What you didn’t do that in your youth?

My fellow blogging besties.  I have returned after a rather short but much needed personal time off.  I hope everyone had a wonderful week.  It is kinda of flying by for me.  Maybe that was because I was too busy being a real girl wearing real girl clothes.

Before I begin and partially the reason I needed to come back so quickly.  My bestie Anna, (better known as aDuBs…but only because I call her that and she hates it) has created and a blog and I’m going to personally make sure each of you become her biggest fan.

So go there now because she is amazing and fabulous and the only one to put up with me for 10 years.  God knows no one else can.  So go.   NOW!

And because I’m on the topic of aDuBs…I goggled her name into my 1500 photos and found some winners.

This must have been over Thanksgiving.

This was in the middle of glassblowing class last summer. Clearly we were studious.

In one of those mall booths. I was so confused of what we were doing bahaha.

10th grade cruise! (and yes my hair is that color when I don't dye it)

As you can clearly see she puts up with my crap.  ha.  😉


Fun fact of the week: I wore real girl clothes and looked presentable every single day.  I also wore a bathing suit and running spandex most days too but there were clothes that wouldn’t make you question that I was a member of society (as my dad says).

Whenever I don’t wear “real girl clothes” the daddykins always tells me I’m not ready to be a productive member of society for the day.  Which 9/10 days I wear real girl clothes so I don’t have to put up with his sassyness.

Speaking of the daddykins, if you are in the VA Beach area and you go over the bridge right after the downtown tunnel off of 264, my dad’s old ship is in the drydock.  I tried to have a photoshoot with the ship but it was an epic fail.  No, I wasn’t driving and yes I will capture more photos because it will be there for a while.


Noms of the week:

I had like 20 salads this week.  Have you ever just craved your greens? Each was pretty decent but the one at my favorite diner ever (the Silver Diner) was the best.  Salmon, cranberries, mango, strawberries, spinach…other random things.  The lady asked if I wanted to salmon filets and I responded with…a fatties got to eat.  I guess that meant two because that is what she gave me.

oh yes and this deliscous black bean quasadilla too

Because I was feeling rather down in the dumps all week, my family thought it acceptable to fatten me up with ice-cream.  I’m addicted and if you ever come visit we are going on many dates.   My mom loves froyo but quite frankly nothing beats some good ole cake batter ice cream.

once here

another time here...

I have also been putting my magic bullet to good use and making blueberry smoothies a lot.  Nom nom nom.

My dad asked when I took this photo what the hell I was doing. I asked him didn't do this in your youth.

You know of course, my day wouldn’t be complete without some good ole pancakes and waffles.

dark chocolate cherry pancakes

Strawberry waffle...we have a plethera of strawberries in these parts...

peanut flour pancakes

Well anywho.  I am alive and well and I hope you guys are too.


Question for you:

Tell something fantastic that has happened to you that you have been dying to tell me about. (I guess that is more of a statement but I’m over it).


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  1. Woo… all the food pictures look awesome. But the pics of you and Anna are pretty great too! I had ice cream last week from Brusters, super yummy!

  2. Yay, your back- so glad you are feeling a lil better!
    All your food looks SO good- I want you to come make me pancakes and waffles ( iv actually never had a waffle!).
    In rebellion to your question, I’m going to tell something bad that happened to me. I pulled my quadricep muscle- I can’t run , workout or even walk(tears).

  3. Yum, that salad looks way good. I love greens with berries! And totally cracking up about your dad’s comment about your picture, when I first started this blogging business my boyfriend and friends acted like I was a weirdo. Now, they just expect it 🙂

  4. Whee glad you are back!
    I’ve been making lots of smoothies too. My family thinks it’s weird when i take pics of my food. But they know I’m just weird anyways so they are used to it 😉

  5. AHHHH YOU’RE BACK!!! I love you and all of your eats. Especially that salmon mango cranberry strawberry salad…omg I am trying that asap. Slash I am thinking of trying greek yog/egg whites again…please talk to me about the benefits I need to do more research before I make that leap:) Email meeee

    • That’s awesome that you’re gonna try eggs and yogurt again! SO worth it and such good sources of protein! Especially greek yogurt….its is so wonderfully versatile and delicious!!!

    • I have been trying eggs lately with success! It still kinda freaks me out. But as long as I stick with just egg whites and mix in lots of veggies, it’s actually pretty delicious and very satisfying.

  6. I have had a green monster every morning since returning from England. I broke our blender over there and I am LOVING having it back in my life.

  7. Welcome back! I hope everythign is okay with you and the icecream made everything betetr! (I know it did becuase icecream fixes everythingggggggggg! lol)

    Something fantastic (but crap all at once)… I broke up with my bff due to her negative attitude towards my lifestyle… crap becuase she was such a big part of my life, fantastic becuase it was the RIGHT choice

  8. glad you are back & the new header is lovely!!
    and hope you are feeling perked up!

    One fantastic thing about this week would be the lovely fact that my last exam is tomorrow and then my lovely summer can ofish. begin!

  9. Glad to have you back!! I missed youuuuu and your amazing pancakes 😀 Great eats especially the black bean quesadilla and froyo, Yum

  10. I’m glad you’re back. (:

    I can’t even remember the last time I wore big girl clothes. I haven’t wore makeup in… five days? Gosh.

  11. Well I was happy to see a post from you! But I see now that you’ve been too busy eating ice cream instead of blogging — seems like a good enough reason for me!

  12. I love the new layout! NIIIICE. And I checked out your friends blog…looks great! We both speak chinese so I will have to keep poppin’ in over there to see what my fellow chinese speaker is up too!

    Those pancakes looks phenom….they look like restaurant pancakes! You’re a true pancake proffesional!

  13. LOL! I know, my dad must think I’m crazy for taking pics of my food!

    I am craving veggies like a MAD WOMAN but we are ALL OUT!

  14. Yayayayay so glad to have you back! I have been dying to tell you that I tweezed my brows this morning and thought of you. I hope you’re happy.

  15. hey girl- hope all is well :/ I think I know what’s up because i saw something in my newsfeed…anyways hope everything happened for a reason and you’re good! ps. i added aDuBzzzz <– i also think you should add z's to it to make it more obnox

  16. Hooray, you’re back! Ok, firstly, I read the title as “What you didn’t do that in your mouth?” and I was like… oh boy, sounds awkward. Um, fantastic things….

    -My boyfriend called me in the middle of the night just to tell me how much he loved me and all sorts of lovely things.
    – I picked up steady babysitting work
    – Probably leaving my 2nd (or 3rd???) job.
    – I’m going to get a new bike.

    Oh oh oh and I’m going shopping for real girl clothes. Hooray.

  17. Whoa new look! I like it… I also like you “hiding” smoothie lol.

    Fantastic fact: I’ll be in Norfolk tomorrow! Hang out maybe Saturday night or Sunday morning for pancakes… or both?

  18. Umm my parents (and now husband) totally give me flack for my lack of girly clothes too haha. 97% of the time I can be found in either sweats & a tee-shirt or scrubs. Whatever. I don’t WANT to be a productive member of society so there.

  19. OKAY, SO. My besties are coming this weekend aaand next. BUT I wanna play/run with yooooou! Gimme another time.

    Cheers to the froyo love. ah yeeeah.

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