Straight off USS Cray Cray

Since I believe my last three Monday titles have been that oh so fabulous song by Fleetwood Mac, I decided to give you guys a little breakski and not really talk about my Monday because it was boing a lame. 

So I’ll talk about Sunday instead.  Last night aDuBs came over for some one on one chatting and she ended up staying for dinner.  Why she would want to put up with my family, I’m not really sure because we are straight off the cray cray boat. 

The daddykins grilled burgers, sweet potatoes, veggies and hot dogs which is one of my favorite meals.  Well actually true life: I love hot dogs-not so much burgers but that is another story.

Yes I put chedder cheese in my hot dog and you should too. We were out of cheesedogs.

I was taking pictures and the dad thought it would humorous to mock me. I seem to do everything rather strangely not limited to making faces while I take photos.  (Um does your father do this?  Is this normal?)  I told him perhaps he should get a blog because the blogging besties would lurrvee to hear about his adventures.

And then that led to why I was so freako (by using the term blogging besties along with aDuBs and the daddykins.  All of which I frequent), making up words and giving people nicknames.  Here we are at the dinner table, chatting about my blogging besties (yes all of you), my mother posed the question of what would happen if someone actually didn’t like the nickname I had given them and why the hell I couldn’t use normal words in the English language.

None of their silly questions  I could answer.  Oh well, I have a week to figure out a good comeback since the father went to San Diego for a work trip.

So long story short you are all welcome to my house if you can accept how weird the familia is.  Or if you can accept I basically have my own language and will make up a hella sweet nickname for you.

Incase you wondered, but you all probably know already….  I kind of love my family, my parents and I are usually close and my day is not complete without them telling me how retarted I am.

This may be the only family photo in the last decade.

Who knows why my dad runs with Matt and I.


Questions for you:

Are you  close with your family?  How often do you see them?


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  1. Oh lawd. Let’s have a party with our Dads included cause mine is right off the craycray as well. I am very close with the fam bam, especially my Dad 🙂

  2. Ooo Ooo, what would my nickname be? I think I’d like your family quite a bit! I’m close to some of my family, not all and only see them every year or year and a half. Fail.

  3. I LOVE YOUR FAMILY ALREADY!! They are sooo sweet and that photo of you and your bro and dad going to run is the best thing EVER!! 😀 I’m close to most of my family but don’t see them as much as I’d like because we’re all so busy and my parents work really long hours! But when I do it is AWESOME! Nothing beats time with the fam 🙂

  4. Hahaa this post made me smile 🙂 My dad is crazy too, I bet they would have a fabulous time together!
    I am very close with my family, I couldn’t imagine life without them

  5. That picture of you Dad reminds me of mine. I think our families could be good friends. I’m really close to my parents and I’m sure it will stay that way when I go to college. My parents are my best friends forever. My siblings? Not so much. My brothers have learning disabilities and my sister is 8 years younger than me, though I could imagine us being biffers when she gets older.

  6. I love your family! Haha what wuld my nickname be??? I think your blog is rubbing off on my because I have found myself thinking in Hollienesian lately (yes that is what i call your language). 😉
    I am not close with my family at all. We all live in the same house and practically ignore each other until we start arguing. I can’t wait to go to college!

  7. Your dad and my dad make remarkably similar Humorous Mocking faces…

    and I fully believe that bestowing ridiculous nicknames on people/places/things is the way to go. tell him it is an honor, like being knighted (because “sir” and especially “dame” are pretty much the epitome of ridiculous nicknames, yes?).

  8. I am pretty close with my family I guess. I have two brothers; one older and one younger. My little brother is my best friend. We’ve always been close. 🙂

  9. I am close to my family, and love family events. but like every family we have our moments (you have heard of a few haha)
    And I would love a nickname haha

  10. My family is nutso too. Today at the dinner table we chatted about how Big Foot actually might be living in our shed and the fact that we love watching Swamp People. We then proceeded to give Swamp People language education to each other for 10 minutes since you can never understand their French Cajan accents. 😉

  11. Your family sounds like a big ball of fun. I’m pretty close to my mom and my brother. My dad is always away for his job so I’m not that close with him, but we are all rather close anyway.

  12. Your family sounds awesome! Seriously, that dinner convo sounds so similar to my family. They just tell me I’m crazy because of my weird food combos. I see my family everyday now, and quite a bit during the school year because they visit everytime they come to Costco.

  13. So close with my family… except when they don’t answer the phone. I wish I was closer with my little sister, but she just never really wants to open up with me. Someday maybe?

    Lol and its funny, I just can’t picture you saying “Daddykins”.

    And cheese on hot dog… duh. That’s like not having cheese on a burger.

  14. I am close with my family but seeing they live in Minnesota and I live in Alaska, I don’t get to see them that often. 🙁 I am going to visit them this summer though!!

  15. Your dad sounds like a hoot. I talk to my sister every day & see my family about 1x/month, give or take. We’re a couple of hours away from each other, but make the effort regularly.

  16. I am close with my family — I see them all the time! My parents live close and so do Jason’s parents. 1 sister lives in OK, 1 lives in TX but the other one is still in MN, so I see her at least once a week. Sometimes I just run into them at Target — which is kind of nice. I like being close to them.

  17. Hah! your family sounds like mine. For your info, your language rocks and is so peppy!

    I usually see my mom and sis a few times a month. I’m pretty sure we also discussed every inappropriate topic you shouldn’t on a religious holiday at Easter Dinner. We also have no qualms about giving each other a hard time and throwing sarcastic charm around. 🙂

    Enjoy your family, girl, even if they call you retarted. 😉

  18. I’m curious what kind of nickname you would come up with for me…

    I still live at home so I’m close with my immediate family. Then my family is close with my mom’s side of the family but not so much with my dad’s side. My dad’s side of the family has drama and um yea the drama is usually like we’re the last ones to know about things or sometimes aren’t invited to things that most of the other siblings are. (my dad is 1 of 7)

  19. I’m very close with my sister (she’s my bestie!) and close with my Mom + stepdad, but not-so-much with the rest of them (I’ve got 4 step bros, a bro, nieces/nephews, etc. big fam). I wish I could see them more often but I live 4 states away so it only happens 2-3 times a year!

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