I Be Up In The Gym Just Workin’ On My Fitness

Fergi always has the best lines in songs no? 



Swimming: 9400 yards/10000

I’m not too worried that I didn’t get that last 600.  I’ll build up my swimming when I get back home.  I didn’t get a full hour in on Monday which is where I missed it.  My body needed rest that day though.

Running: 55miles. 

I’m super pumped that I have finally reached above 50 miles post injury .  I took Monday off from running because my hip was bothering me and have had quality runs since then.  All my miles (minus today in the pouring rain…but uh what was I thinking going out there first of all) have been great runs.  My most notable was on Friday running 7 miles at a 7 minute pace.

If I had felt like crap I wouldn’t have run plain and simple.

Arctrainer: 2 hours

This workout week was everything and I wanted.  None of my miles were crappy or bad, I took rest when needed and it was just a generally jazzy week.


Goals for Next Week:

Well some big things are happening next week. 

  1.        I have finals (so no classes and mass amounts of stress busting needed).
  2.        I am driving home (big ole 12 hours)
  3.       Oh and I’m running my last half marathon on Sunday.  (the day after I get home).

With that being said.

I plan to get 45 or so miles depending on how my body feels. 

3 hours of swimming


I have just 1 hour of Arctrainer crosstraining planned tomorrow.  🙂  My workout weeks should start to tend to look like that with minimum Arctrainer and more running.  Like I have mentioned before, I used the Arctrainer as a clutch to burn more calories and would continually tire my body out.  If there was an Arctrainer half marathon count me in and I would be able to justify spending countless hours on there-but there isn’t.  It is a great source of crosstraining but there isn’t a point post injury recovery to be doing it for 5-6 hours weekly.

Since I have no photos for you, I’ll show you how I have been wasting time by not studying.

painting koi fish...


Question for you:

  1.        How was your workout week?  Any big plans this week?
  2.       How do you feel about Arctrainers and Ellipticals?  (Arcs are just another form of elliptical). 


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  1. Bahaha, I read the swim summary and thought that was one workout and I was like “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD.” But now that I see it is a week, I’m impressed but not scared for my life.

    Just take about 8 zillion stretch breaks on the drive to prep for the half marathon. And drink a ton of water to hydrate. Which will ensure you will take enough stretch breaks.

  2. Be glad to know that I learned the name of gym machines finally, so now I know exactly what an acr trainer looks like. 😉 I like those and if I HAVE to work out in a gym that is my favorite machine (besides the treadwall).

  3. Looove the title. Definitely one of my fav fergie lines! Your workout weeks sounds awesome. Mine was aiiiight. Today was especially blaaaah. But my runs this week felt good so I guess that’s what counts!

  4. Sounds like you had a great week! I’m glad… and major jealous. Hahah.
    Currently I use the elliptical constantly because my leg/calve is bothering me and I don’t want to risk anything when I have a race the 29th. The elliptical keeps my endurance up though and I can still run ten miles in an hour so I’m not worried about my race. I wish my gym had an Arctrainer though. It sounds pretty sweet.
    I still just want to run though.

    Have a good week.

  5. I really hate ellipticals – they bore me to death. Strangely enough, I love the treadmill. I’ll do the arctrainer maybe once a week as cross-training, but never as a daily workout.

    My workout week was light because I was saving up for my marathon today! And it was one rainy, windy run!

    Way to go on Friday’s run! 7 miles @ a 7 pace is totally awesome!!! 🙂

  6. I can’t believe I am only discovering your blog now! I too both run and swim, though I’m not swimming nearly as intensely now as I used to. I’m so glad I found your awesome blog:)

  7. My workout week was good considering I was on vacation the fact that I even worked out was awesome :). I did a few 2-3 mile runs on the cruise but that was it- hey it’s a vacation.

    Ellipticals are okay… I never feel like it’s as good as running, but it does make you pretty tired. Good luck with finals and the 12 hour drive… eek!


