The Bomb.Com of Days

Let me tell you blogging world.  I don’t normally brag about how I had an amazing day and this certainly isn’t the greatest day of my life but it was extremely good.

First I woke up this morning and noticed three things were lacking, my knees didn’t hurt, my swimmers ear was gone and my head cold from changing climates (somehow southern VA and Norther n NY don’t have the same weather) had gone away.

So I was already overjoyed.  Then after checking my mail, I received a package from Kaila@Healthy Helper Blog full of bars.   She is either awesomesauce or psychic because there are about 1000 bars in here (did I mention I’m a bar whore?)

Thanks Kaila! 

Today I ran 9 miles in the heat of Upstate.  I was able to run not only in a tank top but spandex as well.  Go figure.  Well when I got back, I was terribly hot.  I ran in the same outfit I’ll wearing at Flower City to make sure no chafing and burns would occur.  Last long run until Sunday.

I apologize in advance that I thought it was acceptable to take photos with giant sweat marks.

Yes I drink 2 pitchers of this daily. (From target Strawberry-Orange-Banana drink packets are the

But not really from the container...

It was also Christmas because my compression sleeves came in. 

I did shower and put on real girl clothes today I swear!

Today I promised Kelsey I would take her out to dinner at Lobster hours so that is what we did (because her birthday was a week ago).  Other then the beautiful weather, the easy going classes and delicious noms, it was a rather uneventful (but amazing day).


What I ate Wednesday:

I have never participated in this trend and very rarely even post half of my eats of the day.  But just for you guys-I’m diving right in.

For breakfast today, I decided to amuse you with cinnamon French toast bagel thins.  I don’t really keep bread in the house because I don’t eat sandwiches and when I do..I have two pieces and the rest goes bad.  So basically buy a loaf for the one time a month I’ll eat a sandwich.

I make my cinnamon raisin French toast bagels like normal French toast then top with chocolate peanut butter.  Yes it is nomtastic.  What is your favorite type of peanut butter? 

For lunch, Kelsey and I went to the dining hall.  Seriously, how she puts up with me so much is beyond me.  I’m trying to use the meals and so is she so it works out well.  I had a salad with mixed dark greens, strawberries, oranges, olives, blue cheese, and banana peppers.

I also had a flatbread sandwich with roast beef, spinach, tomatoes, mozerella cheese and crushed red peppers.

Then for dinner I had catfish, a baked potato and this salsa that comes with the catfish.

Doesn't this tater look like Mr. Potato Head? I almost couldn't eat it...

And cake batter ice-cream (which is not chocolate so I’m okay.)

Why they gave me two spoons...I don't know.

Speaking of the chocolate project-I’m at day 8 now and I haven’t craved any candy bars or pure sugars of any kind.  Although I would like a rather large piece of cake but that will have to weight.

Well loves I’m off to watch America’s Next Top Model 🙂


Question for you:

Why was your day awesome? 


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  1. Holy bars, lucky you! Glad you had a great run in your new outfit, the weather makes me happy (yayy flip-flop & shorts weather), but it was so hot running in it.

  2. My day was awesome because I bought Kara Goucher’s book today and I’m PUMPED to read it 🙂

    I’m jealous of your bar collection :-p

  3. My day was awesome because I ran my first workout since being injured, and my coach commented on how well I maintained my fitness. Yay!
    I drink huge water bottles of artificially sweetened and colored water everyday. I probably wouldn’t drink enough without it, so I don’t mind that it’s not a necessarily the best thing for me. I’d rather be hydrated!

  4. I’m going to use one of your words and say that that potato looks nomtastic! I am also a bar whore – thoose look awesome. And I’m a potato whore. 😉 I like potatoes way too much.

    Glad your day was awesome!

  5. Honestly I’m a JIF girl..perfectly happy with it. Sure others are great too, but my standard will always be JIF.

    My day was awesome because it’s sunny, warm, and I’m done with work 😉

  6. Haha I’m a bar whore, too! What a wicked cool package! 😀 Sadly, all of this weather change has given me your old head cold, blaaahhh
    So glad you had a rockin day!

