Because I run like an Ostrich (Run for the Dream Race Recap)

I wrote a lovely race blog and once again didn’t save it…so you know how that goes.  Sometimes I question my own intelligence.

One of new found running besties, Sam, always run recaps by her thoughts during the run.  I found it absolutely hilarious every single time I read (erg stalk) her blog so I thought I would something similar.

Incase we aren’t DM besties, here is what went down before the actual race:

I woke up at 4:55 (before my alarm) and decided I would get up (rather than sleep an extra whopping ten minutes). I made coffee (um comparable to gas station coffee..I might be able to save a few dollars this way 😉) and then was off with daddykins at 5:23 as we had decided because 5:20 was too early and 5:25 too late.

At the race, I found out my ipod had deleted every single song on my IPOD. Every.Single.Song. So I had no music to get jazzed up.  It was extremely annoying first of all because getting to race only to find your Ipod is dead.

No matter, I was in limbo about running with it anyways so this didn’t give me too much of a choice.  I lined up in corral one (I have never done a race with carrols) and before I knew it, it was time to go.

Here are some passing thoughts I had during the 1:37 minutes I was running.

1.      Ah, we are starting, I guess I should move my legs and start zee watch.

2.      Sir, why are you breathing so hard next to me, this is not okay.  Do you know I’m an extreme claustrophobe!  (True story, it is extremely hard for me at the beginning of races).

3.      Go your mom!  (I literally said that to some little kids holding a go mommy sign).

4.      Mile 1 at 6:40, holy crap, I’m going to die, what am I doing.  I am retarded, this isn’t how I run.  I nearly had a panic attack here because I don’t take my runs out fast EVER.

5.      Okay well I could have maintained this, but there is effing gravel.  Who the heck designs a race on gravel?  What.  I’ll just run on this grass, so there, take that.

6.      Mile 2: 14:02 on uneven terrain, I hope I don’t keep adding that much time.

7.      OH DEAR GOD.  I um love hills.

8.      I thought this was flat, that must have been the only hill.

9.      Oh no these babies are rolling.

10.  Miles 3-6 were decently thoughtless.

11.  Oh my, only a minute off my 10k pr.  This will be lovely for next week.

12.  Oh man here comes the leader going the other way… So that is how Kevin must feel when he won his cheese hat. (I was at about mile 6.5 and he was just approaching mile 9).

13.  Where are the ladies?  Oh man there aren’t too many people in front of me, I guess we are all in pain.  I need to stop complaining, I’m having a great time.

14.  Mile 9 oh hii dad.  Go daddykins.

15.  Omg there is a woman trying to high five me, oh wait, no that is Alyssa.  I still want to meet you!  Hi Alyssaaa.

16.  Wow all these people are so supportive.  Maybe I should change my name to 162.  They must know I am about to

17.  Excuse me sir, I am not 15 don’t play with me.  (Some man said his 15 year old son is interested in athletic girls…who thinks of that while running?).  I would like to think I at least look out of high school.

18.  We have to run up an overpass?  Is this a joke?

19.  No pain no gain, you’re getting tanner, waffle at the top…many thoughts up this hill.

20.  Mile 12, the first woman just finished (you could hear the stadium announcer).  I’m so close.

21.  The stadium yesssss.

22.  I hate tracks and this reminds me of my middle school days of failing the mile.

Ostrich Style-V-running on your toes looking like an ostrich. aka me. I'm wearing pants (spandex) I swear.

23.  Take that middle school teachers, success.

And then I immediately ran to the bathroom, grabbed 1000 donuts and chocolate milk and cheered for daddykins.

He was begging me to do a photoshop clearly...

It was an awesome race and I had a great time.  The hills were certainly not something I was expecting but I enjoyed the course either way.  If I hadn’t of known it was the first year, you couldn’t tell.  I’m extremely happy with my results of 1:36.56 and 9th female overall (68 overall in the race).  The winner won in 1:09.

Go father!

Question for you:

1.      Tell me some hilarious thoughts you have had while racing.

Tell the World I’m Coming Home.

