If Cats Could Talk

mine would tell me to go back to school and get off her bed...

But anywho-

When traveling it is so hard to find decent food.  So freaking hard.  Today was no exception and I decided I wasn’t going to worry about it too much.  Airport food is just so grimey and delicious.

After I asked for my omelet onion free

I had a Greek omelet with home fries in Newark airport on my three hour layover.  Since you guys don’t know of my Newark adventures.  I hate that airport…I will avoid it like I avoid running on my heels.  My freshman year I had a layover for 12 hours over there, and they proceeded to tell me, my only way of getting home was flying to SAN FRANSICO and then rerouting me back to Norfolk unless I wanted to wait three days for a new flight.  So  NY->CA->VA.  Perfect sense…  My flight from Norfolk left at 6:20am, I sat in front of screaming kicking child and then sat in the airport of Newark for three hours.

Still jealous of my life?

After both my flights-I had a four hour drive to my actual school.   I ended up getting back to school around 5pm and went for a 7 mile run around 5:30.  My legs needed some sort of movement.

Here are some more eats:

blue cheese salad nom.

Salmon from Unos=favorite.

I was craving pancakes so bad when I came home..judge me if you want.


Here are my stats from last week, as promised I said I was taking it easy.

2.5 hours Arctrainer
2 hours swimming (6000 meters)
35 miles running.  All my miles were at a slower pace for me.

**I’m really proud of this week actually.   My college pool was closed during the only time I could go.  I had not planned on swimming at home (if you look at my blog last Sunday I had planned 1 hour of swimming), but then I decided that I would swim not once but twice at home.

This Is a huge step for my confidence back in swimming and also a huge step in my training.  I would have honestly done the Arctrainer burned another 1000 calories in the hour and felt awesome in regards to the amount of calories burned, but I swam, burned 500 calories and still felt awesome.

I have a tendacy to focus (in all aspects) that more is better , quantity of quality.  I feel that is typical of a lot of type A personalities.  That is why we speed and are always on the move.  More miles=more success, but that isn’t true at all.  You can’t have equality workouts all the time but you can have more quality days but taking more rest.

Anywho-off my tangent.


Next weeks goals:

But also:
3 hours swimming
2 hours arctainer (maybe)
40 miles (13.1 are FC baby)

I’m super pumped for this race.  I’m also super pumped because my dad agreed to speed down after finals and let me do the Williamsburg half marathon May 22 (but duh Daddykins will be doing it too)!  Since I wasn’t racing Plattsburgh, and after talking to a friend and realizing that would be 3 halfs in about a month, I still think it will be feasible.  I recovered rather well from Plattsburgh last week because I treated it as a long run versus a hard pounding death race. 

If you are interested in seeing my summer race schedule just holler, but they are shorter distance races.

Questions for you:

  1. 1.       What is your next “big race”?
  2. 2.       Got a (not-so) great airport experience?


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  1. Kids kicking your seat is a perk of air travel, didn’t you know? One time on my way to New Orleans for a work meeting, a kid stood up in his seat and pulled on my hair and hit me on the head. His mom said that he “just wanted to play.” I wanted to “play” too by hitting him on the head. Since that’s “playing.”

    Some people shouldn’t reproduce.

    Good luck in your half marathon – I’m doing a (wimpy) 10k on May 15.

  2. I have family around Plattsburgh too! SO WEIRD!!!
    I really liked your tangent and your mind set, you are SO right.. more isn’t always better!
    Way to be 🙂

  3. I have an 8k next weekend. That should go well seeing as I haven’t technically ran at all in like 2 weeks. :/
    Ugh I hate little annoying kids most of the time. None of my flying/airport experiences have been bad but then again I haven’t flown an awful lot. But my family insists on buying tickets for the flight that leaves at like, 11:30 pm.

  4. I am so not a fan of flying I’m claustrophobic and get motion sick so I usually take a ton of dramamine and am in coherent or asleep on the flights. Never had any terrible lay overs just instances of having to basically run from one end of the airport to the other.

    Your pancakes look so good! Are those raspberries in them??

    I have a 5k in mid May and am planing to do a bunch of the summer there is a Grand Prix series in Charlotte thats fun to do (assuming I don’t have to work many weekends).

  5. I would die being in an airport that long. All the trashy magazines couldn’t keep me sane.
    I can only remember as kid, my mom making me run in the airport back and forth to catch a plane that we missed anyway. We kept running to different boarding sections. Also, while flying on a plane once, it dropped like 84684684 feet in the air. I remember because my drink literally flew up in the air.

    How come you have a lack of confidence in your swimming right now?

  6. Traveling (airplanes + cars) all day is so exhausting, especially with the crappy food.
    My next race is May 14th, wanna run one in Vermont & do 4 half marathons in a month?!?!

