Pumpkin’s Summertime Bestie, Pdubs & Well that is it.

I would like for you to all to meet The Pumpkin Pancakes Summertime cousin.

If you know me pretty well, then you know Pumpkin pancakes are one of my favorite pancakes.  So sweet and delicious and you get a serving of veggies (not that I don’t get enough).

Well stores down in VA like to be a pain in my butt.  It is becoming nearly impossible for me to find any cans of pumpkin.  When I do, though, I will hoard.

Greek yogurt has the same effect in pancake making as pumpkin in making them so moist, so it makes an awesome substitute.

The Greek Yogurt  Pancake(with blueberries)

½ cup flour
1 scoop protein powder (If I’m not addicted to pancaked, I am to protein powder).
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
½ cup Greek yogurt (I used fage)
½ cup blueberries
About ½ cup water
Mix and pour on griddle.

True life: I ate these in less than 1 minute.

Incase you guys wondered (or didn’t follow zee blog over last summer) Anna is my real life bestie.  I mean I have about 2 real life friends and then 100 blogging bffs.  Then my parents and brothers, because legitly, Anna and zee fam are about all I see down hurr.  I’m perfectly okay with that.  Oh and my road race besties, gotta see them every weekend.  🙂

Just to remind you since basically we are not really ever apart.  So she can be your blogging bestie too. 

I went on a date with zee bestie today to Pdubs aka Panera.  Why I decided that was acceptable word for it, I’m not sure.  I was super pumped though, because she called me and said she would be a little late because she went running!  Seriously, do I force all my bestfriends to be runners.

I think this ups my photo skillz from a 1 to a 2 out of 10.

Incase you wondered what I have been up to workout wise the last few days.  I have had a few 8 mile runs and did some swimming.  But here is the big news:

I took my bike out for a spin.  YES 5 miles of gloriousness and now I’m more sore than I don’t know what.  That 5 miles is killer.  For all you biking babes and dudes, props to you guys.

Today  I went for a swim after Panera with Aanna.  We had such a fun time and were both so focused as if we stopped the creeper next to us would stop and talk.  Um and he asked if one of us would rather share a lane with him versus each other.  No thanks.

No really-I don’t. 


Question for you:
1.       What recipes remind you of the summertime?  Or what foods?

I can’t really say pancakes because those just remind me that I’m living.

2.       Are your besties athletes with you? 
My two bdubs (okay really this word will get obnoxious quick) in Upstate is actually the other female distance swimmer with me.  The other one used to swim but got a shoulder injury.  .

Anna down hurr, is running to run and because she loves to stay active. She does a few road races with me but she runs on her own time because she is normally a late night jogger and you know us grandmas gotta be in bed by the time she starts.

I don’t force any of my friends to workout with me and I’d rather be there besties then their gym stalker. 


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  1. Yoghurt pancakes sound like the way forward!
    Summer food – strawberries, raspberries and asparagus… and no about the friends thing in general, although I did my first proper yoga with one of my best friends yesterday – and loved it!

  2. You make me laugh! 🙂 No, none of my friends are athletes (well, I’m not either.) Let me rephrase, shall we? Not many of my friends like to workout on a regular basis like I do, and that’s totally fine with me! 🙂

  3. I just started buying Fage recently, and I love it! Greek yogurt pancakes are so good. Fruit salads remind me of summer, and I could probably eat a huge fruit salad by myself.

  4. Greek yogurt with pancakes and waffles is the bomb. No doubt.

    I have a question for you. What do your training week before your half marathon(s) look like?

  5. Greek yogurt is the BOMB! i just asked this at the end of my (first ever) post! Voskos has my heart though.

    I’ve been reading your blog for forever now, and I love it.

    I would say most of my friends are active, but we’re all wrapped up in different things. I have a few other track friends that run with me but most of the best ones are into other sports (ones that involve balls aka I’m not coordinated enough for!)

  6. Those pancakes look so good! Have you ever had pancakes made with ricotta cheese? It taste kinda like greek yogurt ones. My mom makes ricotta and blueberry pancakes sometimes = delish. and Lemon generally reminds me of summer time…. well anything fruity actually.

    My real life besties are all active too. One is a diver the other just loves working out in general and of course my old swimming besties and at school my close friends run/ like to work out too. It just fits.

  7. barbecued things remind me of summer… like steak and corn and zuchinni… mmm

    My besties aren’t athletes. I have one who is a Marine, though, so he’s like superathlete+ and every time he visits we go work out.

  8. Neither of my best friends are athletes, but I do have some really good friends that are runners. One is an artist and one is a singer. But somehow they deal with my chatter about running. My singer friend and I go to panera like we own the place. Or p-dubs. By the way I used “” with my friend and he replied with “” and I thought you might like that.

  9. Don’t worry, I’m coming to be athletic bestie with you!! When is the race? I might do it?

    And I’m def making those pancakes this weekend!

  10. WATERMELON!!! seriously i think i only eat it during the summer 🙂 Only one of my besties works out with me, and even then we only do weights together. We never do cardio together, thats kind of my time to zone out and think. Fortunately shes the same way!! oh and what is a “bdub?”

  11. Ooo I love Panera! Black bean soup is where it’s at!

    1. What recipes remind you of the summertime? Or what foods?
    Fresh fruit (berries, pineapple, watermelon, yadda yadda yadda), corn on the cob, grilled chicken and zucchini, popsicles, ice cream, huge salads

    2. Are your besties athletes with you?
    Not so much! haha

  12. Ice cream, going to the beach, and fresh berries that are not 6 bucks per pint, remind me of summer 🙂
    My best friend is on my school’s cross country team with me, that’s how we met!

  13. Foods that remind me of summer are watermelon and corn on the cob:) My best friends are necessarily athletes-not sure I’d consider myself an athlete?- but I always try to get them to do races with me because they are so fun!

  14. Cookout food, watermelon, and stone fruits make me think of summer. Ohhh em gee, I cannot wait to get my hands on a nectarine.

  15. Bdubs…I like it! 😀 No my bdubs aren’t big on exercise, BUT my bestie is going to do her first 10k charity run with me, and we’re gonna have a BLAST and I can’t wait!!

    Summer= ICE CREAM 🙂

  16. WATERMELON!!! nothing says summer like it! 🙂 i love panera!!!!
    and i only have one friend who likes to go running and do fun runs..etc.. with me. so it’s cool! 🙂

  17. You and the bestie are super cute! You guys look almost like sisters!!! Love it 🙂

    Those pancakes look DELICIOUS! I’ve never tried making some with greek yogurt! I must try this!

  18. Some of my besties are athletes with me… like my running twin. 😉 others are my partners in crime in other areas of life! 😉

  19. PS do you have plans on Saturdee? FEEL FREE TO COME TO MY BACKYARD PARTYYYYY it’s at 2 p.m.! Tweet me for deets.

  20. My real life bff likes soccer so I think we will be playing that this summer a few times!

    As for biking… yeah it makes me sore too! Idk how people so it so easily!

  21. Mmmm I love putting yogurt in pancakes! It makes um so most and fluffy! Yum city.

    My friends aren’t quite as active as me but they all play one sport or another. But none of my friends like running so I do that on muh own 🙁

  22. MAGIC FINGERS!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I love having you put our pic up on your blog all the time!! I feel so famous- I’m Hollie’s bestie! That’s how I will introduce myself from now on! haha

  23. favorite summer food is watermelon! When I see it I seriously squeal with glee. I think the other people in the grocery store MAYYY stare haha

    Im glad you had fun on your bike ride!

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