I’ll Be Back Eventually Blogging Besties<3

You guys know I love each and everyone of my blogging besties.  I’m taking a few days off for personal reasons but I’ll be back soon.  If you need to reach me because of you are having a crisis then you probably already know how too but you can pop me an email at

And yes crisis’s do include you are out of pancake mix. 

I may pop in here and there and I’ll be reading your blogs (maybe even posting my workouts on DM) but posting is not in my best interest at the moment.    Don’t worry I’m not sick and it isn’t a family emergency but I just need personal time.

For now I leave you with photos of one of my dogs because she is adorable and a grandma like me.


31 responses

  1. Aw I’m gonna miss my daily dose of Hollie! I’ll have to find a way to cope.. perhaps making pancakes? I hope everything is okay! Love youuuuu blogging besties forever.

  2. Hope everything is all good in your life Hollie!
    Ill miss your humorous blogs , but take all the personal time you need,

  3. I like the last picture of your dog. I would use the hash tag #adorablegrandma hahah 🙂

    I understand the need to take some time off.. enjoy! Love ya bestie <33

  4. awwwww have an AWESOME break away girl! its so good for us sometimes!!!!!!!! enjoy your break! hope everything is okay!

  5. Good for you Hollie! Just be back (literally) by Friday so we can hang out. Do you have an agenda for us yet??

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