A Tour of My Private DoJo (vlog)

Yes I still see vee-log but one day I’ll get better I swear.

Question for you:
1. Do you often have people in your room/house?

In college I have a lot more people over but at home, most of my friends are gone or have moved on so now only blogging bffs and aDuBs are allowed. ha. 😉


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  1. Haha I love your giant bear and squish squish and your paintings! I haven’t had anyone in my room in ages because besides the fact that it looks like a tornado just hit, I am anti-social and never have friends over (and I like it that way!)! Nobody comes to my house anyway.

  2. Love your accent. I hardly ever let people in my room either but then again I’m only in my room to sleep or clean it soo yeah haha. Oh and rarely wear make up either like I quit wearing to work since it’d be stupid to look nice for dogs…
    Those shoes are amazing! wedges are pretty much my fav heels because I can actually walk in them with out falling over.

  3. Your shoes are awesome. Oh my goodness. I want new ones! Also, I love the bear. 🙂 I don’t really have anyone I can bring in my room. Most of my friends are male and males in my room are a no-no in my haus.

  4. love the art & big bear.

    i’m more for going out than having people here. i feel at home in most houses

  5. Haha I love your impersonations. Your puerto rican shoes are freakin’ awesome too. I would probably trip and fall if I tried to walk in them though, and for that reason I will never be a contestant on your one and only tv show.

  6. I love how you say veee log lol! So cute! And you have such an interesting accent….it almost sounds canadian? Where were you born? Your room looks so nice and cozy…especially your big bear! I won one of those at a fair once! Oh and I LOVE those shoes! High heel all the waaay!

  7. first off love the hair! second I dont like people in my room either!
    And I laughed out loud when you had the bear say “hello bloggin beasties” yes. I am a loser. haha

  8. No, I totally went to other peoples places, but more because I didn’t want them to be bored and I’m easy to please so it was easier for me to get there lol.

    How did the race go today?

    You’re lucky that you’re unpacked… I’m still trying to pack!!

    And I’ll take you on the date… but I get to wear those hot kicks!

    Interesting penguin noises… Hey- will you paint me something for my new apartment??

  9. ahahahahaha I LOVE hearing you say v-log, it sounds so dang funny to me! ahh but those shoes are SO freakin’ cute!! hollllly cow, you will be one hot mama when you finally get to wear them! (I have soo many shoes like that!) lol annnd this is super cool, but your voice actually sounds identical to how I’d picture it to be! so many bloggers post vlogs and I hear their voice and it’s like whhhhaaa? but you sound like the YOU I’ve imagined! 🙂

  10. Your calendar is HUGE hahaha so legit!

    Lets go on a hot date so you can wear your shoes. besties.

    I don’t mind friends in my room but when my family goes in, it bugs me haha

  11. The only time people sleep over at our home now is when their are in town from out of state and visiting us! : )

    In college though, even weekend I’d wake up and have lots of friends on my couch and floor of my apartment after a night of fun!!!

  12. Hey girl, I think my wordpress acct is messed up. Trying to see if I can post. Sorry for any repeat postings.

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