Renouncing my “Foodiness”

Before I ramble away I thought I would define a few of my socially acceptable lolzisms.

Blech-similar to blah or ick.  Just more of an overall UGH.
Lolz-super happy.  If you use nothing else use lolz.
The of the best things of your life.  For instance, dark chocolate orange pancakes are the
Awesomesauce-just plain awesome.  Normally used in verb sauce.  For instance, Goodness your workout was awesomesauce.
Schmee-oh boo.  Or even awe that is adorable.  For instance-Schmee I just failed my math test.  Or shmee you guys are the cutest couple in the world.
I seem to make up a lot of words.  If you can think of more please let me know because I know there probably is a ton more.


I have a lot to ramble about today since I’ve been gone from school and campus the last couple of days.

Outfit of the day included colored tights.  Does anyone else where tights and shorts?  Colored tights and shorts?  I like to think I’m high fashion.

Top-Micheal Kors, Shorts old navy, tights target, headband from Puerto Rico.

I wish you could see how purple these babies are. I'll take a photo of blue tomorrow.

Anywho-I just found out our big swim team banquet (and party) is this Friday.  You know-where they celebrate how much fun the season was, get really drunk, give out awards, not move the rest of the weekend blah blah blah.  I have personal reasons why I chose not to drink, but this party is always the  Everyone is so hilarious (plus we get to go out to eat…PASTA). 

I think I’ll probably leave to go to Rochester for Flower city on Saturday morning, now versus Friday night.  Not that I plan to get drunk because that isn’t how I roll but I love my swim team and I miss them dearly.   I think I’ll go to the dinner and then come and get my sleep on.


Also-this is beginning the end of my semester.  I still have a LOT left to use on my meal plan (because I have eaten breakfast on campus twice and barely eat dinner there…).  So I’m renouncing my cooking and foodiness (minus the pancakes um of course!) and will be eating a lot more on campus.  I was thinking of perhaps doing a few blogs on healthy eating on a college campus but I’m not too sure yet.   So I no longer will be cooking a lot of new foods and showing you but I hope you still enjoy my ramblings. 

Dark Chocolate Peanut Flour Pancakes:
1/2 cup peanut flour
1/4 cup dark chocolate
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
2 packets truvia
splash of vanilla
about a 1 cup milk (more liquid is required for peanut flour)
**Can be poured into a waffle maker too.  🙂

dark chocolate peanut flour pancakes

Carrot Quiche with Chedder cheese, fruit salad and quinoa and lima bean salad.

Dinner was a burnt panini (because I love burnt things) with roast beef, provolone cheese and roast beef


Workouts today included running and swimming.  I was most certainly craving some sugared cookies today after dinner but I opted against and got some coconut coffee instead.  I have been craving desserts the last few days but I have nutrition class tomorrow so I guess that is incentive to actually do the project.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       Do you consider yourself a foodie?
  2. 2.       Do you make up words?  Please tell me I’m not alone.


31 responses

  1. I’m excited to see how you manage to pull together healthy meals on campus. This was something I was considering when I made my college visits. The options at the school that was my favorite were pretty good!
    I definitely consider myself a foodie. I don’t get to cook a lot due to my schedule, but when the highlight of my trip to San Diego was exploring the whole foods and going to a hot sauce store, I’d call that a foodie.

  2. I would like to see some posts about eating healthy at college! I think that would be super interesting and 😉 😉 I LOVE your vocabulary hahaha. Oh boy!
    Have fun at the swim party 😀 I don’t drink either so it’s what ever, you know?
    Love the tights you are SO high fashionnnnnnnn!

  3. You have a crazy word comrade! I make up crazy words all of the time! Like “kai” which means holy crap or eww and “blao” which has sort of become my replacement for cuss words hahah Oh and I’ve definitely used awesomesauce on multiple occasions 😀

  4. That panini looks freakin amazing.

    My sisters and I used to make up words all the time – we even have our own language — it is just a way of pronouncing words, but it sounds like a language. We’re wierd.

