Peacocks, Dresses and Breezy Point Tri

Last night after a fantastic dinner with aDuBs, we went shopping.  I was pressed with a difficult decision of life or death.  Buy another dress (which I have thousands) or buying another sports bra (also which I have thousands).  Did I want to be a real girl or well a grime girl I guess.

Or did I want to be a grandma.  Why these dresses were side-by-side god knows.


Or did I want to be a peacock.  aDuBs refused to let me buy this 150 (yes 150 on sale BCBG dress).  I thought it would be a nice wedding gown…I mean who wouldn’t want to get married in this lovely attire?

So many choices in my life.

I’ll let you take a gander at which one I choose to match my infamous Puerto Rican wedges.


And about this triathlon.  Watch at your own risk as I have a few choice words about it.


Question for you:

1.       If you were to do a tri, what would be your strongest leg?  Swimming, running or cycling?  Weakest?  


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  1. Hahaha I like you. You are going to kick serious ass and it is OKAY that you drop f-bombs in your vlogs it means I am in good company since I am a potty mouth 🙂

    Slash HAHAHAHA I hate babies too and I love your imitation voices I MISS YOU SO MUCH

  2. ahaha you totally surprised me “I fucking hate biking”. haha made me laugh though.
    You’ll totally get through this! Good luck hollie!

    (order from easiest to hardest) running – biking – swimming.
    Really they would all be hard for me though, it would have to be a mini triathlon 😛

  3. I fucking hate biking, too. That is why I don’t do tris. Never will. Declaring this publicly.

    You will rock it.

    Running, swimming, biking–during which I would probably get a flat tire or break a gear or something and collapse into tears and miss my favorite part.

    Love the new dress. I’m going to come steal it. But my hips aren’t as narrow as yours are now that I am an old lady in my 30s and gravity has taken its toll. 🙂

  4. Haha thats hilarious that you hate biking!!! I love it!!! Biking and running would probably be my strongest legs….but I would SUCK at swimming! I can swim….but I have no endurance whatsoever when I’m in the water!

  5. I think I’d like biking the best- just remember to push with the balls of your feet and the power of your thighs(you’ll do f****** amazing!) Swimming would be my 2nd fave, and then running last- something about running just does not agree with my body/bones/ligaments/muscles:(
    I think you definitely pull off that white dress- gorge!

  6. I would totally bike for you at your tri if you swim for me in a future tri. I really like swimming, and I swim casually a lot at my family’s cabin on a lake. I just have never done “real” swimming with all the fancy strokes.
    Good luck!

  7. I seriously love the colorful dress and I bet it goes awesome with your fabulous wedges! My strongest leg is by far swimming and worst would be biking. I can’t see your vlog right now but Im getting on my computer later to watch it!

  8. Welp I approve of the dress. I think it’s sassy. I totally understand you’re hatred for dressing rooms too, because I absolutely hate them. I feel awkward. I’d rather just try it on at home and return it even though it usually just sits around for a while and then I realize my 21 day period is up (um thanks forever 21 you suck).
    I would definitely fail the swimming end because I haven’t done traditional swimming in years. Mostly because I hate cold water. I’m not a huge fan of biking either… I just really like running. But I want to do a triathlon someday so I have to get over it.

  9. hahaha loved you vlog tonight and loved that you were wearing your new dress for it.
    Swimming would def be easy for me and biking would prob be hardest because I only ever bike on the spin bike in the gym with my ipod in…

  10. Whats so funny about that dress? I own 3…

    You’re going to do great tomorrow, don’t worry!!

    • Haha that was really funny- don’t sweat the bike, it’ll be over quick enough… The sooner the finish the sooner we can hang out lol

  11. For me, the swimming portion of the tri would be what freaks me out. I’d love the running, I’d make it through the cycling – though I wouldn’t be super fast, but anything could happen during the swimming leg. Anyone in a tri deserves a ton of credit for doing all 3.

  12. Either swimming or running would be my easiest leg! When I did a tri last summer I got killed in the biking but I did good @ the swim and run 🙂

  13. LOL your vlog is HILARIOUS!! Um, biking+running= fine, but SWIMMING is a very different story! Seeing as I can’t actually swim, I’m pretty sure I would drown! 😛 But I am SO doing a triathlon someday, so I’d better learn I guess! Teach me please?!

    P.S. Go for the wedding dress thang. Looks stunning on you.

  14. Judging from the swimming I did yesterday, swimming would crush me. Running would be the easiest. If we’re talking about sprint distance, I think I could rock out the biking portion fairly easily. Maybe the end result of this injury will be that my swimming will improve & I’ll start doing tris’! 🙂

    You’re going to rock!

  15. I f*ing hate biking too. Swimming is definitely my strongest leg but I fail terribly at riding bikes. I’m trying to give biking a chance but it really just isn’t my thing. I don’t like triathlons very much.

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