Triple Tangent True Life Tuesday

I thought I would amuse you with fun facts via the beginning of my week. 

Numero uno.  I have had a printer in my room all year long and have not used it once.  Yesterday night I was not in the mood to walk all the way to the library (about 15 minutes away..yes lazy moment)so I figured out why my printer wasn’t working (I had to realign the ink cartridges) and printed in my room.  Yes, that is the first time all year long I have printed from my printer in my room.

True life:  I’m addicted to gas station coffee and will go broke one day buying it and all it’s grimeyness.  I could live off of gas station coffee.  And yes I like it better than Starbucks. 

Recycled photo coffee love.

True life fact number 3: My 50 page paper is donezo.  Done done done.  So it is acceptable to have a photoshoot with it. 


What it all means..who knows..


I changed my mind, here are my true life noms of the day. 

Breakfast was my favorite waffle.

with greek yogurt to dip obviously.

True life: Not one single person outside the blogging world understand the deliciousness and savory combination of this waffle.  Not many in the blogging world probably do either.  😉

Lunch was a “hugh ass” roast beef wrap.

top to bottom banana and red peppers, chedder cheese, roast beef, lettuce, tomato

True life: I have never been asked if I wanted to ketchup in my wrap.  I have a new bff worker.

Dinner numero uno was a delicious salmon quiche with a sushi salad.

True life: I have had a salmon quiche once a day for the last 4 days.  My campus makes the most random delicious things.  Who thinks of that?

Now that I have overused the phrase true life, I believe I am done now. 

If we chat in real life, you’ll know if I agree with you I’m all about saying true life instead of yes.  So for instance if you asked me if I was having breakfast today,  I’d be like duh true life.


Ugh, I don’t really want to talk about working out too much the last couple of days but I will anyways.  Yesterday, I woke up and had some pain in my hip flexors.  For those of you who weren’t my besties freshman year, I sprained my hip flexors backpacking.  I could barely walk for a solid month and was the only person under the age of 80 that had managed that.  Anywho, I just opted for some cross training yesterday. I would rather not run one day now, then not race my last half of the season in a couple weeks.

Today, however, I ran and my hip felt a lot better. 


PS: Don’t forget to enter my swell cookbook giveaway.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       Do you hate packing or unpacking more?

Packing all my stuff up from school has made me realize I have a ton of crap.  Just saying.

  1. 2.       What are your true lifes?


42 responses

  1. I won’t hate on the gas station coffee — it is rather delicious.
    True life: I ate a donut today. It was good. I felt sort of bad about it. I’ll get over it.

  2. That waffle looks amazing as usual! And yay for photoshoots with 50 page reports! 😀
    I am a PACKER not an unpacker! Holy shmoly. After we moved into this house I still had unpacked miscellaneous boxes sitting on my floor a year later. Whenever we get home from a trip my bag sits on my floor until a month later I remember my favorite shirt is in it and therefore I should probably dig it out and wash it. I am so bad about that!

  3. YAAAAAY for a done paper!! 😀 And for no more hip pain- woooop!! Am I happy for you? TRUE LIFE 😉

    Packing not too bad, but I HATE unpacking and always leave it for AAAAGES!! 😛

  4. I hate, hate, hate unpacking. Whenever I get back home from something I will put off unpacking forever! Congrats on finishing your 50 page paper…that is crazy long!

  5. I hate packing.

    I freeze up when it comes to packing. I really get stuck. One time I had to pay extra because it was time to check out and my stuff was still sitting all over the hotel room for an extra 2 hours. So that doesn’t happen again, now I wash my clothes and start packing 3-4 days into a 7 day trip.

    I wish there was a service that would pack your clothes for a trip and especially pack at the end of the trip.

    I love unpacking! It’s like opening a great big present! BUT…. I prefer to have clean clothes when unpacking, otherwise I won’t get to it right away. I’ll wait until laundry day.

      • No kidding.

        It might have been worse for me because I was able to leave stuff in my trunk at school during the summer break (all 4 years at one school). So following my final year, I pretty much panicked and had to dump things left & right to fit just some of my stuff into the trunk and suitcase. ARGH!

  6. I’m literally moving all my stuff 5 floors up. I hate packing and unpacking. Reading your blog was my break. Time to get my butt in gear!!

  7. So I have off from work tomorrow and therefore ample amount of time to waster so I’m going to be trying this waffle creating (assuming we have bacon) and I’m SO excited.

    I like packing more bc unpacking (from school to home) means having to find places for too much stuff that isn’t supposed to be there.

    Yay for being donzo on the 50 page paper I bet that feels great!

  8. Ugh, unpacking is the worst. Some times packing is fun… like oh an outfit for this and that and I’ll pack some of these and hope it all fits… and then I get home and there ends up being a suitcase in my room for a week that I’ve gradually been pulling clothes out of. What a pain!