I hope you don’t think I’m dead.  I was going to use Pink, “I’m not dead” as my post title…but you know…

I’m alive I swear.  I was just driving back from school and such.  It’s about a 12 hour drive and with packing, unpacking, getting bored and stopping unpacking and then really unpacking…it tends to be a 4 day adventure ha.

This is where I'll be...well not in front of this sign but you get it

To rewind a little bit last Friday after my last final (which was a lecture I did on combinatorics…), I went for a nine mile run, quickly showered then headed south to Syracuse to pick up my dad.  I somehow managed to leave my townhouse within an hour of finishing my run.  I’m never that quick…so it was already starting to be a good trip.

My dad always flies up and we drive back together and bond about life and such.  You know father daughter stuff because that is how we roll. Sometimes we have sing alongs and then he tells me he’s over it.  He enjoys riding in the car with me because he gets cultured” in all the current music. 

We stopped and a delicious and nomtastic dinner from Ruby Tuesdays.  I am in love with the salad bar there, along with well everything.  I got grilled salmon with 2 orders of spaghetti squash (because it is amazing) and a few rounds of salad bar.  Enough to satisfy my belly all night long.

We stayed the night just north of Washington DC and then drove the rest of the way home on Saturday.  I was sad because I was so close…yet so far to half the blogging population at Fitblog. We happened to stay at a hotel in which they had waffle irons for the breakfast and if they didn’t…I might have contemplated whipping mine out from sort of crevice in my car.  I topped with some fresh fruit and called it a breakfast.

I got home around 3pm on Sunday and then began to unpack and clean and such.  It is the hardest and most challenging thing in the world to unpack after a 12 hour drive.  Blech and It’s still not done…

unless you count this done

For dinner, my daddykins wanted to get some sort of pasta as did I.  We went to a local place called Spaghetti Eddies which seems to win every award for best pizza and pasta.

I got the baked pasta along with my dad, and the rest of the family split a giant pizza (which I still had a slice of and it was still the

Cheese with a side of pasta? Yes please.

My race today went really well and I’ll do a better recap later but I ended up PRing and running a 1:36.56 (for a half) in the hilly and humid weather.  I also briefly (literally) saw Alyssa as she scared the bageezes out of me.  Situational awareness I do not have.


Question for you:

How do you eat well while on the travel? 

Part 2: Staying Active in College

Have you ever typed up something on PC and then your computer crashed and you lost it because you were an idiot to not save it?

Yeah well…this is my first time and the reason this blog is a little overdue.


A week or so ago, we had a chatski about eating well in college.  Today we can have a chatski about being active in college.

For many of my blogging bffs about to go off to school, you are being a recruited for a sport.  While I was never recruited, I can tell you during season you will have no problems being active.  At all.  If your butt doesn’t make it to practice…you’ll be in a bit of trouble and thus have to make up practices (so you never really catch a break).


But what about during off season? Or what if you aren’t on a team?

I don’t know a single college without a gym.  If you do, please let me know, I’m interested.  Most college gyms have a plethora of different machines weather you are into cardio or lifting or both.  Take the first few days before classes – to explore the gym.  Play around on machines, see what you like or what you don’t.  Not every one likes the same machines, so you should feel out what you like at your gym.  I hate recommended cardio machines for people because it’s all on general taste. 

You don’t have to go everyday, or even stay for an hour.  You just want to an outlet to be active and relive some of your stress from classes or um…housemates.


But what if you just hate the gym? 

My housemates hate the gym.  They do not like going at all, it bores them, it’s stinky ect.  They do stay active though going to different classes and really going out that way.  Along with a gym, most colleges have anywhere from tennis courts, an ice rink, workout classes and most even have a pool.  I’m not saying you should try (or learn) to swim laps, I’m just saying it’s a great stress buster and I always have the most satisfying workouts via swimming.

Freshman year I was an ice-skating champ!

Amen Nicole.  If I’m throwing money into classes-my butt is over there.  That is BCBG clothing I could be spending it on. 