  5. Haha! I love your made up words! They are fun. And I super love your tights with shorts. I would totally do that. For sure. I love bright colors. A whole bunch! 🙂

  6. Swim team parties are always a blast even when you don’t drink because swimmers are just crazy haha (at least all the ones I know)

    Roastbeef panini looks sooo good! Good luck with eating on campus! I dropped my meal plan after first semester because I never used it (I live not real close to any dining areas so once I was off campus I usually didn’t want to walk back)

    I like to make up words a lot too. I use meh a lot and shikes for certain cuss words and a lot of times will just add “sh” to the front of words like saying shanks for thanks… haha.

  7. I love all your little sayings; especially

    I am probably not a foodie. I don’t cook. My mom cooks for me, which is one of the joys of living at home. I can’t even cook. Hahah.

  8. I used to say awesomesauce all the time like 3 years ago, then I started to add sauce to the end of everything… it got a little crazysauce 😀 You pancakes on the other hand look the!

  9. I gots all kind of words Twinster lol. You should make some awesome creations out of the dining hall food and show us that! I used to make all kinds of crazy quesadillas

  10. I actually used the to describe something last week. It made me laugh 🙂

    Yes I would definitely love some posts about healthy eating in college! Since I am going soon, they would be super duper helpful! 😀

  11. Love your words! I actually use schmee too lol 🙂

    My roommates and I have a bunch of words only we seem to use. We call each other woobie (or sometimes shorten to woobz), say ridikulus instead of ridiculous (from that skit where the guy is like “can i have yo numbaaa, the back of yo head is ridikulus”) and a bunch of other stuff I can’t think of now. We’re a little weird.

  12. I am also a fan of making up words. At home, it’s like my BF and I speak a foreign language so it was super awkward when my sister moved in and would hear us say things like “Can you get me a mocha?” (coca cola) or “Where is the motey?” (remote control). Hahaha.

  13. Hey those pancakes look pretty amazing. I am a HUGE pancake fan myself. I am also looking to swim more for cross training. Nice work =)


  14. I wish I could consider myself a foodie! I research/stalk blogs and recipes enough I could probably write a cookbook but I never make any of the food 🙁

    I make up words ALL the time. It’s a daily thing. I just randomly decide to put two words together. I use “blech” and “Lolz”, too! Another is “geeking” which can be used as a verb for anything, literally. It can mean “freaking out” or “laughing really hard”. Example: “I was geeking out yesterday.” Hahah. It’s wierd. I also tend to say “zee” alot… Like, “I must use zee bathroom”. “Get to zee choppa!” 😉

    I don’t really drink too much either! I didn’t even celebrate my 21st by going out to a bar (which I do regret). It’s fun sometimes but I’m definitely a casual (if at all) drinker. Maybe it’ll change once summer comes but I would rather stay healthy than drink. I guess I’m just too much of a runner???

  15. I totally love your awesomesauce vocabulary!! 🙂 haha but I seriously always use the word BOMB and for realz all the time now, you’re wearin’ off on me! haha and love the idea of doing a healthy eating in college campuses post; people will LURVE it! Hope you can have some awesomeblossom sweets soon!

  16. I am a semi-foodie. I love making crepes although I wish I could experiment with more. Maybe when I get married to Mike I’ll try all of my awful recipes on him!

    I totally use some of your favorite sayings now too. But I often use “Awesome” in a very sarcastic tone or now my new favorite if someone does something well is “A Plus!”


  17. I think I’d consider myself a foodies, I don’t know if others would though. I love food and I love trying new foods and going to new places the only thing is a lot of the time I don’t like the really out there things…my boyfriend loves to point this out. But oh well! I make up words but I don’t use them on my blog much. The majority of things I make up are ways to describe how delicious food looks so they get used in my comment a lot.

  18. Hollie, not only do we share the BEST name in the universe, but we also share a love for burnt things!! I always burn my toast..on purpose. Not to like where it’s smoking, but nice & golden brown almost black in the center & lightly blackened around the edges. Yum 😀
    And they have such nice food options in your cafeteria! I love the quinoa lima bean salad- sounds so good! It’s nice that college campuses are really trying to offer quite a variety of things. …and health-ful things at that!
    OH, did you say you have PURPLE leggings?!?!?!?! I need to see a close up! Target, right?! I feel like jumping in my car right now to go & get some…maybe I’ll order them online 😉 LOVE purple!

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