Artichoke Hearts and Burnt Waffles

So I have gone to comment on a few blogs lately and it has said “comments closed”  Is that happening to anyone else?  It’s really bothering me.  It’s like a tease.

You know like that whole being a foodie thing where you have to wait to eat your food so you can take a darn photo.

Um my butt is starving and not really wanting to wait for my darn camera to load and take the perfect angle shot.  No thanks.


Anywho today was my last 6:00am wakeup call for high school.  Next week I go in at 10 and then I’ll be done.   After my getting ready I treated myself to a nice burnt waffle.  No really burnt lemon waffles are delicious but then again I’m a weirdo and love burnt things.

burnt waffles are seriously my favorite...I leave them in and let my waffle maker beep at me for a few minutes.

After school today I made myself some eggs and artichoke hearts.  I’m addicted and love artichokes.  Maybe I was pretending it was an artichoke quiche…who knows…

Eggs and artichoke...who craves that...

I was going to run right after my high school watching today but it started monsooning outside.  Seriously it was windy, rainy and all that jazz so I decided to wait.  I absolutely hate working out after 3pm so it made me a little antsy-Okay a lot. 

Anywho-it wasn’t bad and I had to chunk my running and swimming back to back.  It went by quickly though seeing as swim practices are normally two hours and I was at the gym for about two hours.

Dinner today was a lovely date with a swimming friend of mine Jenna.  We went to the union, which I haven’t been to eat in forever.

San Fernando wrap=melted chedder cheese, broccali, rice and peppers all wrapped up.


I didn’t have too much of an exciting day sadly, except, I’m so mad Alex didn’t go home on ANTM.  She was so close.  So.Close. 

No thankyou.


Questions for you:
1.       I know a lot of people are doing races this weekend, are you?   
2.       How did you veer from your typical schedule today?
I did my running and swimming back to back from 4-6.  Blech.


18 responses

  1. I could totally see burnt waffles being tasty.

    I’m racing this weekend. Well..its an obstacle race, so more run and survice than “race” 🙂

  2. Eggs & artichoke actually sounds good to me! I love artichoke & spinach Greek wraps. I was so close to signing up for a half marathon this Saturday because there was a cheap student discount for it (with a a t-shirt too!), but I decided to just wait for the one I’m doing in 2 weeks.

  3. That wrap looks soo gooooood…and your egg & artichoke plate looks good to me too! I really don’t discriminate when it comes to food, though. 🙂 I WISH I was running a race this weekend! It’s getting hotter in Virginia Beach and I haven’t been able to find many going on right now! 🙁 -jamie

  4. Lemon waffles sound delicious. And I am bad about taking pictures of my food always haha
    I didn’t wake up early to go workout like usual. I was up WAY too late last night.

  5. I don’t know why my comments were closed! It was really annoying because I found out at school and there was nothing I could do about it.
    I am racing this saturday! I’m racing a 1600 or 1200, not sure which yet, and an 800. It will be my first 800 race ever!
    btdubs I love burnt waffles too. Deeelish.

  6. I was way off schedule today! I got to go into school late but it somehow made me cranky. I <3 burnt things.. like cheese! Do you skype?! We should totally skype some time 😉

  7. I am in the racing mood, but I’m not racing this weekend. Not for awhile.
    By the way, you aren’t a weirdo. I love burnt waffles too. It makes them crispy.

    I get freaked out when things are on scheduled. I have to do things at certain times or I go nuts.

  8. MEH, I so agree with you on the Alexandra front. I can’t stand the beeitch.

    Is it funny I have a soft spot for the little hippie girl with the big hair? She reminds me of AnnaLee from past seasons.

  9. Oh my goodness we are so much alike! First of all, I’m obsessed with ANTM, but I am behind on this season…I have been watching online. Every week I hope that she goes home! She is so mean!!!

  10. No racing this weekend. Hoping to do a long training run with a friend on Sunday. I prefer to work out at lunch time, but these days, I’ll get my workout in just about any time: 5:30 am, lunch, late afternoon, after the kids go to bed. I’m learning to be flexible. 🙂

  11. i was just talking about artichokes last night. i have no idea how you would go about preparing them. they are so big and spikey looking. yikes! i suppose that is the beauty of the canned variety. open can and dump out. that i can do!

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