Steak Fat and Kale

On a completely different note because that is how my brain functions.  Many people have actually asked about what my plans are this summer.  (what you guys think I make plans that far in advance?)  Well you are correct.

I go home to southern VA May 20.

I actually have a really busy summer planned ahead between lifeguarding, taking 4 classes online (at different times) and running and swimming.  So my summers are always overwhelming.  I like that way because I enjoy to lay by the pool, maybe once per week.  Oh wait-no I don’t-I’d rather be at the beach laying out once per week. 

Hmm. This is a few years ago before I managed the pool.

I’ll actually be driving up to NYC twice this summer.  UGH, whenever I try and get out of NY, it drags me back.  We are dropping my brother off at the Merchant Marine Academy in early July and then I have an open water swim in early August.  So both will be enjoyable.  If you live near the city holla at a sister.

But other then that no scheduled plans yet.  Although I’m hoping to visit one of my besties this summer so we will see.   My summer sounds a lot busier then it really is. 


On to my next confession.  I’m not making any May “bloggers” goals because they aren’t for me.  I never follow through and it’s a waste of space.  The only thing I can promise you is that May will be full of my jazzy phrases and socially awkwardness and you’ll have to deal with it twice as much because my brother and I are basically twinnies.


In the gym aspect-

Today I ran 3 miles.  Not exactly what I wanted to do but the arctrainers were all taken at the gym.  Oh well, it didn’t really hurt and it took it at an easy pace for me.  I was really frustrated at first because all my favorite machines were taken and it’s hard to run on a full stomach but I realized my body won’t kill me for doing another machine. 

Also today was some swimming:

1000 warmup

400 IM

5X200 free interval

600 Pull.

It is the first time I have done anything remotely moderate in the pool since season and it went pretty well I think.  No complaints from me.


And finally my eats of today.  Typical Tuesday is filled with a waffle in the morning as always. 

Today was a peanut flour waffles

For lunch today, I went with Bonna to our dining hall.  Instead of getting my roast beef sandwich, I decided to get an egg white omelet and salad.  I asked for no onions but the worker gave them to me anyways.  Instead of arguing because he is seriously frightening so I choked them down.  Not really I picked every single one out and probably spent a good 15 minutes doing so.

So many onions in my life lately...

Greek salad=feta chese, black olives, spinach tomato, ham, chicken, banana peppers and lots of vinegar. So not so Greek but deliscous!

Kale and Steak. Can I marry my dinner? Is that socially acceptable?

I bought more kale so that is what I had for dinner.  Kale and steak.  I have been craving steak since I finished my half on Sunday-I just haven’t had the time (or energy to go to the store, get some and grill it up).  Don’t let the size fool you, this is 1.25 pounds of steak.

Because that is how I roll.  On a side note-My favorite part of the steak is the fat.  I love love love me some good old steak fat.  Seriously if you enjoy grimey steak fat then please come live at my house and we can cook some up together.


Question for you:

1.       Any big plans this summer?

2.       What is the most sore you have ever been from a workout?

For me I think it was when I ran my first 5k in flats.  Racing flats don’t provide any support and my calves were extremely sore.  In fact, I’ll going to have to break them out soon again for my 5ks.  Speaking of racing flats, at what distance do you wear them?  Do you wear them in 10ks?  I am debating if I want to wear mine in my 10k.  I have always worn them in 5ks…


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  1. WOW! Only a few days left of school. I would think you have to start back in early August.

    We could work together with steak eating, only because I HATE HATE HATE any fat at all on my meat (steak, chicken, pork). I could give you all my fat…I can take almost an hour cutting it all off. As soon as fat hits my mouth, I cringe and politely spit it into my napkin! It pretty much makes me gag. I even pick out the fat from my hamburger meat before I cook it. Probably one of the reasons it takes me double to triple the estimate time to prep a recipe.

  2. Thank you I am now craving steak I just had some lame fish for dinner haha.

    I’m working for a vet this summer woohoo! and running lots and lots and kinda considering making a beach trip to VA beach and doing that run swim run… I promise I wouldn’t be any real competition for you!

    I think the most sore I’ve ever been is probably after first starting weights for swimming last year and couldn’t lift my arms.

  3. I should probably make summer plans…and a job soon. All I know is I plan on lots of running, hiking, and tubing at my family’s cabin on a lake.
    The most sore I’ve ever been was after a pre-season boot camp in high school for all sports. We did sprints, lunges, weights, and various other stuff for 90 minutes, and I could barely move the next day.

  4. I love fat — steak or otherwise. So good.

    The most sore I have ever been (that I remember) was a 10 mile race that I had nt trained for (before running that I had ran 4 months prior to that?) — it was awful but at the same time I was so glad I did it anyway.

