TimeTable (and no this isn’t my inner math nerdynerd)

Someone asked on formspring if I could do a timetable of my day.

It’s Wednesday and therefore one of the many WIAW acronyms could apply here I guess…Isn’t the purpose of my blog to show what I ate, wore, and did errday anyways.  Actually it’s just for me to ramble on about things of my choosing..

Although I’m fascinated by WIAW and all the other jazzy blogging acronyms, I cannot limit myself to only doing that on Wednesdays.  I mean that blog post would end up being a short novel of my entire week and I don’t think you could handle that.  I know I know-you are just waiting for me to write up my first book.  All in due time blogging besties


I’ll tell you exactly what I did today though to a T-just for the sake of Wednesdays. 

I woke up at 6:45 and picked up Anna at 7 for a lovely dreadmill date.  We needed gossip.  I know you totally want to be my bestie because when I desperately need to talk to you we end up going on dates to the gym.  Next time we will bond over ice-cream.

Oh yes I went there and took a picture in the gym.

Random random medical mystery here that aDuBs and I discussed:  I’m a swimmer yes and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. 

aDuBs swam 3000 meters (can I get a hell yeah?) yesterday and her calves are sore!  Has that happened to you?  Why would your calves be sore from freestyle swimming?  In my bazillion years of swimming, I have never had sore calves. Sore shoulders? Yes.  Sore ass?  Yes.  Sore calves?  Never.

After catching up on some blogs from 8-10, I went to my pool in the hood.

I love that pool almost as much as I love babies...

I needed to clean, check chemicals blah blah blah.  The pool was pretty clean (because I have been cleaning and chlorinating it for a solid two weeks) so it didn’t take terribly long.  Maybe I got a little tanner while there too.  Just wait until the end of the summer…last summer they began to think I was from Puerto Rico…

It's my straight blonde hair (right before it's dyed dark again) end of the summer tan twinnie. True life: I also hate my blonde hair almost as much as I hate that pool.

From about 1-3, I cleaned out my room.  You see I have about a bazillion stuffed animals and such that you would probably think my room is meant for a twelve year old.  True life: I’m 20 years old and don’t need all the crap I currently possess.  My oldest brother is coming over (from Seattle) for Matt’s graduation so we have been busy cleaning like it’s our job).


Wednesdays are my double of running day and I ended up having a quite reflective second run. 

Here is my DM report of the run…

Home 5.5 Loop 5.47 mi 00:41 07:26 pace

This was a rather reflecting run for me today actually. A year and a half ago (Christmas Day 2009) the daddykins showed me this route (because all the gyms are closed on Christmas…go figure). We ended up running it in about an hour. Actually it was 1:01. God knows I was sore for days. Last summer I was consistently running this same route in about 45 minutes. Today I ran it in a little less than 41 after already running 8 miles. Needless to say this route has seen me running more than any other. It was somewhat how running and I became besties.

No music as I have needed to take some time and really reflect on some other things going on in my life at the moment and somehow 50 cent rapping about going to a candy shop wouldn’t have helped me in my thought process to much.


Then when I got home, my protein had arrived.  True life: I ran out of protein and had to crack into my secret emergency stash yesterday and today. 

They also sent me a body building kit because I spend a fortune on there.  Ooh goodie thanks for all these free samples.  Maybe I’ll be as ripped as Becca!

For dinner I grilled mahi mahi, sautéed kale (they finally freaking had some at the Krogar) and cooked one of those microwavable broccoli thingys because I love them but only if they come with the fake cheese.

Here is what will shock for the day though.  For my class today, I went as a real girl (it’s like it was Halloween or something).  I didn’t wear my compression sleeves or grimy tshirt but normal clothing.  It was a proud accomplishment in my life.

I know you are all pretty jealz of my life and all the excitement it has.  I hope you aren’t too tired of my face ha.


Question for you:

1.      Why would your calves get sore from swimming? Enlighten me.  Has it happened to you?  I’m talking strictly swimming freestyle.

2.      Tell me something exciting about you day today.


29 responses

  1. Oh yes, I have gotten crazy sore calves from swimming! I’m not sure why exactly it happens. I for one am a huge flipturner though and shoot off walls like a rocket so maybe that adds to it. Fins have made me have sore calves too.

    Maybe your calves are super duper strong from all your running.

  2. if she is flexing ( pointing) her feet down ward and locking her knees when she is kicking it would prob make calves sore. i usually love blonde hair ( since i have it duh) but i lovee your hair dark! lucky girl that you can rock them both!

  3. If she’s kicking off the wall really really hard that can happen, OR if for some reason she’s pointing her toes either straight down or anteriorly (so flexing her foot and calf) while swimming that will cause that too! Careful if it’s that second one because you can strain your calves that way =)

  4. Your time difference is AMAZING way to rock your running.

    Just to add to what others have said about the sore calves & you not ever having them. Long distance swimmers (like you) normally use a 2 or 4 beat kick. Maybe aDuBs doesn’t normally swim that far, and maybe she uses a 6 beat kick. All that 3,000 yards of (not normal exercise) swimming caused them to get sore. So there’s my guess!

    • I agree about the kick – My calves only get sore during swim season and I am a sprinter. Now that I think of it, I got sore after sprint sets! When I’m swimming distance I fall into a rhythm with a 2 beat kick. Lately I’ve been doing all distancey stuff with a 2 or 4 beat kick and I don’t get sore.

  5. I’d guess from how she was pushing off the wall I have never had sore calves before either but I used to get crazy bad calf cramps at least once a month when I swam and it was always from pushing off the wall.

  6. Love the goofy webcam shots a ton, I’m a fan

    And I enjoyed two runs today also although they were each quite leisurely. It really is wonderful time to reflect. (Or in the case of my first one, catch up with a friend!) I am jeal of your wonderful runs and your tan.

  7. I love your little tale of that run! I also love that you actually got changed today. I did not, I went to school and out to lunch in ugly sweats, then I worked out in standard workout clothes, and changed back into ugly sweats. Comfort was necessary!

  8. she must be rotating her ankles as she kicks… yeah? I’d imagine that’d make your calves sore. weird, but I thiiink that’s the only way.

    and holy canoli, are you wearing glasses while you’re running? I cannot do it. at all. ever. I need my contacts. waaaah!

  9. Hmm sore calfs from pushing off the wall too much? I used to get calf cramps when I would swim after I did a long bike run brick. Sounds like a fun day- I actually didn’t have time to do anything but abs and pushups because of a work dinner, but I’m finally graduated from my program! Call me tomorrow and lets plan something fun on friday!

  10. Ooo, what I’d give to be back in the college life sometimes. Instead I have to sit at a desk all day working. 🙁

    Your running and swimming is inspiring for sure! So, on that topic yesterday I ran 10 miles for the first time! That made me happy. 🙂 I also won an autographed copy of Charlotte’s first book (The Great Fitness Experiment blog).

    Have a great day!

  11. …. and maybe someday I’ll be as kick ass of a runner as you?!?!?

    …. doubtful. 🙁

    Did Anna maybe train legs/run/incline walk a day or two before swimming? It could be delayed onset muscle soreness?!

  12. You are really so so pretty 🙂 just fyi

    and my day was even more exciting. I think I ltierally slept half of the day away. Whoooops. Helloooo summer vacation!

    Though I did make some pretty bomb cookies 😉


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