Girl Was a Diva and Needed To be Sent Home.

Today was my last day observing in a classroom.  Now I have nothing to ramble away with on Thursdays.  Blech.    Except!

I do have more time to take multiple photos of myself.

Wearing my favorite outfit!

Working on my 50 page. Yes 50 page paper due next Thursday. (and exceeding my printing quota on campus).

Or mimicking my math class expressions. Pictures of me sleeping wouldn't be as um. interesting....

Well anyways-I know you were dying to see my face…but onto another face.  PS: I’m sorry for blowing up your twitter feed last night.  It was a big episode.

I tried to show the most divaesc picture of her.

Yes she has finally been voted off.

You are the weakest link.



Anywho back to today-Well first, ask me questions here and I’ll do another FAQ post.  You guys know I’m upfront and blunt and will answer 99% of questions.  But don’t ask why I’m extremely weird because god knows my parents haven’t figured that out in the last 20 years….


Notable Noms of the day:

Breakfast was raspberry pancakes. These pancakes turned out extremely well. Which is why I took a photo.

I actually had lunch at the school today and for obvious reasons, I couldn’t exactly whip out my camera.  It looked something like this though.  I wish my high school had those options all we had were chicken nuggets and French fries.  I would have gotten one of these wraps every day.

mushroom wrap. For a school lunch-I'm impressed.

Dinner (number 1) was just salmon and some cooked spinach.  Swimming at 7:30, I don’t want my belly to be too full so I had something light.  I’ll have dinner number 2 (god knows what I’ll forage in my house) after my swim sesh.

Fish skin is my favorite part. I peel it off and eat it last.

Hmm.  I feel like It doesn’t look like I ate a lot today so I’ll include my snacks.

One of my Snickers Marathon Bars in class yes pleasee

Grapes are my favorite snack ever.

yogurt and pumpkin is the snack.

I haven’t had ice cream in two days looking back so I’m feeling a milkshake for dinner number 2.  Always acceptable.


Workouts today included an hour running on the dreadmill.  It is seriously so cold and freezing rain does not help my situation.    I can run outside in the 15 degree temperature but not when there is freezing rain at 40.  I will much rather get my Tyra on. 

Tentatively, grandma Hollie plans to actual venture from my house past 7 pm and go swim laps during open swim. (With the screaming babies and god knows who else is there).. I want to get about 4000 yards in but you can check my daily mile to see if I actually made it there ha.


And Finally.

Tomorrows Friday which something I have been craving all week (more than usual).  I have an exciting revelation for all my college friends about another use for your race numbers.  Everyone else can judge me….

I'll use the number from this weekend...lucky 692

I think I looked so confused because I had been running for over an hour and a half and was rather uncoordinated to just stop running over a 1 foot line.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       Were your high school lunches good or bad?  Do you pack/bring your lunch now doing whatever it is that you do. 
  2. 2.       What are you doing this weekend! 


32 responses

  1. I can’t believe I missed the episode where she got kicked out. Its about time. Every time I watched ANTM I wanted to punch her in the face.

    On another note, my high-school caf was terrible. And then they changed it and said it was better…but it was still terrible. Packed lunches every. single. day. My uni caf isn’t any better. Packed lunches ever. single. day.

    But my packed lunches are awesome so no complaining really!

  2. Good luck on that 50 page paper! I think the longest paper I’ve ever written was 35 pages, and it was a group project paper. I’m excited to hear about the race number uses. I used to hang them around my wall at home as a border.

  3. School lunches sucked! I didn’t pack my lunch then but I do now. Well at least most of the time.

    Plans for this weekend are biking and homework. My semester is getting closer to being over soon, finally.

  4. My high school lunches were the worst — I honestly had a can of coke and a candy bar most days. And sometimes I’d split nachos or a big ass pretzel with a friend.

    Now I pack my lunch every day for work.

  5. all my high school has is gross soggy chicken nuggs and french fries and bosco stix too…have you heard of those mozzarella bosco stick things? well they’re disguisting so you’re lucky if you haven’t! haha so I always pack my lunchers…with a zillion snacks cuz that’s how i roll:) ps I LOVE your confused/tired expression at the end of the race! you are too dang cute!

  6. Hi!

    I was homeschooled, so my highschool lunches were made and eaten in my kitchen! Sometimes this was a good thing, other times…not so much.

    Now I bring my lunch everyday to work because my work isn’t by any good food places and my lunch break is only 30 minutes and let’s face it…I’d rather read up on blogs during my lunch break instead of drive around to find food.

    This weekend–not sure what I’m doing yet…lots of gym time for sure though because I’ve definitely been skipping this week!

  7. Our high school lunches aren’t terrible, but they don’t taste that great and aren’t very healthy, so I bring my own every day. Though this leads to a lot of tablemates to say “What the heck is that?!” when I open my lunchbox.

  8. Are the Snickers Marathon Bars good? I always wanted to try them.

    I pack some of my lunch for school right now, but sometimes I eat out at the food carts that Portland are known for.

    I bet you are happy to know I watched some Tyra this week. (:

  9. Those pancakes seriously look yumlicious, and look at youuuu dressing up! I need to buy a new dress for senior banquet prontooo. And mushrooms are so. good. I can’t imagine how more amazing they would be in a wrap. I always pack my lunch, and people droool over it and say how good my salad looks and I think to myself “okay well why don’t you pack one if it looks so good?”

  10. My mom quit packing my lunch in 8th grade… well I guess that went along with me wanting to pack my own “eating disordered” lunch. But I always loved it when she would pack it because she actually gave me good and enough food and it was always great

  11. SO glad she went home. I haven’t watched the latest episode yet but whatever.

    Tomorrow I am taking one of my AP tests, then on Saturday I’m taking SATs. Then the rest of the weekend im doing nothing atall.

    Oh and grapes are the and one of my favorite foods ever.

  12. A 50 page paper!? Ugh. Hollie, if I could take that assignment away, I would. That totally blows. Who in the heck wants to even read a 50 page paper!? Your teacher is nuts.
    And, eat fish skin??? Eeek. It creeps me out. I don’t even like to touch it. haha!
    Love that last picture of you- so cute! You look like you are wondering where you are 🙂 – but I love it 🙂
    And, I thought of you when I saw ANTM on tv the other night. I was going to tweet you, but then I was too lazy to grab my phone- lol! Lame-o that I am 🙂

  13. We ate like total crap in high school. I force my kids to take a packed lunch every day, because I’m uncool & mean like that. 🙂 I also brown bag it myself, unless I get conned into eating Panera after a run.

    You’re so cute in the finish line picture!

  14. I pack my lunch to work 4 days a week. My colleagues and I go out once – for our sanity.

    I love your racing pic – hilarious expression!

    Tomorrow I’m running my 3rd marathon. I’m nervous because they’re calling for rain right now! Uggh! Never ran a marathon in the rain before, but I guess there’s a first for everything!

  15. The chicken nuggets at my high school were the bomb! But I pretty much lived on a 20oz soda during lunch. Maybe some candy. I was not a big eater during school hours. (No ED, just wasn’t ever hungry during the day.) Now, at home however, I was chowing down.

  16. Your pancakes do look amazing and the!!! Yum 🙂 when I went to public school, they served wraps but my private school seers mac and cheese every day but they also had delish QUICHE!

  17. I’m still in high school and my school lunches are not that great. I always pack a lunch. It has to be something cold so lunch is my least favorite meal of the day!

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