  7. omg, how you have survived 8 days without chocolate is beyonddd me! I tried to give it up for a week once (the week before easter 2 years ago!) and on easter I was so grumpy and irritable and totally inhaled each and every chocolate morsel I could find within a 200 yard range…haha I definitely made up for the week prior’s lack of cococococoa! But your french toast looks bombdadeebomb! you know my affection for the stuff:)

  8. 1. I loved this post.
    2. I LOVE bars too…just bought an 18 pack of mini Luna bars tonight…along with 2 boxes of clif-z’s. Definitely sampled some of them on the drive home.
    3. Love the pitcher(s) of juice…hahaha. I can drink a lot of that stuff too–for some reason it’s so much easier to drink flavored water than it is plain.
    4. Cute dress.
    4. I’m the same way with bread–right now I have a bag of bagels and 2 loaves of bread chillin in the freezer because I bought them when I wanted one piece, and didn’t know what to do with the rest, so I froze them all.
    5. fave pb = almond butter or chunky natural pb 😀

  9. I now have snack bar envy after seeing that picture. But I just bought 6 clif’s bars today and I think some of the ones I bought are the ones she sent you… blueberry!

    Glad that you haven’t been craving chocolate, but with that awesome looking salad and the cake batter icecream you had, who needs chocolate? That dark chocolate Peanut Butter and Company peanut butter is pretty good though, but I actually like their cinnamon raisin one a lot!


  10. What an awesome package – I would totally be jumping off the walls if I got all those bars 🙂 Have an extra one for me 🙂

    Haha I love the two spoons in your ice cream.. haha I seriously laughed.

  11. First- awesome potato! Second, I thought you said she sent you “blog bars”, which honestly made sense to me at first since you always see the bars people eat on their blogs lol.

    Was that Peanut butter and Co. choc peanut butter? I like the white chocolate better and am currently trying Raw almond butter–apparently is has more nutrients because nothing is roasted out? Who knows (or cares really lol)

    And seriously, how do you take all those pics of your lovely self?

  12. Umm yeah you had an awesomesauce day!! I am so happy about classes being more chill.. cause we’re almost done! WOOO! 🙂 Fav pb? Cinnamon raisin swirl 😀

  13. YEEAH for days!

    Yesterday, my day was the because I joined a new gym.. wiiith an amaazing view from my treadmill. Ever heard of inlet fitness? 🙂

    Waaah, so sad I missed you in Chesapeake! NEXT time.

  14. YAY for awsome day!!!

    My day was awsome becyuase my new diet ROCKS, it’s tasty AND my tummy issues are going FAST! 🙂

    And I didnt forget about you, half done my blog. sorry, got swamped yesterday! 🙁

  15. SO JEALOUS of your bar stash!! Awesome run, and sweat patches are the mark of a hardcore workout, so it’s okay (at least that’s what I tell myself…!) plus all your food specially the Mr Potato Head tater looks AMAZING!!

    My day was awesome cos I just made a microwavable single-serving bread pudding. Thanks to YOU for giving me that craving the other day!! 😀

  16. Yeah for free bars! My day was awesome yesterday because even though my schedule was thrown totally out of whack, I still got in a run. Woo!!

  17. You are hilarious! I love bars too…I just bought some not-so-healthy bars, but some oh-so-delicious Lucky Charm cereal bars…and they are delightful!!!
    It sounds like you had an awesome day! Yay for no knee pain!

  18. Yay for having an awesome day! I love buying bars, but I’m super picky about the ones I actually like. I think I’ve settled on coconut creme Lara bars. Love em!

    I saw you have the Zensah compression sleeves. I have the leg ones (got them for free). But I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure what they do. I’ve been thinking about getting the arm ones because my hands consistently fall asleep on long runs. Does this happen to you, too? I’d hate to spend $40-$50 if they won’t really help. Just curious…

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