I need my Real Girls Help in Dress Choosing

I need your assistance as I am socially awkward and awful at making decisions when there are 1000 choices.  As in remember, when it was necessary for you to choose which dress I would wear to swimming formal?  God that was so long ago.

Well I once again, have a similar dilemma.  I have a banquet I have to go and I have about 1000 dresses I could wear for that too.  No really-about 1000.

It’s pretty formal, but I could away with most anything from a simple dress to a prom dress because I’m sure I’ll see the whole range. Side note-Don’t join a country club.


Here is a better view of it because it is so longgg. Enjoy how cheesy I look.



Thank-you blogging besties. 


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  1. I like them all! But I’m not a girly girl AT ALL (nor do I know one stinkin thing about fashion/style) sssssoooo while I have a fave I won’t say anything 🙂 haha.

  2. voted for the floral short or the black silver! you have good taste and i’m sure as a real girl or grunge girl you look lovely.

    the purple one with the bib is my favorite but prolly not when you go to this.

  3. You hit a girl with a tennis racket LOL LOL I love you 🙂
    I don’t think I would fit in a country club either..! I want to be a blogging bestie bestie. I like the 2nd dress 🙂

  4. Oh country club people haha. I coach at a country club… hate it.
    “I got a lot of high school boys with this one” I laughed so hard at that.
    Good luck with picking one they were all so cute!

  5. I really LOVE the first one from Forever21! I like the chest part! Plus you should show off them legs for sure 🙂

  6. I’m a fan of the short floral one. Though I also liked the one with the roses. A lot of people in my town are country-clubby but we’ve never been a part of that scene… all of my friends parents are into it and my parents just laugh.

  7. I think you should wear the dress that makes you feel the happiest…and I know that sounds kind of cliche but it’s true. Especially since it’s one of those weird socially awkward occasions…you want to be able to walk in there and feel like you are representing yourself rather than trying to fit in and/or try to compete with the other girls. Screw them. Incidentally I think the long floral one that you took a pic of yourself in is really pretty and I like the black one, too, but like I said…when it comes down to it you should wear whatever is going to make you feel the best about yourself.

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