  5. Haha omg steak fat was seriously my FAVORITE too before I got more into the whole veg-head scene. (which is btw probably not so good for me, so I’m slowwly incorporating more meat into the diet…meaning we are SO cooking up some steak fat sometime in the future!) I love that you picked out each and every onion from your omelet…totally wouldve been my strategy in that position ( i hate scary cafeteria workers!) haha oh, and i definitely don’t plan for summer this early…although I have a job interview tomorrow for a HOPEFUL summer jobberz!

  6. That greek salad looks absolutely amazing!! What a fun summer, minus taking classes online:) I will be playing all summer, laying by the pool everyday ha!! GREAT POOL WORKOUT!!! I am like you and get bugged if people are on my gym equipment. Have a great night gorgeous girl!

  7. I think the most sore I’ve been is when I started squatting and bench pressing. Omg the pain! lol And love the waffles, yum 🙂

  8. I can’t believe you don’t like onions. I knew, but I never commented on it. I love them. So if we were ever together and someone gave you onions, I would graciously accept them.
    I’ve never worn racing flats in road races! I would love to get a pair. I have spikes for track and cross country though. The time I was most sore was after running the hardest cross country course in NJ. My quads hurt for a week. Sitting down was painful!

  9. When I ate meat and was a big steak eater, I loved the fat. Now it grosses me out.

    That kale looks good. I never had any before. Does it just taste like spinach?

  10. That looks like a fun 3k swim workout. I’ll have to try it sometime.

    A coach I swam for in NM used to make us do 14×200 all out on 5:00. That was soreness inducing. Same coach made us do 60x:25 totally all out from a start. Eventually we would start doing backstroke just so we didn’t have to climb out.

  11. YEA LIFEGUARING! I remember when we started talking last year and you had such good lifeguard stories! This summer I am going to michigan wiht my family and working on my house!

  12. Plans for the summer = turning 21 & going to Country Fest. Sooo pumped! June is going to be a bombtastic month 🙂

    I tend to get fairly sore from any work out just because I’m not doing them consistently. I milked cows Saturday night and I was pretty sore afterwards, does that count as a work out?? 😉

  13. your summer plans sound awesomee! and i’m not going to lie.. i’m not a huge steak eater but you defs got me wanting some after this post 🙂 all your food looks so yummay! plus, you had a great workout!

    my summer plans=waitressing my butt off 40+ hours a week. i’m hoping to cut down the hours this summer though because it was SOO stressful. i have to learn to say no to taking double shifts! in between for some (planned)relaxation i have my brothers graduation, a vaca to virginia with the fam, tooons of concerts, camping, and both a mariners baseball game and pga golf tour with the boyfriend but of course i also have unplanned things too!

  14. The fat on steak is actually really good for you! If you don’t know already we can talk about it, but don’t let people tell you its not!

    I ran for the first time since Saturday today! Felt ok, just no real power.

    What online classes are you taking?

  15. I had me some steak tonight and it was the bomb, I love meat! And i always crave steak after a hard week of training..
    Flats, I won a pair of 6oz shoes for racing, I wore them for a half and they KILLED my feet.

    I wish it was summer, I live on the other side of the world and have been training in the rain 🙁
    Enjoy your summer!!

  16. WE ARE TWINS. I used to be a life guard before getting promoted to head guard/assistant manager/supervisor/jack of all trades!

    We seriously need a blogger meet up. Once I graduate and land the job of my dreams we will plan a meeting trip. I’m thinking a race of some sort and creating chaos throughout whichever town we choose! 🙂

  17. Summer plans = taking my kids to the beach a bunch, going to Las Vegas 3x for various trips, and enjoyng the sunshine. *fingers crossed*. Oh, and working. 🙂

    The most sore I’ve ever been was after a strength training class at the gym. I seriously couldn’t use the bathroom without help. I was in PAIN.

  18. My plans for summer include, playing in a softball league, taking a real estate class, workign my full time job, house hunting, going on a few quick trips (Scottsdale, Mexico, Vegas- along those lines), working out, and just relaxing inbetween it all! I miss the days of college when you get summers off!

  19. Can I join you lifeguarding? I wouldn’t be much use since I can’t swim, but I’ve always thought lifeguards look so cool and so CHILL! 😛 My summer= sunbathing and doing nothing. It will be AWESOME.

    And I love fat. Okay, not animal fat haha but give me a jar of nut butter and I’ll eat it ALL!! 😀

    P.S. My flats are supposedly suitable for 5ks-1/2 marys, but it depends on your shoe 🙂

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