Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine

Hello my blogging besties.  I hope you are having a lovely Monday.  I had a serious case of the Mondays today but I was hella tired so it happens.

Incase you wondered about my Tri: We aren’t getting a refund and they aren’t rescheduling and I did buy a bike for this race.  True story. 


Anywho on to today.  Well actually lets make a side trip back to yesterday.  After getting lost for a solid hour to Chuck’s house (again) and nearly kidnapped by a man who wanted a cigarette.  I made it. 

I have been failing profusely with photos.  So I’ll work on that subject.  You can go look at Chuck’s blog to find multiple photos of him and  multiple photos of his fabulous cooking.  I just get so side tracked when I start talking and god knows I forget what I’m even doing.  True life: I’m going to go paparazzi on the next person I hang out with bahaha.   Anywho-sadly he is moving to Florida for his job.  We seem to never be around at the same time even though we both lived within 12 minutes.  Yes, Chuck it would have taken me 12 minutes without tunnel traffic.  But anywho.

He makes a mean bbq salmon though.  Until now, I never thought of putting bbq sauce on much of anything but now I might go through it more than ketchup.  So if any of you Florida bloggers down there need a salmon bestie, I would go find him.


Since I clearly have the best luck in the world finding places and then leaving, after I left I got stuck in his parking garage.  There was no lady to collect my ticket and all the gates were down.  It was seriously the strangest thing, and then to make it even more bizarre all of a sudden our local news stations car comes lets me out and then leaves.  Um okay-this is why grandma hollie doesn’t stay up past 9pm…it’s when all the crazies come out.

On a side note-a lot of people have been asking me a ton of questions of formspring and I have answered 99.9% of them.  Perhaps I’ll ramble on about that tomorrow if you are interested.  Well you can just pretend you are interested because I tend to ramble enough as it is.

Oh and PS: I brought back the carrot cake waffle because there is now carrot cake yogurt and I thought it would be excellent to have both in the am.

Well I’m off to class lovelies but I’ll leave you with this lovely picture of me and my donkey from last summer.



Question for you:

1.      What is your favorite fish?

2.      Do strange things to accumulate around your life?  (Please say yes so we can be twinnies and I won’t feel like a freako).


32 responses

  1. I just had walleye fish yesterday and that was so good. I like catfish too. I need to try them all before I can decide. Hah.

    You got some crazy stories, man. Some guy today in the bank kept giving me advice on like broken hands. Do I have a broken hand? Uhhh no.

  2. Mmm bbq salmon sounds great! Salmon and tuna are my favorite, but I love ALL seafood. My favorite fish dressing lately is a ginger teryaki sauce.

  3. Fish, anything white except catfish. No swordfish or shark, yucky flavour!

    I absolutely hate the flavour of salmon, how do you guys eat it? Maybe with bbq sauce it would be edible. I really would love to love salmon, but it’s really strong, and I don’t like a fishy taste (even tho I would be eating fish).

    I do have strange things happen to me too, all my life so far. Generally it’s strange men, possibly psycho. As far as I remember, no strange lady incidents. Humm I’ll have to think about that some more, dredge thru some memories.

  4. I love your dress! (but really, what dress dont I like. besides the peacock one your found haha jk)
    I havent had fish in quite some time (need to change this) But I LOVEEE shrimp

  5. Ugh, the whole shebang about your triathlon just sucks!
    Tuna and salmon are probs my fave fish- I quite like swordfish too.
    You always look so purdy in your pics!

  6. OKay first: I looooove that dress you’re wearing!!! Where did you get it!
    Second: BBQ salmon is BOMB!!! I discovered that last year when I was out of my usualk marinade for salmon and it was the best find ever!!!
    Third: HOW DO YOU MAKE CARROT CAKE YOGURT!!! That sounds amazing!!!

  7. Ugh that sucks about the triathlon! You’ll have to sign up for another one so you can use that bike. I would love to see how you do!
    I don’t eat fish but I could kill a bottle of ketchup. People think I’m strange because I put it on toast but it’s just that good. When I go out to breakfast I don’t need butter, just ketchup for my toast. I hate when it comes all pre buttered because butter + ketchup = nast.

  8. Strange things. Every day. Love it haha.

    I like the picture of your donkey annndd i’m jealous of carrot cake yogurt and waffles!

  9. Oh man that sucks so much about your tri! I would’ve been super disappointed. You should totally come here and do the tri with me to make up for that one 😉

    My favourite fish is salmon, and I definitely attract crazies too. I had an asian guy that would pop up everywhere on campus for a while and just wouldn’t take no for an answer… eek.

  10. Aw thanks for nice words and for coming over to hang out! I’m glad you liked the fish. And by the way, I think News Channel 3 guy lives in the building, because he’s parked there all the time.
    And is there a recipe for this carrot cake yogurt??

    You really do have a donkey! Wow!

  11. so you were in cincinnati? so close to me! do you like the area?

    and anyway, I definitely agree with signing up for another tri, put that bike to use!

  12. I love that we stalked eachother at the same time today… clearly we share the same noggin. Um also- that carrot cake waffle looks amazeballs. I hope your summers going well!! Def having major hollie withdrawal right now!!

  13. I’m particular about fish, I don’t like weird tastes or anything to “fishy.” So I tend to stick to mild whitefish like tilapia. And zomg on that carrot cake waffle. You really ought to publish a waffle cookbook!

  14. You look amazingly tan & skinny in the donkey picture!

    Favorite fish – salmon, ono, or mahi mahi. Yum.

    And, I’ll just answer in the affirmative to this. I’m always doing crazy things without realizing it. I’m a crazy magnet.

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