Same Ole Jazzy Jazz

Since I’m clearly a regularly scheduled program-I can finally say and now back to your regularly scheduled program.  Except I’m at home now…I haven’t really done any normal shenanigan filled blogs in a week or so.  But now that I home, things might be oh so much different. 

I’ll still be running and swimming and eating pancakes (do you even need to ask?)

But I’ll be teaching some jazzy weight lifting aerobics starting next Monday.

I typed aerobics into my photos and found this picture of how I was shocked my ladiez actually loved my class. hm.

And I’ll be cycling (ah!!) sometime in the future.  I got a sweet old Schwann Bike to attempt this triathlon in a couple weeks. 

Oh and I’m taking human anatomy lab at 7:45-9:45 at night.  Um…grandma Hollie does not approve.

But other than that same ole same ole.


Please guess what kind of waffle that I made today.  I’ll give you some clues, clearly it is some sort of chocolate but it also has some sort of other hint of flavor (which makes it my favorite!).

Any guesses?

For lunch I had a tuna fish sandwich on flat bread (because we had no normal bread left)  and asparagus.  I saved the other half for after my swim.  I don’t like mayonnaise at all and it disgusts me, so I add lots of mozzarella cheese into too tuna fish and melt it and it is the

Dinner tonight was a new recipe!  You guys would be so proud. 

Chicken parmagiana as found here.

It was quite delicious and I’m a big fan of chicken parmasean as is my family.  As you guys know-anything on this blog is for the easy simpletons like myself so if I can do it…so can you.  😉  I paired it with pasta which is rather boring so I opted not to photograph it.


Since I wasn’t ready to run just yet, I decided to do a nice long and slow swim at the pool.  It ended up being 2000 meters of swimming and 2000 meters of pulling.  It actually really stretched me out thank goodness.

Well-I’m off to my human anatomy and physiology lab which is from 7:45-9:45pm.  You know…the time I’m normally laying in bed, god help my lab partners.


Questions for you:

1.       Favorite flavor of chocolate?

I prefer dark chocolate with orange or coconut (nomtastic).  I also like a lot of different fruit flavors with dark chocolate.

2.       Are you a fancy cooker or do you prefer easy and quick recipes?



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  1. 1. A class that starts at 7:45?! At 7:45 I already have my teeth brushed! I’m a grandma that doesn’t leave her house late at night and is bed before it is dark too!

    2. Congrats on teaching the class soon! Can’t wait for the recap of it!

    3. Fave flavor of chocolate: those lindt dark chocolate bars with orange peel + slivered almonds in them. I hate white chocolate most of the time.

    4. Easy cooking is what I rely on! Frozen waffles, canned soup, Panera bread, etc.

  2. I also dislike mayonnaise. It’s super yuck in my opinion. Ugh. 🙂 I’m so sad we missed each other in VA Beach!!

  3. I love mayo, or at least miracle whip on all my meat sandwiches. True confessions: as a kid, once in a while we would have white bread with miracle whip, as a sandwich. I really really loved it, sweet sandwich without all that meat making it tough to chew. I had many many many sessions at the dentist due to deep crevices in my molar teeth, all have fillings.

    As for the waffle, I have to guess chocolate orange, cuz I think that’s your fav.

    Hope you can enjoy your lab even tho it is so late.

  4. I think the pancake is with orange! But that is just a guess.. or raspberry?! Hmm 🙂

    I want to hear about you teaching aerobics! I want to get certified so bad haha.. what program did you go through?!

    As for cooking, I guess I like a mix between fancy and easy 😀

  5. Jazzy weight lifting, how fun! And eek 2 hours of A&P lab?! Ouchhh I remember those days. Favorite flavor of chocolate is white chocolate foshooo 😀

  6. i guess mint! but i idk..haha, that just sounds yum-may to me. 🙂 but i would guess orange then, b/c you said you like orange with chocolate.
    i like fancy only when i have time…a rare thing. haha.

    good luck with your classes! anatomy sounds interesting.:)

  7. I’m pretty dang glad I’m not the only grandma. Do you have to have certs to teach that class? Looks like a chocolate orange waffle to me :p My favorite chocolate is dark chocolate with nuts. No salt. No weird flavors. Just nuts Your swim workout was awesome. I like to make fancy things for other people, but if I’m just cooking for me, chances are it won’t be too fancy.

  8. I hate cooking. I hate mayo. And I really don’t love chocolate all that much. But of course once I start eating it I can’t stop… But usually I just never do because it’s not my favorite.

