Somebody please tell them who the eff I iz

My brother, Steven, just got his braces put BACK on.  Therefore we must only eat ice cream for the next few days.  Just saying.

I think I like my cherries with a side of ice-cream true life.

This morning I would have gotten to sleep in, however, I was rudely interrupted by a bang at the door at 6:30 by my more obnoxious brother, Matt, asking if I was sleeping.

No of course I want to come run with you even though you are injured and basicallystill  kill me every run we do together…and of course I want run over lots of bridges and hills.  Needless to say, it was still an enjoyable run but not when I had planned.

After our glorious run, he went to school and I made sweet tater pancakes.  Because its getting closer to thanksgiving and I’m just preparing.  I love al sorts of pancakes, I don’t discriminate on the time of year.  In fact, I’ll be making gingerbread soon too.

Since I can’t take my laptop everywhere when I am on the run you’ll have to deal with phone photos of me.  I know your day is not made unless you have seen at least one ridiculous photo of my face.

I had a lovely salad on the go while meeting with some people about my job.  

I haven’t posted much about my job which I have been busy prepping for all week.  I’m a manager at an inner city community pool.  We need a policeman to open, and I have had knife threats, been cornered by scary gang members and been creeped on when I turned 18 by my boss…but another story…

It’s not as scary as it sounds and I essentially now make sure the pool runs smoothly, patrons don’t try and swim naked, 14 year olds aren’t in each others pants (yes those girls have more game than I do) and well that the pool is running smoothly.  Which is does which is why I am still the manager this year.

So I have been prepping for opening the pool. 

And I hope someone caught that title reference with my current obsession.


Questions for you:

1.      What do you eat on the go?

2.      Because I’m currently listening to trashy TV in the background, and this is  the question they just asked the audience:


27 responses

  1. 14 year old skanks…I am NEVER goiing to an inner city pool. Just sayin.

    I should really be a lifeguard though you get PAID to tan!

  2. HAHA your job sounds AWESOME!! Lol specially the stopping people swimming naked! 😀

    YAY for sweet tater pancakes, and of course my day is NEVER complete without seeing that face!! P.S. I want your hair 🙂

  3. I don’t think I’ll be coming to visit you at work anytime soon…..LOL! Sounds a little craaaaazy!

    I looove sweet potato and ginger bread stuff all year long too……I don’t discriminate.

  4. Ya know fro – yo doesn’t exist in Scotland, Hhmph.
    Those sweet potatoe pancakes look and sound fantastic!
    You have such a lovely tan! I’m jealous-im a similair colour to your teeth(WHITE).

  5. Umm can you make me a froyo bowl, pretty please? I swear you make the most amazing looking froyo bowls ON EARTH! 😛

  6. Haha your job sounds interesting! I always thought it would be nice to be a lifeguard, and just chill outside all day!

  7. Hahah. Your brother beats my brother. My brother got a pair of trail running shoes and wants to start running, but he never goes. And he wonder why he has a beer belly at the age of 25.

  8. hahaha your job description made me laugh. AND i know exactly what you mean about the…sexual 14 year olds. The community pool in my town is full of them, it’s bad underneath the skating ramps. You’re not the only one getting less game than a 14 year old, girl, I see it everyday when I bike by the fence!

  9. That job sounds rather hectic.. I know someone who taught gym class at an inner city school and had people cutting each other with razors. I don’t think I could handle that!
    I’m getting my wisdom teeth out soon and I plan on taking the same course of action as your brother. Ice Cream for every meal sounds good to me.

  10. I feel for your brother, Steven. I had braced twice, headgear once, and about a zillion retainers. 🙁 Tell him it’ll be worth it someday!

  11. I feel you. We have totally had people just strip down at the pool. Um, it’s awkward. For realz. Sorry for your brother, getting braces in stages sucks. I was lucky.

    Seriously? Are you kidding me? I freaking want sweet potato pancakes in my stomach asap. Legit.

  12. YEA POOL MANAGER!!! I wish I could still be a life guard. NO JOKE. I really would do it if I could. Or I guess I would rather be a swim coach (which my highschool has an openning for)
    I have to ask where the strip club ? came from? haha. I said yes. what do you think?

  13. Mmm.. ice cream! I do not discriminate on Thanksgiving flavors either.. I just made pumpkin muffins the other day. Yumster. 🙂
    I wish my bro bro would make me run with him haah that would be fun!

  14. #1 You are bad ass for being a manager of an inner city pool. Just sayin’
    #2 I have truely missed your face during my break from reading & commenting on blogs! No joke, for realz!
    #3 What do I eat on the go? Fast food…? I don’t know, I’m not really on the go a lot so that’s a tough question for me haha.

  15. lol I’m glad you enjoyed my tweets. I totally forgot they were uploading to twitter because I was in a chat room that was next to the live streaming. WHOOPS! People were getting so upset with my massive amounts of tweets. lol! There were definitely tons of people in there that obviously don’t realize that a 10k race is not an all out sprint. Especially in collegiate running. It’s about the place not the time. You race to place in the 10k, especially when there are girls who are doubling usually and they still have to race another one!!

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