    Glad to hear your hips are feeling better! 🙂

  9. I hate packing and unpacking. But I think I hate packing more, because if I get bored with unpacking I can throw boxes in a closet and pretend i’m done. 🙂

  10. ow about the hip flexors! I have awful hip issues, dont wish them on anyone!
    I hate unpacking. packing is exciting because you are hopefully going somewhere fun, vaca, etc.

  11. Girl, I feel your pain right now. I did something to my knee. It sucks. It’s like, right after my foot feels better, my knee has to hurt. Play it safe.

    And nice job on finishing that 50 page paper. You practically wrote a novel. (:

    True life: I ate at McDonald’s today because I wanted to try their salad. It was the worst salad ever.

  12. True story – that’s what happened with my printer last year. I didn’t think it worked, until my boyfriend fixed it about a month before school was over.
    I packed up my stuff really carefully at the beginning of the year, but now, it’s all thrown into random boxes. I think there’s going to be a lot of packing/unpacking for me in the next few months because I’m living in various friend’s houses and home until I can move into my apt in July.

  13. Unpacking, fo’sho. And yes, one of my terrible things I say is fo’sho. I know, I’m a total dork. It’s awful. I also use the term “dude”, heavily, which I also recognize as dorky.

  14. packing > unpacking. I dread unpacking.
    true life: I skipped 1/2 the school day because my best friend wasn’t at lunch and I don’t particularly like the other people that we sit with. I went to panera with my mom instead and it was fabulous.

  15. Hahaha, I use the phrase: “True statement” or “False” just like you. We are almost twinnies!

    Thanks for the song suggestions! 🙂

  16. I hate UNPACKING! Well, really I don’t like either, but at least when I’m packing I’m looking forward to an upcoming trip. Unpacking just plain sucks.

  17. I hate unpacking!!! It’s so boring to me….especially if its bc I’ve just gotten home from vacation, then I get depressed that I’m not on vacay anymore 🙁

    True life: I should be sleeping right now cause I am tired as ballz….but the wonderful blogs of the world are keeping me up! 🙂

  18. Glad the hip is feeling better and the paper is done! Man, what a great feeling. When is your last day of school?

    That’s funny about the wrap- I always have to ask for them to put ketchup on it lol. Are you enjoying having ketchup back in your life now? I’m trying to cut back after seeing how much I went through tonight ha

  19. Oh man ! I cannot imagine hurting my hip flexers .. Ow.

    I understand your true life savory breakfast love 🙂

    Congrats on the 50 page paper!

  20. Woohoo on the 50 page paper! THat’s a huge accomplishment! 🙂
    I hate unpacking more.. I can never remember what is clean or what I’ve worn and everything is just a mess inside my suticase.

  21. I HATE unpacking. I often dont. I have a bad habit of opening my suticase in the middle of the floor and just takign stuf fout as needed and when it’s finally empty putting it away. SHAME! ahahah

  22. I don’t unpack. It’s embarassing. My brother-in-law borrowed my suitcase a month ago & he said when he opened it, like 500 shoes fell out (from my honeymoon -last July)! Congrats on finishing that paper, such a relief!

  23. I’m not going to lie, some gas station coffee rocks my socks. My Speedway has a French vanilla cappuccino for like a third of the cost of a Starbucks, and it’s flipping delish.

  24. I like packing because it makes me excited that I’m going somewhere but I hate unpacking because I hate putting crap away lol That quiche looks amazing btw!

  25. I hate unpacking! I weirdly like making lists, gathering things and checking them off my list. What can I say – I’m neurotic.

    That salmon quiche is driving me crazy – it looks soooo good! Must make quiche this week!

  26. Ug I just got back from Hawaii and I HATE unpacking MORE! It’s funny that you mention that about your printer…I haven’t used my office printer in 2 years because I have no idea why it won’t work! Maybe I’ll have to try realigning the ink! haha Thanks for the tip!

  27. What’s in that glorious waffle?? O man it looks divine 😛
    Congrats on finishing that beast of a paper, what a major sigh of relief!
    I love packing, but I dread unpacking. Usually I keep putting it off for like a month haha

  28. ahaha I love to say true story. Most people just stare at me like im crazy – OH WELL
    I love packing to LEAVE. Its packing to come home such as from vacation that is never fun haha

  29. I’m SO glad your hip flexor is feeling better- that is great news- I hope it only continues to get better 🙂
    Also, YAY- CONGRATS on finishing your paper!! YOU, my dear, are the 😉

  30. oh, I am soo with you on the unpacking/packing hate. asegha;arafarghatshar;fak. and living out of a suitcase sucks.

    BUT yay for your hip AND your paper! wahooo!

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