  7. I just started following your blog a couple days ago and love hearing about all the upstate ny adventures! I have family in Antwerp, which is shockingly south of Potsdam, but I have family in Potsdam too! My uncle actually teaches there and his 2 sons both go there 🙂 It’s such a beautiful area. Good luck with all the races!!!

  8. I’m thinking of signing up for a 10K at the end of June. I was nervous about the distance, but after my run yesterday, I think I might just do it!
    Yes, share your summer schedule.
    I once had to fly to hawaii for work & got sick, sick, sick, sick, sick. In the airplane bathroom. Then I had a layover in Honolulu & proceeded to be sick at the airport for an hour or so. It was less than good times. Especially because Hawaii was awesome & gorgeous & I wanted to enjoy some of it outside of my bathroom.

  9. That is a crazy putty face! So funny.
    Your writing about “grimy and delicious” made me say it in my head like the lucky charms theme song “magically deliious”
    So sing it….”It’s grimy and delicious!”
    And make the best. Like you always do. (0:

  10. You don’t want to do that many miles on a race week Hollie. Focus on running a faster race than on mileage… its more important to focus on the quality of workouts.

    And booo for counting calories burned! Lol, plus, you burn a ton more that that swimming- you have to use your entire body and theres a lot more due to heat regulation as well

    • Buuut- I’m really proud of you for making a good decision and feeling awesome about yourself- you should feel awesome and you deserve it Hollie!

  11. Long-time lurker finally subscribing…is that creepy? I love your attitude toward food and exercise and would like to get there someday. 🙂

    My airport story: last year I was flying from VA to the Virgin Islands, where I was working for the year. It sleeted (is that a word?), which delayed my VA-ATL flight and they told me to come back the next day since I’d miss my ATL-VI connection. Came back the next day, boarded at 6 AM, and then sat on the runway for 4 hours while they de-iced the plane. Arrived in ATL an hour after my connection left and spent 2 hours on the phone being transferred from Domestic to International and back to conclude that there were no flights to VI until the next day. They wouldn’t let me print a new boarding pass and therefore I couldn’t leave the terminal, so I spent 23 hours reading Tolstoy and Darwin in the E-concourse food court. And being harassed by custodial staff when I tried to fall asleep on a bench. I finally did get a nap in and woke up covered by what looked like a FEMA blanket.

    I was literally 48 hours late to my destination and was picked up by a coworker and taken straight to my shift at the children’s home where I worked. And I was obviously on my A-game all day.

    Hello novel, can you tell I have 2 papers due in the morning??

  12. You will absolutely ROCK that FC half!! Seriously, even your ‘slower’ runs are still more than fast enough to get that sub 1.35 on the day!! 😀

    Next big race= half in July, as my practise for my BIG half in October!! SO JAZZED can’t wait!! Oh, and I want your pancakes 🙂

  13. Airport food is digusting. Once I took a vacay to the Dominecan Republic & stayed at a “budget” all inclusive (what?! I was broke! LOL!). The food was so terrible, the only thing we could keep down were the hoddog buns! We lived on buns for the week! When we finally made it to the airport, we were actually excited to eat at Wendy’s!!

  14. Yay half marathon!!! I’m so excited for you, my running hero! ahaha

    I feel your airport pain… To get a direct flight home (an hour-hour and a half flight max) is often impossible and I end up rerouted all over the place. It’s SO annoying to fly OVER my hometown, sit in an airport for 6 hours, then have a short 40 minute flight back into home. Makes NO SENSE

  15. I flew out of the Newark airport for the first time this summer. It was huge and I was not a fan. Way too chaotic for me!
    I’m so jealous that you get to run in all year halves! My next race is the 1600 leg of the distance medley relay this coming Saturday, but my next big races are the following Tuesday and Saturday! I’m trying to break 19 in the 5k… I’m so nervous!

  16. My worst airport experience is when my sister and I were traveling alone to visit my mom in Korea. We were in Minneapolis and were told that something was wrong with our plane, so we had to spend the night. I was 15, but the airport people didn’t think I was “old enough” to be alone and pretty much locked me in this DAYCARE. My sister had a blast, but I was none too pleased!

  17. No “big race” coming up for me unless you count racing against time to get things done on time for school 😉

    I don’t fly much, only to Florida twice, and I haven’t had any crazy experiences. We were really delayed due to fog at the local airport so we (my mom, brother, my aunt, and I) played a lot of Yahtzee and when that got boring my mom was teaching us how to shake bar dice. I don’t remember much though and am re-learning when I actually do it at a bar haha.

  18. That sounds like a terrible trip back from your freshman year!! Last summer, we ended up having a 14 HOUR delay getting home from colorado because the plain was having “technical difficulties”…lets agree it sucked! haha but glad you made it safe + sound, and hope you enjoyed that really good lookin’ airport grub! (our airport food always looks and tastes nasttty compared to yours!)

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