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Hi blogging bestfriends. 

I know my absence yesterday must have left you heart broken but I had a vey important date to go to.  BAHAHA.  I ended up choosing the blue asymmetrical for anyone who wondered.  I decided I really wanted to wear it last minute.  My parents have more photos and eventually I’ll go find my camera and upload them.   This is the one the photographer emailed me.  Why he decided to get all up in my grill I don’t know because I directly said my blogging besties need to see the whole dress.

I won’t go into much details but it was exactly how it is every month (oh so fabulous and socially awkward).  I’ll choose another dress next month, although hopefully I’ll be out of town or something and can avoid the whole gathering.  I love getting dressed up…but I love doing it with people I actually enjoy being around for several hours.

from zee webcam

Other than that my weekend was pretty spectacular.  I went on a lovely date with the parentals Friday night and had one of my favorite meals in the whole wide world.

Salmon and rice at the Silver Diner.  God someone be jealous of my creativity.  It had some sort of garlic sauce on top which was the

Saturday was mostly spent here.


No this is not a prison-it’s my pool Yes it has barbed wire around it. Ha

Oh and hiding small babies in my hair.  I ran in the humidity and my hair grew five times it’s normal size.  I was also a hot sweaty mess after that, as I decided to swim right after to uh degrime myself.

I could keep an id and rape whistle in this bundle of joy called my hair.


Stats of the week:

Running: 55

Swimming: 4 hours

Arctrainer: 1 hour

Weights/Aerobics Classes: 1.5 hours (and yet this made me the most sore and I love it.  Who gets sore from their own classes…I’m a freako.).

My workouts for this week will probably stay something rather similar.

PS: exactly one month till I’m 21.  I expect everyone to be sending me granny panties for my birthday.  I hear that is custom when you get old.


Question for you:

1.       How was your weekend?

2.       What did you (do you plan to) do for your 21st?


26 responses

  1. Haha my hair goes like that too!lol.
    That salmon looks lush! I pretty much spent my whole weekend eating!haha!
    Oooh 21st, I’ll send you some wrinkle cream 😉 hahah!

  2. ooo yikes, barbed wire around the pool? That is intense swimming.

    Weekend was okay–it went by way too fast and I’m still tired lol.

    For my 21st–long story short, I got my wisdom teeth out the day before. I found out a few days before that I had to have that surgery before I turned 21 and was booted off my parent’s health insurance…so I spent my golden 21st birthday laying in bed–mouth stuffed with gauze and watching movies all day while being pumped with vicodin. I party hard. Did I mention that my boyfriend was also on a trip to Egypt during this time, too?! Life just kept getting better….

  3. You are hilarious! When it rains, my hair gets big and frizzy and all knotty. It’s terrible.

    Looks like your weekend owns mine.

  4. My weekend was great and already blogged about :). My hair’s been a hot mess lately too from washing and humidity and pools and stuff, totally crazy!

    The dress is pretty cool :). I like it!

    For my 21st, I think all we did was go out to eat and drink at Applebees, then come back to my on campus apartment and drink some more. I went to college in a small town (the same one I still live in, lol), so there really wasn’t much going on. Plus we had to celebrate on Monday because my birthday was on a Sunday and at the time you could not buy beer, liquor, or alcoholic drinks here on Sundays.


  5. My hair goes nuts in the humidity too.

    For my 21st a few of my friends took me out to a few bars and then to a casino — there wasn’t much to do in the town where I went to college, so that seemed like fun. I really didn’t get too drunk to be honest. It was fun though!

  6. I can’t wait to see a picture of the whole dress. I like what I can see from the webcam! My weekend was pretty boring. I was supposed to study for finals but I read blogs and baked instead. I think it was a much more productive use of my time considering I’ll be eating my baked goods for about a week and I only need to know about macbeth until 9:30 tomorrow morning.

  7. Woop Woop for almost being 21 😉
    LOVE the dress you chose, that was one of my favorites. I didn’t know you have to go to that every month..ugh…that can get old. But I hope you had fun…at least a little 🙂
    Weekend was really good- just spent it relaxing with the husband 😀
    & my 21st wasn’t that great…just went out to dinner & drinks..but my 22nd was WAY better– spent it in Fort Lauderdale with my best friend & at the time boyfriend (but now husband 🙂 )

  8. the humidity makes my hair bigger than a fat panda bear or possibly texas, but then again i had a fro as a small child. I think i need to post a baby picture in the very near future.

    happy month-til birthday!

  9. Wow that guy took a close photo! Love that dress though.
    My 21st birthday was spent at my cousin’s wedding, which was super fun.

  10. If you’re old that makes me a dinosaur =( You are breaking my dang heart here!

    What exactly are they trying to keep out (or in???) with the barbed wire? lol!

  11. You still never explained what this “date” with your parents at the country club actually was? Lol, you pool looks awesome too- I want to visit.

    My week has been hella crazy but good overall. Hopefully tomorrow my stuff will arrive… and I can watch TV again!! I also ran 47+ miles this week, thanks to the 13 from my race- new highest for me ever!

    And my 21st was awesome ; )

  12. My 21st birthday was super tame, just dinner and drinks at a restaurant. To be honest, I started “partying” in high school, so by the time it was legal, I was over it.

  13. 5 days until my 21st and I am not sure how I will be celebrating. I’ll celebrate hard the following weekend though when I’ll be at Country Fest. It’s not really because of my birthday that we’re going, it just happens to fall the weekend after my birthday. I won’t complain though 😉

  14. I had a fun 21st bday. My friends were still 20 🙁 So I went with my bf to a club that plays mostly 80’s music. It was nice 😀

  15. Don’t remember my 21st. I don’t drink so I didn’t party hardy. And I had just graduated from college so all my buddies were basically 3,000 miles away.

    My next b-day is in 10 days and a group of us are going to Red Lobster (I LOVE their hot cheddar bay biscuits!)

  16. love the blue dress! And I love to get dressed up. Which reminds me I need to go buy 10 more dresses haha
    Ps. whats your exact bday? Also I want to send you someone, so email me your address! (if you wish) Otherwise I can send you a facebook present haha

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