Nine Months of Blogging in Pancake Photos

If learn nothing else this school year, I think my photography skills for food blogging have come a good way since the beginning of the year. Although many of you didn’t have to put up with them until recently. God knows I’m not saying I’m a good photographer or even decent but I am 100% better then last August. Dear college tuition, you did something for me…I guess.

From the glorious Apple cinnamon pancakes I had at a diner in NYC...

To my first attempt at taking photos of pancakes back in August!

I guess I kind of progressed in September by at least naming my photos

October brought my obsession of Red Velvet Pancakes and my photography went from a 1 skill level to maybe 3

November was a good month for photo since I still actually use this photo of pancakes nomm.

December involved less pancakes because I was too busy scrapping my car everyday from ice. Poor Lorraine 🙁

But I did make gingerbread pancakes which I want really bad right now.

Jan was brancake time.

No notable pancakes of Feb so I focused my photography on quiches...

pumpkin pancakes are always the most photographic hands down...

Raspberry pancakes were the the theme of April, although my photography never improved.

And I'm just been in a waffle craze de May

As you can see in my nine months of blogging the only thing that is clear, is I still have some photography skills that I need to work on. A goal for the summer-perhaps. Throughout the nine months though, I still have enjoyed eating my breakfast as I have over 300 photos of pancakes and 100 of waffles collected on wordpress.
Question for you:
1. What is your more reoccuring photo on your blog of?
2. Tips for us “awesome” photographers?


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  1. For me it is definitely breakfast…it is usually the “prettiest” of my meal and the morning sun seems to work best for lighting.

    I try to shoot all my pics outside whenever possible…indoor lights and my camera do not mix well.

  2. Sorry to post 2x but I have to say…I want to try your gingerbread pancakes. Ahh those sound amazing. I love anything seasonal…gingerbread, pumpkin, peppermint, etc. Bring it on!

  3. Ohmygosh GINGERBREAD pancakes!! Woah they sound AMAZING!! Your skillz haave improved!! I can’t offer you tips. I need some myself! 😛

    Reoccuring photo has to be of nut butter, and of oatmeal. Both are a daily thing because they’re so darn good 🙂

  4. Haha, none of my meals are really picture worthy. I took a ton of foodie pics on my cruise, but I don’t really cook and usually eat the same stuff every day, none of it very healthy. No way would I blog that, haha. All of those pancakes look super duper yummy though!


  5. Um… haha I think the most frequent pictures on my blog are of me. 😛 Or rabbits, horses, cats, and dogs. And hikes.
    I don’t really take pictures of food (except waffles) because I pretty much eat the same things everyday, although if I were to actually eat something mildly interesting I’d probably take a picture of it.

  6. Dude, this is the most delicious post I’ve ever seen haha! 😛
    Photography wise, whenever I take pics of my food, I always make sure there’s good lighting, but that’s about it, I’m a really impatient photog. I just point, shoot and cross my fingers and hope it comes out okay haha 😀

  7. just saw your blog over on caitlins…love the part about going out and not drinking- definitely love to have something in hand too- just makes you feel more “a part of”…some people definitely give you a hard time about not drinking but i find its cause they’re insecure about themselves and want company…way to go- and holy s you are a workout beast i can’t imagine swimming and running that much everyday…my body’s def immune to caffeine too! glad i’m not alone 🙂

  8. I have sooooo many salad pics! Waaaay to many actually but I have atleast once a day everyday so I guess thats why!

    Your photo skills are good enough for me because you make all those pancakes look fabulous! Major craving startin’ right here!

  9. I just try to have good lighting because I hate the flash. But it’s not like my photos are amazing so whatever. It gets the job done.

  10. The gingerbread pancakes look amazing! The most photographed thing on my blog are salad beasts and bananas with peanut butter. I eat both almost everyday.
    The only tips I could think of are 1. figure out how your camera works. Changing the settings can make a big difference 2. take pictures in natural light if possible 3. make a light box. Mine is super small but really convenient when natural lighting isn’t possible.

  11. Haha I loved your earliest pancake picture, sure better than my first photos of food! I don’t really focus on one thing on my blog…sometimes I take pictures of food for recipes, but I don’t really talk about my daily eats. I think it’s somethign I will do eventually though!
    P.s. I want some pancakes in my belly NOW because of this post 🙂

  12. My pictures aren’t that great.. It’s hard for me to get good lighting in the morning so sometimes my delicious breakfasts never make an appearance on my blog 🙁

    You got me craving some pancakes! Don’t worry I’ll be making some tomorrow 🙂

  13. You’re making me real hungry! I love seeing new picture of you waffles and pancakes, even if they are the same recipe so keep it up!

    Good luck at the half this morning!!

  14. Mmmmmmm pancakes! Seriously one of my all-time favorite breakfasts!!! I always add protein powder so I can get some protein in the meal, but I just oh-so-love the flavored ‘cakes! The taste combinations are endless!!!

  15. Oh my Lawd, I am such a crappy photographer! I mean, how can I make my 340929205 pictures of cereal look artsy? The answer is: I cannot.

    You on the other hand, take such yummy pictures! Those gingerbread pancakes?? Get in mah bellyyy!!

  16. Poor Lorriane! You have a pancake obsession and I love it! You are getting better and better with each month 🙂 YUMSTER.

  17. I have no tips since I am not an awesome photographer…lol. My blog is full of photos of side salads and big cups of froyo topped with loads of candy- all taken with my handy iphone! I’m sooo classy!

  18. wow! i wish i made pancakes as often as you!! they all sound/look great!!! i have lots of pictures of breakfast bowls on my blogs….of barley/quinoa/millet…etc.. mixed with fruit/yogurt.
    the best tips i can give you…natural lighting! thats what i do..and i don’t think my pictures are all to shabby. 😉
    nice blog and nice to “meet” you..i love swimmming, but i am no pro, only a lifeguard. 🙂

  19. oh my gawd you are killing me…I WANT pancakes NOW! hahaha and I probably post my french toast/hummus and chocolate (oh, and CAPPUCCINOS!) the most, but I swear I eat other stuff too! haha

  20. Ha! I really need to take a photography class! My skills are not so hot, but I keep trying to learn from all these awesome bloggers. I have a nice camera, just not the skills to use it right!

    I’m so in love with red velvet pancakes! I use CCK’s recipe!

  21. The most reoccuring photo on my blog (not like there have been many) would have to be something I found by searching Google. I haven’t really gotten into the whole taking pictures for my blog. I’m going to work on that this summer though!

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