Warning This Post Contains A Surplus of Photos of My Face

This morning began when I begged aDuBs to come run with me on the treadmills at the ymca.  Incase you have wondered, I have stopped referring to everything with dubs at the end minus Anna.  I have officially given her the nickname aDuBs (with that obnoxious capitalization) and I’m thinking she already hates me.

After my nice hour run (and my legs do feel better), I made some nomtastic French toast.  I know, shocking  but I did not have pancakes or waffles.  Topped with chocolate PB, I pretended I was a photography major for a bit.

Then I got really pissed because the pb made the top slice soggy and wilt down.  But that is okay, it was still good after I got over the soggyness. 


I worked on a ton of online homework…the obvious best time of my life and then went to meet the parentals out for sushi on zee base.  Yes, sushi before a 10k.  Gotta get my rice carbload.

On the way there, I got my first iced coffee. Shocker. I needed to take photos.


I love eel sushi and wasabi.

Actually I love all sushi.

It took some effort to figure out why these were called Pineapple surprise..

After my lovely lunch with zee parentals I pretty much relaxed and chilled with daddykins while he did ship stuff and went shopping with mom. Fun stuff of course.

Yes this is a different car. In fact, it's my car and I rode back with daddykins.

and saw this glorious sign for no littering on the highway.

Well I’m off for a relaxing night tonight as I’m racing a 10k tomorrow.  I suppose I should clean off my racing flats considering I haven’t run in them since that terrible cross country championship meet in November.

mmm nice and muddy. Just what I like.

Enough my my estranged face for the week. 

Wish my Arctrainer bestie Justin good luck as he is going for the BQ this weekend in New York.


Question for you:
Do you have any big plans this weekend?  
Are you racing?  Can we be racing besties?


19 responses

  1. Yay you tried iced coffee! boo online homework. Story of my life right now.
    Oh and your french toast picture is very nice.
    I have stupid kennel duty this weekend so no fun here 🙁

    Good luck in your race tomorrow!

  2. Your first iced coffee?! Whaaa, crazy!! 😀 And yay for sushi, I am obsessed with it. Definitely nomtastic ;D

  3. GOOD LUCK RACING! and post as many pictures of your face as you’d like!
    I went through a mass french toast phase, but it’s been TOO LONG. DCD would be delish on top.

    My weekend plans consist of prepping for finals, and a makeshift backyard picnic…oh, and then more prepping for finals.

  4. I haven’t had french toast in forev’s. Now I want it reaaaal bad.
    I’m racing the 3200 tomorrow. It’s a pretty big race, actually one of my biggest of the season if not the biggest, so wish me luck! I’m wishing you luck too.. though you’ll probably be done bright and early while I have to wait until the sun is raging at 1 pm. yayz.

  5. Totally jealous of your sushi! We can be racing besties because I’m kinda racing tomorrow. Not really, but I’m running with kiddos in a 1/2 mile, 1 mile, and 2 mile race to keep them motivated & going where they should go. Good luck on your real race!

  6. Which race is it? Why’d you run for an hour the day before a race, you goob lol!

  7. I race in college, too!
    And I LOVE sushi!
    I found your blog from Emma, and I love it!
    I hope your race went well 🙂
    I raced the 10k at the first round of Nationals Thursday night, and this weekend I’m just cheering on my team as they finish their races!
    <3 Haley

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