A Boring and Hawt Day

Victoria at Chocolate Districtchocoholic guessed right.  She was the first comment too!  I always comment about the deliciousness of chocolate she reviews so if you want to be craving chocolate every single time you read her blog.  GO!

The waffle was actually a chocolate cherry waffle and highly delicious.  I’ll obviously make it again when I get more cherries.

Chocolate and cherries are my other favorite combo (hint hint my 21dst birthday is in July, send me that granny panties please, I hear that is what 21 year olds want anyways).


The other orders of business is that I got a lot of questions asking about how I became an aerobics teacher.  Well when you have perfect attendance in the class to begin with (aka all of high school seriously) and (uh stalk the crap out of the instructor) and then she goes into aerobic retirement (aka into the real world)and the YMCA already loves you…you get places. I took a course through the ymca and already knew all the steps anyways so it wasn’t too hard for me.

And if you only knew how jazzy my classes are…  I teach step aerobics and power step (which is basically step with weights).  I am always full of energy in both classes.

On a side note-I use jazzy as an adjective. I wish I taught jazzercise seriously.  We normally pump up current hits but I switch it up sometimes.  My favorite is when I have 60 year old ladies knowing lyric remixes to songs such as candy shop and being obvious!(Hi-Linda ;))


My day today consisted of more unpacking, some running, swimming  and doing nothing productive.  Don’t you just love summer?

I guess I’ll start with my run.  This week, I’m on direct orders to cut my miles and reaccalmate myself with the heat and to prevent injuries before I coast into solid 50+ mile weeks.

My run today was brutal for many reasons but I’ll just leave it too I’m extremely sore from my race on Sunday and it was hella hot.

*Note I just found out we set a temperature for record highs today at 92 degrees.  No wonder.

Swimming, though, was another story.  I did a 500 warmup and cooldown and 5X800 fast.  It was fabulous. 

My eats (and my my life)were kinda boring today, just pancakes, tuna fish and chicken.  Some other random things but you have seen them a million times so I won’t bore you with the details.

Since I'm not exciting tonight...I will leave you with all this pumpkin I hoarded in September.


Question for you:

1.       Group exercise classes, yay or nay?

I hate zumba and yoga.  I like loud and obnoxious ones…uh basically all the ones I teach.  I do go to other classes though as to not limit myself.  I enjoy going to core working classes as well.


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  1. id work out in -100. I get sweaty so quickly even when its 40 and 50 degrees out. When I get too hot I pass out (remember my triathlon last year?? hahah)
    I wish you were closer- id come take your class! but I love all group exercises. I need to start those up again!

  2. I cannot work out in 100 degree temps, unless it’s swimming. It rarely gets that warm here, so when it hits 80s/90s, I get exhausted and sunburn after 2 minutes. I love group exercise classes like power yoga & spinning.

  3. Wow, 92 is a record? Hahaha! Girl you have it good there, it’s 100 at LEAST on an average day here. Therefore I’d rather work out in 100 than -100 although I go out in the morning before it gets hot at 4 am.
    During summer I do an x-treme fitness class and I LOVE the teacher. It’s a lot of fun. I also do spinning, a line dancing class with old ladies (hahaha) and sometimes zumba. I hate yoga and pilates though. Seriously.

  4. I do love summer. I’m loving not having to be productive!
    I dont even want to answer that question!! What a horible thing to have to think about 😉

  5. I need to get my butt up and go run. Seriously. I’m being so lazy. But riding my bike is so much more fun! 🙂 Haha.

  6. I actually really enjoy group classes! They seem to make the time go faster and I always push myself harder because I dont want everyone else in the class to see me quit haha. I love spin classes and im dying to try a hot yoga class!!

  7. Definitely 100 degrees, because I hate the cold and I’ve done it before. I could just run naked, I don’t know if you read about that in the last issue of runners world but nudist 5ks do exist. Or I could just do bikram yoga and it would be the same! I’ve never done any other exercise class though. I want to try spin!

  8. IT WAS SO HOT TODAY, you aren’t kidding! And that random storm was freaky, I really thought the tornadoes were coming for us!! I LOVE group exercise classes, I work hard alone but 10x harder in a class! Not to mention classes include moves I’ve never seen…it’s like having a personal trainer..only not so personal!

  9. I hate working out when it is really hot and I live in Florida!!! My ideal workout weather is 50 degrees:) I’m really scared of group exercise classes-I’ve never taken one! I’d take one if you could be my instructor!

  10. I love our twins-ness!! Hopefully one day we can meet and the world will be complete!! I would definitely work out in 100 degree weather. I don’t even know what it would feel like to be -100. That is crazy.

  11. Awesome! I want your job instead, but first I want to take some of your classes. (:

    Man oh man. I have lived in Arizona for years so I could totally handle 124 degree weather.

  12. I totally want to take one of your classes. I’m def still hurting from this weekend too- you saw my Tweet today though lol. I got to swim some long course this morning! I don’t like it as much… I feel so slow haha.
    I’m def a hot weather fan… bring on Tampa! When do you think you’ll come visit?

    And can you make me some pumpkin scones when I’m back in a week? : )

  13. I like group exercise classes now that I have begun taking them. I literally go to every single one my gym offers all day to alternate between exam studies.
    I would love to go to a class you taught..I just know you rock it!

  14. 100 degrees all the way! Glad you are home and got to have a day of doing pretty much nothing.. it feels pretty good! 🙂 I wish I could go to your aerobics class LOL!

  15. I ate banana protein pancakes for breakfast & couldn’t get enough so I made a double batch & am eating them right now 4 lunch. You should have a chocolate cherry martini for your b-day…just sayin 😉

  16. I LOVE group exercise classes!! Specially since I have a gimp leg, I am LIVING off them! 😛 Wish I could do your aerobics with you, but doing it all on the one leg wasn’t so successful yesterday haha! FUN class though! I love yoga, but I’m soooo not a Zumba person!! Spin and Pump are my faves! 😀

  17. That’s so cool that you’re teaching aerobics! I never go to exercise classes just cos there are no good ones where I live 🙁 wanna come teach in my gym?! 😛

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