You don’t even have to go near your athletic complex, rent DVDs from your library of Julian or other videos.  Those can be done at home and as early or as late as you like.

Sign up for intramurals!  There is nothing like being active with 10 of your closest BFFS and not really evening knowing you are getting exercise in. 

But what about making time between classes, studying, social life, and your other jives?

I took a lot of crap for this one actually.

And I mean a lot of criticism first semester for being on the cross country and swim team.  A lot of people would snidely ask me how I had time to balance sports and that it was a good thing I wasn’t taking hard classes, and if my studies were suffering, oh yes and the everymore HTF I blogged on top of all of that.  Incase you wondered, I got a 3.6 first semester, so my studies were not suffering and I was not bumming around in easy classes either.  Math major is a little bit hard to have an “easy load”… There is always room to fit exercise in somewhere, you just may have to give up a little facebook stalking (or blog stalking).

Anywho-Let’s just say there was a lot more negativity then positivity. 

Making time for the gym is all about your priorities.  You don’t have to go everyday but you do have to prioritize.  I make a master schedule of my week.

My biggest advice is to plan the week on Sunday.  Plan the days you are going to the gym.  Plan everything.  Plan what you want to get done each day (such as projects/homework/papers/equations), plan outside of the school things (laundry/going to the groceries ect) and when you’ll need to do that, but also plan when you are going to the gym.  If you plan it, you are so much more likely to actually get there.  Seriously getting to the gym or wherever you are working out, is half the battle.


More from the Tweeting Besties:

I couldn’t agree more with Becca and Lauren.  I literally walk between 5-8 miles around campus on the weekdays. 

 Most gym fees are included in your tuition which means you aren’t paying a billion dollars per month.

In short:
Take 5 minutes each week to plan out your week.  Set priorities.
And you don’t have to rely on boring cardio machines all the time, workout with friends, do other things outside of stinky gyms.  You’ll love it that way.

So be active and have fun in school. 4 years is an awfully short time.

and invite your 100 closest friends.

Question for you:

  • How do you (did you) stay active in college?
  • I got it from my mama…

    Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there (and to my mom of course). 

    I searched for close to 30 minutes and this is the only photo of mother and I that I could find...from nearly 4 years ago. Prom Senior Year of High School

    I hope at least one person remembers this song…my mom kinda hates when I sing this too her.  I don’t blame her, she normally thinks the cats are fighting when I start to sing let alone a song such as this.  Another song that is always on my playlist.


    I agree with everyone about coupons and I think that if they had coupons for produce I would be all over it.  For real!

    Actually one time Krogar had a spent 15 and get 5 off in the produce department.  I easily made use of that.


    Workout Stats of the week:

    Miles: 41

    Swimming: 10000 yards (roughly 2.5 hours)

    Arctrainer: 2:45 minutes (YAY for less Arc)

    Like I posted yesterday, I could have easily made the Arctrainer into 4 hours but I decided to take Friday off from that which allowed me to have a good amount of quality miles this week.  Actually-all my miles felt excellent.

    Goals for next week:

    Miles: Between 40-45

    Swimming: 10000 yards

    Arctrainer: 2 hours

    No races or anything next weekend (there is a 10k I could do but I’m feeling like just doing my own workouts next week and resting until my half marathon in 2 weeks).


    Oh yes and unlike 90% my college blogging bffs, I’m not out of school.

    I have two weeks left.  Next week is hell week in which I have presentations (I have three), papers (just 2) due.  I’ll still be here though because god knows I can’t stare at math for 24 hours a day weekly.   I also find running and swimming free my mind.  I must be outdoors.

    For lack of better pictures...this is still my mood about school.


    Question for you:

    1. When you lived with your moom (or if you still do) did you find you got her nerves plenty?

    Between my singing, dancing, and shinagons it’s no wonder my parents enrolled me in sports to get me away from the house.

