Just One of Those Days…

I got a lot of questions about the carrot cake yogurt.  It isn’t Greek yogurt-but Yoplait.  I just plopped it right on top of my carrot cake waffle for double carrotcakeness.  I don’t limit myself to Greek yogurt all the time because quite frankly I enjoy the taste of other yogurts too.


Today was just one of those days that I woke up at 6:00am to swim with the daddykins.

I had my favorite waffle for breakfast.

And gas station coffee and froyo for lunch.  I had to go take a test on the campus for my online class, which happens to be downtown right next to my favorite mall.  Which happens to have coconut froyo and cherries.  Win.

Sadly though Lorraine is in the shop, so I have to put up with Renold. I do in fact, name all the cars in my life old people names. Somehow the daddykins does not approve of his mustang being named Otis.

coconut, cherries, kiwi and pineapple. It was oddly the

Today was also a very unproductive day as I sat here reading (for quite some time) your lovely bizarre stories about your life and am glad to know I am not the only one.

I think the winner for most bizarre goes to:

I thought these things only happened in the movies.  I would have drop kicked him. 

This was also one of those days where Nikki Manaje and I were besties.  As she accompanied me on my speed workout today.  Todays run was 2 miles warmup/cooldown 8X400 with 100 jog and 1 minute rest in between.  If you download this song and play it on repeat, it’s like we are running together.

And one of those days where the mom and I just wanted to make something easy aka pork chops, corn and asparagus.  Another one of my favorite meals.



Question for you:

1. Do you ever have those blurs of days?   I think it’s possibly because I’m in a rather deep sleep deficit personally.

2. Nicki M, yay or nay? 

I’m still not sure how I feel about her but this song is awesomesauce.  But her music video of 20 her kind of frightens me.


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  1. This whole week feels like a blur. It’s the last week of school. I’m getting really foggy and dreaming about freedom. Um that story is downright freaky. I don’t even know what I would do. I’d probably tell the guy some stupid excuse like “I’m in a rush, I have to go brush my teeth, sorry.”

  2. OMG I LOVE Nicki Minaj!! Super Bass is my jam lol and that waffle….who wouldnt have that as their favorite waffle-it looks like heavon on earth

  3. Not gonna lie girl, Nicki Minaj makes me want to punch babies. But I love you so if you REALLY need to play some NickiM sometime…I won’t kill you.

  4. My dear, oh how I have missed you!!!!! 😀
    Your posts always make me smile- I love that you name your cars old people names- that is hilarious. …and I think Otis is a perfect name for a Mustang- lol!!!
    I want some coconut fro you…like right this minute. Sounds so gooooood!! & I think I told you in a previous post, but I love gas station coffee too..must be a Hollie/ Holly/ Holli thing 😉

  5. I must say that is stonybrook, or fage or chobani made a carrot cake flavor it would take off….and us blogger peeps would probably have to put up with a gazillion product reviews all about it. Not that I don’t love learning about Love Grown Granola and other stuff. (0: PS yourhair looks crazy blonde in that pic and Nicky M? She’s a product.
    But? She’s actually a person (not lke Ke$ha or whatver the hek you want to call that vaancy).
    I’m OK with that.

  6. TODAY is one of those blurry days. Very blury. I took a half-dose of nyquil last night which might have to do with it, in conjunction with the general brain-friedness that comes with finals week (blehhhh)

    I am actually just not htinking straight at all, which is rather unfortunate given that I have a final to study for. Incidentally, it’s about the brain. Go figure.


  7. Lately has been a lot of no sleep type days. It kills haha. We are grandmas and need out sleepies.

    I wish my dad would swim with me! I also don’t limit myself to greek yogurt. I would die 😉

  8. Nicki M is like the best workout bff, seriously.
    And i am in LOVE with trader joe’s mocha yogurt, agreed that sometimes greek yogurt needs to sit in the backseat.

  9. YES! Lately I wake up everyday at 4:30am….therefore, by lunch, I’ve already been up for 8 hours! Ah! I love mornings but not getting tired at 4pm!

    Nicki M sometimes drives me crazy when she’s overplayed but overall, we are friends.
    On cardio days, that is…

    I used to always do the whole greeky yogurt but then I realized how much sugar chobani has….so i switched to plain yogurt and plain greek yogurt to save some cash.

  10. NIcki M… eh, I’m still torn on that one- sometimes yes, but sometimes noooo. Her lyrics are pretty simple.
    You didn’t tell me you were doing a baller track workout today?? I would have totally joined you. Anyways, thanks for hanging out tonight- fun times and an awesome movie!

  11. I’m not sure about NIcky Minaj either….it’s like I’ll really like a portion of one of her songs but then she goes insane and ruins it:(

  12. I find I haev alot less of “those kind of days” when I”m getting to bed super earlya nd really sleeping well!

    … and I LOVE nicki m!

  13. seriously, i can’t get into nicki. i think i’m afraid of her…

    BUT SUPER BASS IS THE ONE I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. it’s like you’re in my head!

  14. ca-reeeepy that I was reading this and Super Bass was literally pulsating through my head. It’s been stuck there all day. #notwinning.

    I doo love me some nikki, though 🙂 especially alongside britney and ke$ha (duh)

  15. #1 I definitely have blur days because I am either super busy or nothing happened really so it was too boring to remember.
    #2 I’ve never listed to this person’s music before so… U for undecided?

    Our family’s vehicles have names too! My dad’s car is Scooter, my mom’s is the Silver Bullet, mine is The White Knight, my brother’s is G-Mac, my aunt has a mustang she simply calls The Stang, and she also has another vehicle called Big Red. Maybe I should do a post on how all of those cars got their names? Two of them are racing related. Go figure huh?

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