Red Feet

True life amused me a lot.  HA, I’m glad each of you guys could be besties with me.   

Today I just woke up for the hell of it at 6:15am.  No I didn’t have a reason and I didn’t even want too, but my body was wide awake ready to rise.  So why lie in bed when I could be productive…I guess.

It gave me plenty of things to do for two and a half hours before class at 9 though…like have a delicious waffle.

 I need to dedicate a large chunk of today’s blog to a beautiful and delicious waffle I had today. 

An apple cinnamon waffle!

There are also apples baked in but I cut up a large apple for maximum toppage

I had been craving apples all week but the ones at the supermarket were blechworthy.

Oh yes and I had time to get ready and be a real girl.  It’s so warm out so I must stop wearing leggings and wear my favorite clothes haLeggings are hot and uncomfortable and I decided anything I haven’t worn in the last three months is being donated.  Yes after beginning to pack-I still think I have too much crap.

I couldn’t quite capture photos of my face and my outfit at the same time, it was blurring up or I just have no skillz.

So here is my outfit.

Tie front khaki skirt BCBG.  Black ruffle zip tank BCBG.  Hot pink top underneath AF.

Don't ask...beacuse quite frankly I don't know.

And here is my face.  Oh look nothing has changed since my photoshoot yesterday so hopefully you still remember who I am.  I always thought if I switched my picture one day…would people even notice.  Maybe I already have….

But this is really me I swear...this time.

This would have been such a great photo...but a man riding a unicycle crashed in my quad. I wish I was joking.


If you aren’t a dailymile friend of mine, I will relive my running to you today.  This might be a little graphic for you. I got two huge blisters about two years ago (no really I don’t think they will ever leave…) and they finally popped and started bleeding today in the middle of my run.  I have never been in so much pain while running.  EVER.  In fact, I was basically balling my eyes out at mile seven and had to stop.  I swore to myself to finish my miles later after taping and bandaiding up and changing shoes and socks of course.  Anywho-a few hours later I finished and felt awesome.  I don’t have a problem not running for stress fractures/muscle problems/ect…blisters is another issue in itself.


Well blogging besties.  I’m off to my athletic awards banquet.  I’m not sure who to sit with cross country or swim team…save the drama fo yoo mama. 

And then…well you know what Wednesdays at 9pm are.  😉


Questions for you:

1.       What is your favorite outfit? 

This is in my top five.  Perhaps tomorrow for you guys I’ll wear another in my top five.  Colored leggings is another in my top five.

2.       What is your opinion of running with open sores on your feet?  Do you do it?  Have you ever cried during a run?  Are you an emotional Emma like me? (Um this is like one of those 10 part questions that I hate on essay tests…). 


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  1. waffle, made me drool. That looked AMAZING! My favorite outfits come out in summer time when I can wear my summery dresses. I suggest putting moleskin or at least a bandaid over your open sores if you plan to keep running. Anything to prevent further irritation! I haven’t had a super hardcore blister, but once in a soccer game I messed my big toenail up so bad it ended up falling was hard to run without feeling the pain of a missing toenail!

  2. Ouch blisters suck! I actually had MORE blisters when I wore shoes, now running barefoot Ive only had one ever but not the bloody kind.

    Your waffle looks amazing 🙂

  3. How am I supposed to pick a fave outfit??? Gah!

    Hmmm, I think I blogged about it with these dark grey knee high boots, skinny jeans, and striped sweater…effortlessly chic

  4. I haven’t had a blister in over a year thankfully — but when I had them and they popped yes I cried!!! That shit hurts!

  5. I hate blisters! I use second skin blister kit.. it’s sort of amazing. I actually have it on right now. Though I’ve had a lot of races when I don’t have them taped up and it hurts terribly when I do prerace striders – I actually cried once – and then I’m able to ignore the pain during the race. But don’t expect me to cooldown.

  6. I love that outfit too! I would definitely wear that. I am like you about blisters….I just can’t see not running because of one, although they do hurt like a motha sometimes! I have had that happen to me mid run before and it HURTS! One blister I had on my foot was like 2 inches and it would NOT heal….I had to wrap and tape it for so long! Ugg blisters suck!

  7. I love that outfit too! I would definitely wear that. I am like you about blisters….I just can’t see not running because of one, although they do hurt like a motha sometimes! I have had that happen to me mid run before and it HURTS! One blister I had on my foot was like 2 inches and it would NOT heal….I had to wrap and tape it for so long! Ugg blisters suck!

  8. Ouch ouch ouch! Those blisters sound not fun at all!

    Usually if a blister or something develops during a work out I power through it. But if I have an existing blister or something and it hurts just doing daily things then I’ll probably skip a work out because of it.

    Favorite outfit…hmm anything I can wear flip flops with? I am the complete opposite of you and love to wear jeans so you’ll usually find me in jeans and flip flops with the tops changing by weather.

  9. oh man do I hate blisters. I did ballet for 17 years and pointe shoes = crazy mad blisters. For a show I even used new skin, super glue, and dentist numbing cream to be able to go on stage without crying. Cute outfit girly!