  9. Yikes, I’m with you on the whole grandma thing! I have to start getting ready for bed by 9, and in bed by 10! I remember in college taking a few 7-10 pm courses that almost killed me!

  10. That waffle looks yummy… Smores maybe? I do think PB and chocolate would make a good waffle, though. Good luck with teaching aerobics, sounds like that will definitely keep you busy but also keep you in shape. Just save some energy for that crazy lab… hopefully it will get out early, I did a summer class while in college and it was 6-10 one night a week but the prof always let us out at around 9 so yeah.

    I don’t really cook at all, haha. My husband does that or I just eat whatever’s around the house. But when I do cook it’s something quick and very easy!

  11. Your waffle was chocolate orange, obvs. I had the same flavors for my breakfast!! It’s definitely one of my favorites.
    It’s so cool that your teaching fitness classes! I would totally take one, even if I am terribly uncoordinated.

  12. teaching JAZZY WEIGHT LIFTING AEROBICS!!?! Ahhh that is SO up my alley, can I come to new york and attend your class!? hahaha that picture is so cute! how could they not love your class, you’re such a fun loving, ridiculously outgoing gal! (i know I sure love that about you, and that’s just by reading!) and guess..hmmm chocolate CINNAMON!? that would be so good, like a mexican chocolate waffle! and love chocolate with coconut too, and nuts of any sort! please no orange or cherry though, can’t stand it!

  13. I love dark chocolate and like to have a small bit each day to keep the chocolate beast in me tame… uhh
    I have made tuna with mustard instead of mayo before bc I too hate mayo. Its gross. But the mustard with it is delish (if you like mustard)
    I love to cook well especially bake but I do cook too. Usually fairly easy stuff bc I get frustrated with things that take a long time and don’t turn out the way I’d planned.

  14. How did you get to be a teacher for weight aerobics? Sounds like hella fun.

    I actually just like regular chocolate. I’m getting on the whole dark chocolate kick though. Mmmmm.

  15. I am definitely a dark chocolate lover, but I wasn’t always that way…I think I aquired the taste over time.

    I definitely like the look of fancy feasts, but have no patience for them…so I guess I’m more of a quick and easy kind of girl…

    I am so jealous of your aerobics class that you get to teach! How did you get that gig?

  16. You are going to have an awesome time up at home, I can tell!

    I’ve recently grown to love mint chocolate – It used to be my least favorite but now I crave the stuff so much 🙂

    I prefer both fancy and quick meals. I love to cook, when I have the time, but sometimes a fast and easy meal will have to work. (especially when I get hungry and I have no patience to cook)

  17. DEAR! Please let me know if you need any help with the anatomy and physiology lab. I loved anatomy and got almost a 100%!! So I can be your anatomy/running twinnie!

  18. I’m guessing it has orange in it, and I even made that guess before I read your fav type of chocolate at the bottom. Dark chocolate & coconut is the best for sure.
    Do you teach jazzercise? I went to a jazzercise class once with my friend’s moms, and they were superstars of the class – it was quite hilarious and a pretty fun workout too.

  19. I don’t like fruit with my chocolate at all. I am coming around to dark chocolate though!

    Haha and the bike is Schwinn, not a Schwann- Schwanns are in Billy Madison (“stop staring at me Schwann!”)
    You lab sounds interesting if nothing else! Where are you taking it?

    Have fun aerobicizing this week with the old people

  20. quick and easy recipes fo me! especially if I’m cooking for one, which I typically am. 🙂

    aaaand I loooove dark chocolate. raspberry is my favey add-in flava. 😉

  21. I prefer simple,easy, healthy recipes! But if I’m really into making something and it is more involved that won’t stop me from making it. My favorite flavor of chocolate is probably a not super dark-dark chocolate. I’ve had chocolate with coconut in it but not coconut flavored chocolate but I do love coconut!

  22. I’m a fan of the quick & easy recipes. And, I’m not surprised that your ladies liked your classes – I would totally take one from you!

  23. Favorite flavor of chocolate would be dark chocolate. No fancy other flavors involved, just dark chocolate.

    I currently don’t cook much but I can imagine I would enjoy simplier recipes over complicated “fancy” ones.

  24. Holy moly hollie! It took me ten minutes just to get down to the bottom of the page to put in a comment! you have so many fans! YOUR POPULAR! haha

    anyway, I love all kinds of chocolate.
    I hope you had fun at your class (eek) that time is too late for me as well!

  25. “I don’t like mayonnaise at all – and it disgusts me” – brilliant!
    Favourite chocolate is milk with apricot and cashew pieces, drooooool 🙂

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