Roast Beef Sandwich of Doom

Today I woke up again with this early crap.  Don’t worry I’m making it three days in a row as my flight for back home leaves at 6:30.  YES, 6:30am.  Be jealous of my life because I know you are…

Incase you wondered, I found a nice new running route 7.75 miles near my house.  I ran it in about 1 hour and that is perfect for me.  My legs have kindly asked me to taper on down for Flower City.  It was 90% humidity at 6:30am!  Uh Northern NY does not have that.


Day 4 of the chocolate challenge can be in the front of my blog today.  Um-I ‘m not going to lie to you guys, today I literally put my hands into the cookie jar picked one up and my brother was like uh Hollie and I was like oooh god crap and gave it to him.  I have the memory of an elephant clearly.

Which is why I had chocolate peanut flour pancakes and they hit the craving…this time.  Yes, I would normally eat cookies in the morning as well.  When is a cookie ever a bad thing?

Eek I ripped one of them but it was still nomtastic.

I’m sure there is going to be sometime in the next month where I will crave some sort of cookie and cake but today it was okay.


Today my dad, brother, his friend, Anna and I went to Busch Gardens.  Busch Gardens is an amusement park about 30 minutes north of me.  It was voted America’s most beautiful theme park and all that jazz.  I’m actually not a big roller coaster fan but I do enjoy them now and again.  It isn’t something that I’ll be devastated if I miss if that makes sense.  I took a few pictures but not many.


For about ten years....

Friendship Flashback: Here we are ten years ago. Uh yes that is my natural hair color and I do dye it dark.

But here is More Busch Gardens

As you know, theme park foods are never too healthy but I was able to find this huge roast beef sandwich and (scalloped?) potatoes (at least I think so). 

Roast Beef Sandwich of Doom!


After I got home, my mom and I made some fish because if you didn’t know and wanted to win brownie parts to my heart (and it’s not breakfast time) cook me up fish + sweet potato+ corn/asparagus/artichoke/some sort of veggie.   We added some olive oil and baked the perch for about 15 minutes.  It adds such a flavor to the fish like you wouldn’t believe.

I tried to be a good food blogger and I took a picture of our set table too.  We enjoy our family dinner time.


Question for you:

  1.       Would you rather work out when you are freezing or terrible hot?
  2.       Rollar Coasters…Yay or Nay?


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  1. I’m not big on Roller Coasters really… but I have been to Busch Gardens in Va, and you’re right- it’s totally beautiful. The beauty of it is great even if you’re not into the roller coasters and rides. I haven’t been there since college, though. I love the skylift and the Clydesdale horses :). Glad you had a fun time there with Anna and your dad and bro.

    My hubby and I keep our table set too with pretty napkins and stuff :). It’s not that hard considering we eat most meals in front of the TV or computers!


  2. I’ve always wanted to go to Busch Gardens! I love roller coasters. Actually, I can’t stand roller coasters that do all the loop dee loop stuff but I love when they go super fast and have awesome free falls. I also hate trying to feed myself in the parks. Its way to expensive and it usually tastes awful. I end up living off of dippin dots

  3. I love roller coasters!! WOO! And Busch Gardens rocks, glad you had a fun time! 😀 That sandwich is more like a vehicle! It could easily seat a family of six hahah

  4. Yay roller coasters! I like them but do get totally grossed out by thinking of how many nasty germs are all over them. The teeny ones at our county fair – I doubt they are ever cleaned.

    I would rather work out when i’m hot. To me, freezing is like anything less than 50 and hot is over like 95. In the summer the average temp here is 100 or more :/

  5. That sandwich is huge! Oh my god. Haha.

    I would rather workout when it’s cold I guess. I don’t know. I have experienced both and both equally suck.
    Yay for roller coasters! I haven’t been on one in so long.

  6. I guess it depends on the workout… Swim? Hot! Run? Cold (cause I’ll warm up… maybe).

    Also, that sandwich is HUGE and I want a chocolate pancake!

  7. That is the biggest roast beef sandwich I have ever seen WOW! Family dinner time is the best so fun.

    I would much rather run in the hot than cold I’m a weenie in the cold. I like roller coasters altho I haven’t been on one in forever I live 5 min from Carowinds (if you know what that is) and kinda burned out on them but I have been to Busch Gardens in Virginia it is awesome.

  8. Ahhhh! I love amusement parks! I can’t wait for Mike to take me to Kennywood again this year! It’s like seriously one of my favorite days. Not only do I get to ride fun rides, I get to eat special Potatoe Patch Fries with Cheese, funnel cake, and a chocolate dip cone to die for.

    I easily spend double my ticket price on food! 🙂

  9. Wowza that sandwich is a BEAST! Eat upppp. I’m so jealous that you’re in nice warm weather right now while I still see snow outside my house. Please bring some warm weather back with you when you go back to school!! 🙂

    Right now I’d definitely say running in hot weather just because I’m so sick of getting the motivation to run outside when it’s freezing out. Come summer time I’ll probs be ready to have cold weather while running.
    And I love roller coasters!! Alllll of them 🙂

  10. That sandwich is gianormous! Busch Gardens is so much fun! I remember going with my family and riding the roller coaster where Fabio was hit in the face by a bird! It was awesome!

    I love love love roller coasters, but my fiance doesn’t! 🙁 Such a bummer!

  11. No way! Do we have the same natch hair color?? Slash can I please have that pancake recipe…I have so much peanut flour and I am dying to find more ways to use it other than pb cookies, pb/banana pudding, you get my drift

  12. I do not like rollercoasters AT ALL, but I love theme parks. You can’t help but be happy when you’re in that kind of environment. Have a Happy Easter!

  13. It’s been getting hotter and hotter here in Orlando on my morning runs and it’s making me so tired=( So I’d have to say I’ve rather be freezing because once you get moving it isn’t so bad, except for the whole runny nose part. Yay for roller coaster! Love them! I really love Busch Gardens Williamsburg, too, it is much better than the one in Tampa!

  14. I like working out with it is HOT and BUSCH GARDENS WOOO!!! I have never went there but it is by my family! They kinda live by Norfolk I think?? Hehe 🙂
    The fish + sweet potato dinner sounds good. AKA lets have dinner together bfffffff. 🙂

  15. Your sweet potato + fish combo looks so good!
    I love roller coasters! I just really hate waiting in line for them, especially when it’s hot. Last summer, I actually fainted from the heat while waiting in a roller coaster line – I was talking, then the next second lying on my friend’s shoe. So, I think I’d rather work out in the cold.

  16. I guess if I had to pick one of those two extremes it would be freezing rather than super hot. I don’t like heat and humidity because I already can sweat enough on my own without the help of the weather.

    Rollercoasters are a yay for me!

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