Eyebrows and Strawberries

Before I begin this clearly going to be fabulous blog-I must tell you.  I received the greatest compliment on my vlog yesterday. Christy@ Lifttorun (who just ran a 20k trial run!  W00t w00t!) said the following:

Um.  I don’t know if you guys know but I have a weird and I mean weird obsession with eyebrows.  I will judge you if they aren’t groomed and I don’t roll with any of the following, unibrows, shaved brows, penciled brows (with no legitly no hairs), super pointy, super flat.  We all have our jives, some people are butt people, some people like legs…I judge for the brows.  No really.  But anyways.

Each of my blogging besties has great eyebrows (don’t worry…totally scoped it out.).  😉

Today, I actually went to the big Strawberry Festival with my mom.  She had to write an article for the base paper (she is a military newspaper editor) We had a ton of fun like we always do.  It is kind of creepers how close I am with my parents. It was terribly hot but I mean strawberries are worth it.  Well the strawberry shortcake was worth it most certainly but we will get to that later.

Although it is called the strawberry festival, it is more of a fair type event.  There are crafters, vendors, lots of food, amusement rides, and other random good times.

They always have delicious greasy crabcakes.  Which are some of my favorite.

Can I have five. k, thanks.

No really. I'll take them all. Funny story, I told the man I had a blog and he was rambling off for five minutes and wanted me to capture every angle of the crabcakes.

Chuck this is for you.  I think we could both take this down?

The best part, however, was the strawberry shortcake.

Mom got the small without ice-cream.

I don’t roll that way and got the extra large.  You can’t see the ice-cream because it is hidden under the whip cream.

Why I'm making that face...god knows...

I also got a chalice of champions.  Who doesn’t like a metal chalice? 

I think I refilled this thing like 200 times.

We walked around for ages and waited for the military helicopters to land.  While my mom was writing about the military firetrucks there, I made the firemen take my photo on their truck. I may quit school and become a firewoman. 

And I'll wear this outfit clearly.

And then the helicopter landed.  It was actually terrifying.  I don’t know about you, but helicopters don’t normally land near me but it was pretty intense.

It was quite the adventure and with quite the nomtastic food.  So if you ever come see me down here we have a Strawberry festival, blueberry and even peach.

Why they don’t have a pancake festival really blows my mind.


Question for you:
1. Are there big festivals where you live?  Do you go?



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  1. That looks so fun! A whole festival dedicated to strawberries? I am so there! But too bad I wasn’t actually there because I totally would have dominated massive amounts of strawberry shortcake…..bomb desert right thuur. And perfecto for summer for sure!

  2. I seriously do not do anything with my eyebrows because… Uh… I guess I just don’t really care. We don’t have any cool festivals here but a blueberry festival sounds amazing! =] In elementary school we always had some type of “field trip” where the DPS helicopter would come land on the playground and teach us about safety and all that. And our gym is a part of the hospital so the emergency helicopter always flies RIGHT overhead!

  3. Omg that strawberry shortcake looks so delicious! Around here we have a huge maple syrup festival, and the year I went I got the hugest pancakes ever with seriously at least 1 cup of maple syrup poured on. I pretty much drank it, and loved it 🙂

    And I pluck/wax/whatevs my eyebrows, but don’t do anything crazy. Just keep them from going all cousin it on me 😉

  4. Girl you obviosuly haven’t seen my eyebrows lately, since I consider us blogging BFFs. Because I judge MYSELF on my eyebrows, haha! That shortcake looks amazing. I’m super jealous.

  5. Yay for crabcakes and well-groomed brows haha 😀 What a cool festival and shortcake palooza, wish my town had stuff like that!

  6. Strawberry festivals are awesome I go to the one here. The crab cakes and strawberry short cakes look sooo tasty.
    I have also been a noticer of teeth like the color of them (yellowy or white) and if they are straight or super bad jaggedy. weird. I know.

  7. Thanks for the shout out. Hollla. (: I need to get my eyebrows waxed. It’s been like a month. Don’t judge.

    That looks like so much fun! I don’t know if you have TCBY by you, but they have amazing strawberry shortcakes.

  8. Hahahaha. Okay please become a firewoman. That would be the nom.
    Strawberry shortcake = life. SO YUM.

    Are you sure my eyebrows are okay? They are kinda messy.
    Jim says you probably wouldn’t accept his hahha. Oh boy!

    Love you bestieeeeeee

  9. Our strawberry festival is this friday! It’s not that big though. The only reason I go is for the “dessert room”. You just buy a ticket and go in and take as much dessert as your heart desires. It’s kind of amazing, but doesn’t really compare to your extra large strawberry shortcake.
    I also want you to know that I love your shirt.

  10. I’ve never been to a strawberry festival but I totally love strawberries!
    and um yeah they totally need to have a pancake festival. Why don’t you start one?! 😛

    You do have nice eyebrows. WOOT WOOT. 😀

  11. What an awesome festival! And I love fire trucks so I’m really jealous- I flagged one down on a run yesterday but they wouldn’t stop lol.
    Those crabcakes like bossome-sauce too- you put ketchup on them right? ; ) And your chalice was also full of ketchup I’m sure. Sad part is, I could take down that entire thing myself…

    Now I’m craving a good crab cake or some grilled fish- maybe I’ll be able to catch my own in Tampa? One of the CEO in the office likes to fish so I’m going to start pretending I know anything about it lol. I don’t, but I figure it will be fun, especially if I get to take home some fresh fish!

  12. There are a few big festivals that I go to a few times a year. They really aren’t close to where I love. Maybe 1- 2 hour drive, but I look forward to them every year.
    I’m extremely close to my parent’s, too. I do everything with them.

  13. We have many huge festivals during the summer season and I love them. This year I have time only to attend one festival, but it will be worth it! 🙂

  14. Oh wow! All that food looks really yummy! I love your shirt, too! We have a strawberry festival in Central Florida but I’ve never been to it, it gets gigantic crowds and I’m not sure if I can handle it! I would most definitely go to a pancake festival though!

  15. Mmm strawberry shortcake. Um, pencilled brows are pretty much the weirdest things. I mean how do you go to the pool? Do your brows wash off and you have to reapply? Gahhhh

    I went to an avocado festival. Amazing. Got a ton of avocados for dirt cheap 😀 We have a lot of nationality-based festivals…. Irish, Scottish, Greek, etc. There’s also the cherry blossom festival, too, but I haven’t been to that.

  16. A town about 20 minutes away has a strawberry festival, and my friends and I thought it would be cute to check out, but then it ended up being this tiny little area with nothing but a place for short cake, strawberries, and tractors.
    That was it, really.
    We were also the youngest people there by like, 50 years.

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