Student Cookbook Giveaway

So remember last week, when I talked about eating healthy in college and all that good jazz?  Well I have a giveaway for you. 

These two cookbooks are for anyone who is either:

  1. Living on their own and like the simple recipes (oh hi that’s me)
  2. College students that only have access to a microwave and minifridge (that was me last year)
  3. People who like to know full nutritional value (wait….also me)
  4. Any and all of my food loving twinnies. 

I’m sure there are more people that fit into these categories…

The first book is a complete cookbook of things you can cook in the microwave.  No really it has everything from dip to two-tone rum fudge.

The second is a student cookbook and has great recipes for healthy foods that aren’t on campus.

Anywho-to enter:

Tell what the most exotic thing you have ever cooked in your microwave is.

Additional entries:

  1.    Subscribe to my blog
  2.   Or add me to your blogroll
  3. Or even link back to this post on your blog.
  4. Follow me at (lolzthatswimrun) on twitter and tweet about the giveaway.  (If you ever need to find me anywhere…90% of my screen names are lolzthatswim…go figure I wanted to throw you off here…).

Winner will be announced on Sundays blog.


60 responses

  1. Because I am old (30) I have had a full kitchen for almost a decade and don’t remember exotic stuff I’ve made in the microwave. Maybe truffles? Cause I could melt the chocolate in the microwave.

  2. I have made a banana oat cake in my microwave. Bananas are an exotic fruit so therefore this is exotic I think.
    Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  3. In college I tried making a meatloaf in my microwave — my oven was broken in my apartment and for some reason I thought it would work. It looked like dog food.

  4. What a fab give-away! It totally has my name written all over it. I only have a mini-fridge and a microwave until August. It’s painful! I really don’t make exotic things in my microwave…I made a loaded baked potato recently, and that was pretty tasty. But otherwise it’s frozen veggies & brown rice, Kashi frozen meals, cereal, etc. Okay, this is me practically begging to win this give away haha 😉

  5. Do I get an extra entry for being an official blog stalker? LOL! The most exotic thig I’ve ever nuked was a chocolate lava cake! I used The Pampered Chef covered baker. You can turn your microwave into an oven with that thing! Seriously.

    I should post the magic things I make on my Foreman Grill! LMAO! I seriously used to grill chocolate chipe cookies!!! Not kidding!

  6. HI! oh how i love simple recipes i live by myself and go to college in North Dakota(said that it just snowed a couple days ago!) and no just because i live here does NOT mean i can”handle the cold”. but it is said to say that i once tried making a pizza in the micro…yes i know, you really cant get more dumb than that but hey i was desperate for pizza and the micro was all i had! lol…i am about to follow you on twitter:)

  7. I haven’t made anything exotic in my microwave…yet. Guess I need that cook book 😉

    I am alredy a subscriber to your blog and you are already on my blogroll.

    I will tweet about it 🙂

    Does this count for all of the entries or do you want a separate comment for each??? Let me know cuz I’d like to be legit entered as many times as possible!

  8. What a great giveaway, definitely something I could use 🙂 The most exotic thing I have made in a microwave is a baked potato… so clearly I need some new ideas haha
    I added you to my blog roll!

  9. I’ve made tilapia & quinoa and I have also made southwestern scrambled eggs! So yummy!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    And good luck on your exams!

    Best wishes from St. Louis!

  10. I once cooked up a curried rice/spinach/egg hash in the microwave using microwaveable rice, frozen spinach, and a raw egg. So good, and only took 10 minutes!

  11. hmmm, well not so exotic but I have made an egg mug scramble in the micro. I don’t love using it a lot, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Oh and my dad tried to convince me I could make toast in the micro too, my dad lies.

  12. The most exotic thing I’ve ever cooked in my microwave is probably eggs in a mug. They are much better stovetop.

  13. I’ve cooked bacon, potatoes, eggs, and raw chicken before in the microwave! not sure if that’s “exotic” to most people but it’s definitely not something I’d use the micro as my go to method! hah Oh, and skyline chili dip!! It’s a cincy favorite but I LOVE the stuff!

  14. and you’re on my blogroll…(bigger duh!) because this blog flippin’ rox sox! I love the idea of a student cookbook because I’m Sooooo gonna need that in a year when I go off to college! Thanks Hollie!

  15. Um, I’d have to say the most exotic thing I’ve ever cooked in my microwave is…. Steamed Broccoli. I know. I’m lame. 🙂

  16. Oh and most exotic thing… I have made little microwave protein cake things. Oh, once I tried to microwave cookie dough (the kind from a package, y’know?) It was not entirely successful but I think if I put it on half-power it would work…

    and i’ve microwaved various precipitates in crucibles in chem lab but I don’t think that’s what you meant 😉

  17. Hmmm the most exotic would probably be eggs…but I’m in a college dorm and share a microwave with an entire floor so I hardly use the microwave anyway.

  18. You should make a waffle maker cookbook–all the things you can make in a waffle maker. In saying that, you should really cook other things on there! I mean, you could do sandwiches like a panini maker or I bet you could throw some fish or a steak on there! Just make sure you clean it well before making a waffle after doing that lol

  19. Most exotic thing I’ve cooked in a microwave… Crayons. Does it count if it’s not food? Lol that was a pretty cool craft although it didn’t go exactly as hoped…

  20. Hahaha.. uh, I def stuck a chopped up apple with splenda and cinnamon on top to make “baked apples” in college. I’m so cool.

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  23. Would trying to microwave Kix and almond butter be exotic? It filled the microwave with smoke …

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