  10. Ha! Running with blisters is terrible! I feel like I haven’t seen my feet without blisters and other disgusting skin formations for years now. I even have a gift card for a pedi I got for my b-day in Nov. and haven’t gotten it because I’m too nervous that no one will want to touch my disgusting runner feet.

    I’ve definitely cried while running. Marathon number 2 was a doozy!

  11. HAHAHAHAH. I seriously LOL’d at the picture about the guy on a unicycle. REALLY!? Bahahahah.

    I hate blisters. I get them when I change shoes. BOOO. I cried when my IT Band was bad. I couldn’t even run on it it hurts so bad.

    I’m LOLing more at The Middle and Modern Family. Thennnnnnn ANTM.

  12. that breakfast is screaming my name! LOVE IT!
    I would have to say Im a wimp when it comes to working out and hurting. I just dont usually push through it. I did that in highschool with my shoulder, and now its not the same.
    Also I love that outfit- you look so pretty!

  13. “a man riding a unicycle crashed in my quad” HAHAHAHA! DUDE that is so sad yet so randomly hilarious 😀 Sorry to hear about your blisters, that blows!

  14. Ouch, hopefully you weren’t too far away from home when they popped – it sounds way too painful! My favorite outfit is my favorite jeans, a black tank, and a salmon colored cardigan. It’s so easy and cute…but honestly, most of the time I’m in yoga pants or running shorts.

  15. I got the UGLIEST blisters from Flower City!!! …and they are still there. Icky. ANYWAYS I love your outfit!! I wish I could afford BCBG but alas I am a cheapo. I hope your feet feel better love!!!

  16. That is such a cute outfit! I love the skirt especially. My sister has a similar one that I’m obsessed with and might steal from her.
    I get mad blisters too but always run with them because I like to think I’m more hard core that way. My two worst ones: one was underneath my whole baby toenail it got all bloody and gross so I popped that sucker then when the whole blister peeled off a while later my toenail went too. It took FOREVER to get my toenail back and its still not quite right. The other on was 4 in long right along where my arch is so basically the whole middle of my foot. And I’m not exaggerating about the size at all pinky promise. I measured it and still have a scar. It was the most painful thing ever. But I def still ran with it. (sorry for such a long blister graphic comment haha :))

  17. Dang, you are hard-core. Hell to the no I would not run with open blisters. Unless I was being chased by something that was determined to kill me in an excruciatingly painful way. I’m just sayin.

  18. Owww blisters are not fun at all. I am def an emotional Emma LOL.
    I don’t think I have cried on a run but I have def cried in my goggles haha embarassing!!

    I heard someone got MVP for cross country chicka chicka yeahhhh go Hollie!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Cuuute outfit I love the shirt! 🙂 And that waffle looks absurdly good, I haven’t had a waffle in ages… ahhhh

    Also you had me at colored leggings. I def have a pair of shiny gold spandex 😛 not that that’s something i wear for a normal outfit buuuut whatever 😉


  20. Congrats on your MVP!! And thanks for not posting pictures of your blisters lol. I really think you way want to consider new shoes or at least some insoles. It’s not healthy to always have to deal with those nagging blisters.

    How far did you run? Stopped at 7 and then did more? Pretty impressive. P.s. I made up 2 new amazing-tazing recipes today

  21. Please be my personal shopper? Or at least give me your wardrobe 😉

    And WOAH that waffle looks AMAZE!! And I’m totally an emotional Emma and blisters SUCK so I’m sending you my magical healing powers 🙂

  22. That is a pretty dang epic waffle. I don’t know about favorite outfit… I seem to end up in a swimsuit/sports gear a lot. But, I do have this strapless brown shirt with beads that’s all summery that I lovee.

    Open sores? I’d bandage them super well before going anywhere. Infection is the enemy.

    Who did you end up sitting with?

  23. I love waking up early! I can actually eat a nice breakfast & iron clothes lol! Heaven forbid I am prepared for work, like, ever!

    Girl, let me introduce you to my saving grace. Blister Block from Johnson&Johnson. It comes in a tiny green deodorant-like thingie. Rub it on the places you get blisters, & you will never get another one again. Ever. I wear effin stilts for shoes & I swear by this stuff!


  24. OH YEEEAAAHHH for last nights results of ANTM!

    and ush. I don’t miss the drama of having to pick between teams. laame.

    get those blister better, girlfriend!

  25. That waffle looks glorious! Thick, fluffy waffles like that are the best, I always used to order them at Denny’s and IHOP- bring on the health 🙂
    Your blister story was prettyyy gross, but I still appreciate hearing about it haha. When a good blister pops it’s so nasty and so satisfying at the same time
    Favorite outfit is a nice fitting pair of skinny jeans with a loose, bright-colored top

  26. My feet are so ugly. Hahah. I get blisters on my toes. They never hurt luckily.
    And yeah, I have cried on a run. It’s embarrassing if you are in public.

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