1.       What are your plans this weekend?  Celebrating with your daddykins?

2.       Why do people think you are a lil cray cray?

I won’t answer because there are too many reasons.


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  1. Sooo my plans this weekend… I have a midterm in a few hours, my last day of my Saturday job tomorrow, and fun father’s day things at night plussss going to see the cousins/uncle for fathers day on Sunday. AND OH MY GOODNESS I made out like a bandit today at a TYR warehouse sale so there’s gonna be a bunch of pics of my loot either tonight or tomorrow morning 😀

  2. I like colors in the blog. and if you get interviewed you should post it on here…if you can
    People think im crazy because I dont cuss and they say Im too nice and that they have never heard me yell (ohhh if they only knew haha)

  3. My boyfriend think I’m super nuts because I have random thoughts all the time. But at least I’m exciting right? 😀

  4. I like the colors! It adds pizzazz and spunk. Me gusta. Good luck with that interview too, try to confuse people by using lots of your hollie-isms that I steal all the time (, etc.). People think I’m crazy because I went through this phase where i was obsessed with twitching and seizures. So pretty much anyone who knew me from 5th through 7th grade thinks i’m epileptic and have ADD.

  5. In your pic of the salad, well the salad looks like King Kong of salads because your foot made it into the photo! Mini foot, MONSTER salad.

    Maybe it’s just me, while I like the colors, they are harder to read than plain black/black-bold.

    The Daddykins celebration will be tomorrow when we go to Mt Herman Conference Grounds to hear the group called, “The Kings Brass” and eat at the all-you-can-eat gourmet dinner, salad, dessert bars. The group is based in Illinois and are mostly horns AND if you ever get the chance to hear them you should TAKE IT! I usually get to hear them once a year either in summer or Christmas. Both of these programs are amazing.

    Cray cray – a big reason is that I refuse to drink, and have done that since conceiving my son 15+ years ago.

  6. I love that bathing suit!! Where did you get it cause I have been looking for a sports bathing suit EVERYWHERE…but all the ones I’ve seen are super duper frumpaaaay. But that one is SO cute!!

  7. I love colors! They keep me focused. (: Hahah.

    Love that swimsuit! Dude. I wish I lived there and we could swim together. I need a swimming buddy because, uh, I fail at swimming.

    People think I’m cray cray because I have a billion different voices I can do. Well, not that many.

  8. I like colored words! 🙂 My WSI class got canceled so tomorrow I’m doing lots of ranodm stuff and Sunday I’m going to an impromptu swim meet that I got invited to today.
    Reasons why people think im crazy? Oh, WAY too many to list here. 😉 I love your suit! Still can’t figure out why someone called you plus size… Not that plus size models are bad or anything but you’re tiny!

  9. First up, didn’t read your plus sized post until now, & I’m stunned. You are nowhere near “qualified” to be a plus sized model, becuase you could easily be a standard sized model. You are thin, athletic, in amazing shape, & beautiful. Ignore anyone who thinks otherwise. If I had your muscle tone, I’d be one happy camper.

    Big weekend plans – hanging at the beach with my husband & our kids for his birthday/Father’s Day. We had dinner with my dad on Thursday night on our way through my hometown. it was beautiful at the beach yesterday, but rainy today. I’m thinking Uno championship & maybe some Candyland + Chutes & Ladders today. 🙂

  10. I too get up super early to workout and go to bed at grandma times and am told that I’m crazy for it. I guess it is a little not normal to actually like waking up early.
    I like colored words thats fun!
    Big plans – getting new running shoes and spending time with mah daddy

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