    1. Brag about your workouts.  Did you race?  Have an awesomesauce zumba class.  Please tell me.  🙂
    Eating Healthy in College

    People  are often curious of how I eat a decently balanced diet because I literally eat half my meals on campus if not more.  Like I said-I’m not really a foodie and I can prepare maybe 5 different meals successfully.  Maybe one or two that doesn’t waffle maker, griddle and George Foreman.

    Eating well in college can be rather challenging, at least for me personally.  With the surplus and unlimited cookies that I put into my belly, sometimes I eat well and sometimes I don’t.  You can always  find some sort of decent option but sometimes you just crave cookies…

    The Riccotta Cookies are my favorite.


    All You Can Eat Dining

    Something quite obvious is avoid fried food.  Anything with fried, crunchy, crusty, that generally means that it is much higher in calories and ect.  Coated is another word.  My dining hall likes to say crunchy coated fish meaning fried fish.  They are almost as weird as me…

    Uh what?

    Ask for your food grilled.  The people at my dining hall know me either as the girl never wearing pants, the girl with the funny accent, or that girl that is going to make 2000 special requests with their food.

    If you eat at an all you can eat-start with a salad.  You can always go back up 10000 times (like I do) so no need to get all your food at once.  In fact, I highly recommend having one plate at a time.  Eat your plate and drink your drink.  Then go for round 2-10000.

    I’ll just give you a heads up.  College campuses cook in oil.  It’s cheaper and there is no need to spend extra money when 95% of students want that oily flavor anyways.

    As with anything.

    Moderation is key.

    Duh-I highly advise ice cream and cookies in moderation.

    My biggest advice is don’t grab 20 plates of food and go one at a time.  You can always go back up and you are less likely too . 


    On the Go

    Always-I repeat always have something in your bookbag for that random time you will get hungry.  Might I recommend a protein bar or a piece of fruit?  It will keep you full for a while in the middle of class.  My teachers know me as the girl that is forever snacking in class.  I choose more chewy bars (aka something that I can eat all class long without being obnoxious).  My teachers get enough of that from my jazzy commentation in class.

    Sometimes,  you’ll just be on the run and not able to go back to your house or room right after class.  That way having a little something in your backpack will save you from hitting up the vending machines.  Did you know vending machines don’t have too many healthy choices?  I mean in my world, I would have a fruit vending machine but I’m not socially acceptable.


    In your Room

    Keep your room stocked with a few healthy foods.  Most college campus allow a minifridge and microwave (in fact I don’t know any that don’t) so when looking to leave the nest I suggest you and your future roomie decide who is bringing those.  I don’t recommend having a waffle maker and griddle in your room though.

    But honestly I hid them from the RA everytime we had fire checks…but don’t do as I do…I have gotten in more trouble bringing my water boiler to my room in my townhouse this semester then with my waffle maker freshman and sophomore year. 

    Most colleges allow a toaster as well. 

    My roommate and I were hungry girls.

    Here are some easy foods that I kept in my room freshman and sophomore year with my minifridge and microwave:

    1. Greek yogurt
    2. Pieces of fruit
    3. Bread and peanut butter/jelly/butter whatever you like
    4. Milk
    5. Eggs (microwaveable eggs in a bowl anyone).
    6. Oatmeal
    7. Cereal
    8. Soup (We all can’t be lucky going to school in warm places)

    I normally ate breakfast in my room.  It was easy as I was getting for class.  For most people it is not necessary to eat all 3 meals on campus and my meal plan didn’t allow it.  I chose that meal plan because I knew I would always make my breakfast in my room.


    From the Besties

    I posted a question asking the best college advice from my tweeting BFFS and this is what we came up with.

    Holly and I share the same name and idea.  I always make use of my schools huge salad bar.

    like here
    and here

    And finally.  Try many new foods because chances are your dining hall has some pretty crazy things as mine does.

    How would I know I loved turkey and apples in a wrap?

    Stay tuned for a staying active in college post soon.  🙂


     Question for you:

    Best advice for incoming freshman or anyone looking to eat healthy on college campus? Did you gain the freshman 15?  I’m going to be gaining the senior 60 for real. 

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