  8. I first read your swim workout and thought that was in ONE day! Goodness that would be crazy, but that is still a very impressive amount of yards!
    I have a Mud Run planned for next Sunday- basically a 10k race with obstacles throughout the course and then you have to crawl through a huge mud pit to finish 🙂
    I love the elliptical and arch trainer. They give you a great workout but there is so much less strain on your feet and legs like with running

  9. wahh 55 miles thats awesome congrats 🙂 and nice koi fish. oh and fergie is awesome especially for running music (at least I think so haha)

    I plan on running more this week and have my first summer race this weekend. can.not.wait. Oh and you’ve inspired me to get my butt back to the pool.

  10. I wish I could be exercising that much! I’ve never run more than 45 miles in one week.. my time will come! It’s so awesome that you’re minimizing the arc trainer now. I love using it during the summer when I have more time to work out, but I hate when I go to hotels and their ellipticals are different and I have to get used to them.

  11. Great job breaking through 50 miles! Woot woot! I agree with you on arc trainers.. They are nice general fitness but not for training for specific sports.. Unless it is a arc half marathon. That would actually be pretty cool to see though!

    You are seriously super talented with painting!

  12. Fergie cracks me up. What a nut.

    Nice work this week! You rocked. I did a 12 miler today, which is my longest ever. Tomorrow is my rest day, & I’m excited about it. 😉 Just my normal training plan for the rest of the week (2 cross training days + lifting, 4 days of running).

  13. I mean my workout week actually consisted of working out for the first time in a few months so that was good 😉 I ran 3 miles on Friday and my shins are kind of feeling is so I’m taking it easy and hoping it’s not gonna start stress-fracturing all over again!!!


  14. I serioulsy love love love the elliptical!! I Used to do about four hours a week (about an hour per session). I still dont know how you did it for two hours!??i have really been trying to give running a second chance out doors and im beginning to really like it. My accomplishment this week was beginning and not quiting the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred (im on day four). I love how my newly toned muscles make it so much easier to run!! who knew??

  15. Wow, you do a whole lot of workouts!! Great job 🙂 Last week I did 3 zumba classes and 4 strength training sessions..I wanted to hit the swimming pool, but the weather was so ugly that I didn´t want to soak myself in water:))

  16. Lolll some times I think of that line “I be up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness” when I’m working out haha

    I destroyed my swim goal this week so I’m gonna give you some of my yardage for some of your miles, haha. My workout this week was great, but I really want to get back to running. Hopefully my knee will hold up and I’ll be back out there soon 😀

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Arctrainer…? But anyways, I like the elliptical for when I need something non-impact. It’s a good workout so some times I just use it to cross train, too. But I get what you mean, I don’t need to be on it for hours a day when there’s no “elliptical marathon”.

  17. Um ellipticals are the death of me. I can never last very long on one without feeling like I am dying. I’m just so out of shape.

    I ended up taking over a week off from biking, boo! But tomorrow afternoon I have another ride planned with my buddy so we’ll be hitting the road. I really need to work on biking alone, or asking if my dad wants to go with me, because other wise I will never be ready to do a 30 mile round trip ride.

  18. AMAZING!! Haha I had to look up what an Arctrainer was but basically its a fancy elliptical, right? I like the elliptical cos it’s one of my fave cross-training machines and I can strap my book/magazine to it and just chill 🙂


  19. I had a very bad workout week since I was reoccupied by frantically preparing for a baby shower and then recovering from running myself into the grouns for said bay shower…I hope it’ll be better this week! I like ellipticals and arc trainers for light workouts that aren’t so hard on your body:)

  20. Hey! Just found your blog and wanted to say hello to a fellow fitness fanatic. 🙂 Great job on the recovery and being able to get back to running! That’s definitely our favorite form of cardio, but it’s really tough on the body. The elliptical is our go-to from of cross training…you can get your HR up there and it feel similar to the running motion. Great work in the gym and looking forward to more posts! 🙂

  21. I HATE the elliptical witha passion. It’s just sooooo boring to me. 🙂 I wish we weren’t missing each other! It would have been so fun to have a blog meet-up! 🙂

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