Kick Me Out of the Foodie Club

Do you what I realized, I haven’t been posting my nomtastic eats lately.  How can I begin to classify myself as a food blogger (actually true life: I’m not a foodie at all) if I never post about any sort of food.

But I do enjoy photos of my cat.

It was a day of interesting eats to say the least.  Remember the other day when I was getting my Thanksgiving on with sweet potato pancakes?

Now I am pretending (since it’s a little bit closer) that It’s Halloween and having pumpkin pancakes.  I finally was able to find more pumpkin at Farm Fresh.  I may or may not have hoarded a few cans.

Speaking of Farm Fresh, that is where I got my lunch today.  While yes, it is a grocery store (I mean you New Yorkers have Wegmans), Farm Fresh has the salad bar.  One would think if I spent the same amount for this glorious salad as some fancy restaurant,  I could get away with having it for two meals.

Not the case for this girl.

I don’t get full on 3 spinach leaves okay thanks.

But it was the best salad in the whole wide world and I need to stop buying gas station coffee so I can buy 13 dollar salads.  I couldn’t tell you everything I added in here but I remember these from staring at the photo for a hot second:  it had a base of spinach leaves followed by corn, 3 bean salad, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, ham, turkey, sun dried tomatoes, grapes, this weird stuff that looked good (and duh it was)….yes I could spend 10 blogs writing about how nomtastic it was.

I wanted to run and swim today but it started thundering so I had to settle with just running.  I took yesterday off from running and had an excellent ten miler today.

For dinner, mother and I went on a little date to a place called Joe’s Crab Shack.  It’s adorable and literally can fit about 10 people max inside.  I had a delicious bbq wrap.  I’m not really into bbq at all but it sounded and looked amazing on the menu.  There was corn, salsa, sour cream, bbq chicken, lettuce and tomato all wrapped up in a wrap.

Mom got a crab cake.  I guess that is kosher since it was called Joe’s Crab Shack.

Then for dessert, I got one of these bad boys.  Contrary to popular bloggatude, my favorite dessert is not ice-cream.  It’s bread pudding.  I haven’t had it in a while and this more than made up for it.

There are certain things in your life that just deserve a hell yeah.

PS: Thank you for your help yesterday, it seems the blogging world wants me to go with the short floral.  I was thinking 80s hooker style personally…


Question for you:

  1. 1.       What is your favorite holiday?
  2. 2.       What is your favorite dessert?


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  1. I’ve never had bread pudding before. I think it looks absolutely amazing in all the pictures I’ve seen of it on blogs though and I really want to lose my bread pudding virginity. My favorite dessert ever is definitely gelato!
    When I go to places with the salad bar (wegmans and whole foods) I actually buy a bag of lettuce to add seperately because I end up paying a ridiculous amount of money for what ends up weighing so much due to the lettuce.

  2. I love salad bars. I love getting as many things on top of my salad as I can. The bigger the salad, the better.

  3. I think Christmas is my favorite when I was younger, now I really enjoy Halloween. My fav dessert is hard to say, but I guess gelato, ice cream, frozen yogurt, but I love me hot-out-of-the-oven brownies topped with vanilla ice cream. And some peanut butter cookies are enough to make me…TMI.
    But Hollie I wanted to let you know that Trader Joe’s here in CA have discontinued peanut flour. I went in to stock up and there wasn’t any on the shelves, so I asked- heard the BAD NEWS and felt like going postal. Do you order yours online?

    Please share where you get your peanut flour. I am so depressed, it seems like when I find something that is really great, TJ’s discontinues it, It’s happened so much, my Dad won’t shop there anymore!

  4. I hardly ever have leftover salads.
    My stomach has an extra salad pouch (I wish, ouch!) …literally I just keep thinking it will never be that good.
    All you an eat salad bars scare me. (0: I refrained from offering fashion advice but must say I agree with the majority. I hope you have a good time??? Sounds like you are none too thrilled.

  5. I love flourless chocolate cake! And brownies. And frosting. And banana bread. Which is more of a breakfast. Yum!

    I like Christmas… so unoriginal 😛

  6. Totally agree on the salads, now matter how big they are, I’m hungry in like 30 minutes but then feel bloated the rest of the day. No thanks.

    And bread pudding is sooo good. They used to have it at school and that was one thing I’d let myself have sometimes. Where is that Joes Crab Shack? They are allll over the country and usually really big, loud, and fun. There’s actually one right before you go through the HRBT, but I’m assuming you didn’t go to that one.

    How was your ball last night? Or whatever it was lol. I’m freaking out because my sister is at prom right now!

  7. that bread pudding looks amazing! I would have to say my favorite dessert is Ted Drews custard here in stl. Unfortuantly (luckily) it is a few miles from my house!

  8. Wahhhh thunders storms ruin the best planned runs! Thank goodness we don’t have any nasty nasty weather here:) I laaaaahve bread pudding, but now that it is not vegan or gluten free I will have to make my own. Double wahh. The Eastern Shore has the BEST seafood on the whole planet — we went to this place one time called Big Fish’s and instead of bread for an appetizer they gave us hush puppies. Oh lordy of fried food.

  9. I’ve never had bread pudding before! Does that make me a fail as a foodie too? haha. Fave desserts……gingerbread men :), cake, cookies, coconut ice cream. In that order. 🙂

  10. I’ve also never had bread pudding! It looks pretty good, though! I’d have to say that my favorite holidays are Christmas and St. Patrick’s day and my favorite dessert is this fake “milkshake” thing I make. I basically just combine frozen bananas, cocoa powder, skim milk, vanilla extract, and some artificial sweetener and blend it all together….and then eat it with a spoon!

  11. Anytime I go anywhere where they charge you for your food based on weight I end up paying a ridic. amount because I load my plate! I went to a “charge by the ounce” fro-yo place, and paid like $6 for my dish! and I have paid up to around $15 for a salad! Girls gotta eat!
    My favorite dessert is definitely icecream. Or pudding with sprinkles. Call me five years old.

  12. I understand your pumpkin love… roommates and I have definitely hoarded some cans over the year, and may or may not have stole one (or three) from a fraternity house recently. Not a proud moment. Also Joe’s Crab Shack = yes. Love your blog!

  13. Cute cat! That wrap and crab cake look delicious! I don’t know that I’d be able to decide between them.

    Fav Holiday: Halloween!
    Fav Dessert: It’s just too hard of a decision.

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