True Life Panera Addict

Thank goodness it’s Friday.  Not that I really have anything to do with my life.  Incase you wondered, life and thrift store shopping got in the way last night so I have to finish to my HCG paper tonight.  Well-I don’t have too but it’s a goal I have.

This morning I woke up at 6:30am on my break and on a Friday.

Why on earth I wanted to swim was beyond me. (workout in LC meters)
1000 free warmup
400 kick  on back
2X400 pull

I was going to run later today but my joints are still stiff.  Shoot me but I want to do well at my next Half Marathon so I’m not going to die by cutting my miles in half this week.  Also-I have been hardcore working out the entire last month so my body needs a break.  I literally layed around like a bum today.  It was awesome.

I made some fried plantains and had a lot of peanut butter with them.  I’m going to have to guess this is probably about ¼ of a cup but I dug my spoon right in there.

Fried platains+peanut butter+sprinkles. <3

Then I got my hair cut.  It’s pretty short for me but hopefully it will grow back quickly.  I’m not to concerned, I just got those dead ends off.

Before=wet, chloriney, grimey hair

After=real girl clothes?

That tie dye shirt is my brothers-you know that sister I could never steal clothes from?  Well I have my brother to steal his clothes and he just gave me a bunch of sweet running shirts that don’t fit him well.  It’s nice to be the same size as your brother…well it’s nice that he wears a unisex small like he do and doesn’t get in a tizzy when I steal his things anyways.   Matt and I extremely close and that is just how we role.

After my power nap , Anna and I were supposed to go to Ruby Tuesday’s tonight but it was a terribly long wait.  So where did we go?

Heres a photo of Anna and I you haven't seen in a while

Panera.  Again because it was right across the way but I tried their artichoke panaini and it seriously delicious.  I had another fuji apple salad as well because that is how I roll.

minus these onions because I hate them.

Fun Fact Friday will be about me this week since exams are here and you guys are busy enough studying for those.

Fun Fact number 1000: I have a stuffed bear bigger then me.

We used to be the same color...


Day 3 of no artificial chocolate and whatnot went well.  I didn’t really have any cravings.


Question for you:

  1. Fun Fact Friday?
  2. Do you steal any of your siblings clothes?


27 responses

  1. I have 3 sisters so yes we stole clothes from one another and we still do! It happens.

    Fun fact – I watched Friday by Rebecca Black again today — no idea why, but I did!

  2. I’m an only child so no one to steal clothes from, lol. And I definitely can’t steal my hubby’s clothes, haha.

    That bear is freakin’ huge… and you were extremely tan, too. I’ve only eaten at a Panera once because we don’t have them here really but that salad looks super yummy, minus the onions of course :).

  3. I have an older brother and unless I wanted to wear sleeveless shirts all the time and cut jeans with long black socks, I wouldn’t dare touch his clothes. Hah. I don’t think he even washes them.

    Fun fact Friday: I did a water aerobics class today with a bunch of old people. Oh yeah.

  4. I steal from my sister sometimes but she gets cranky when I do that. But now brother is getting bigger than me and wearing a medium shirt so I’ve slowly been stealing all his small tshirts…like I need more tshirts. fun fact I have probably at least 100 tshirts…no lie…and thats after giving away close to 100 at the end of last summer…. craziness.

    The artichoke sandwich from pannera is what I always get when I go there. Oh and I’m a little bit jealous you got to swim LC that was always my fav but my team didn’t train long course. so sad

  5. Mmmmm Panera. 🙂 Sometimes if I want to get something cold, I usually just run by and get their iced green tea. SO good.

    That’s awesome that you can take his stuff without him getting angry at you. My sister hates when I take her clothes! I can’t help that her stuff is cuter than mine. 😛

  6. I have a brother who’s ten years older than me so no clothes sharing there!
    Fun Fact Friday: I found out there is chocolate olive oil and I’m not really sure how I feel about that

  7. Your hair is so cute! 🙂 I’ve neve been to panera… We don’t have one here and never stopped at one anywhere else. My little bros are little so I can’t steal clothes 🙁 However I do secretly want to wear boy shorts and t shirts (when im not wearing skirts?). Boys can get away with baggy ol shorts and any t-shirt but girls generally are “supposed to be” more put together. :/

  8. I use to steal tshirts from them when I was pregnant, because they wear large shirts because they are so tall haha.
    ps. I LOVE panera. And I dont eat the onions on the salad either

  9. I’m a panera addict too.
    Fun fact: the highlight of my day was going to San Diego’s whole foods. I wish I bought more, but my wallet isn’t quite that big.
    Your hair looks gorgeous. I want mine short but I’m waiting until after prom!

  10. Hi girl! Sry I haven’t commented in awhile…busy with school n stuff 🙁 Just catching up on your blog and glad to see you’re doing well and Panera-ing it up!!! 🙂 Have a wonderful wknd!

  11. HAHA that bear is HUGE!! I want it!! My hobby as a kid was collecting Beanie Babies, and I still have them all stuffed in my wardrobe. In fact, the collection might have grown a bit recently… 😛

    And I have no idea what plantains are but the fact that there’s a ton of PB and sprinkles makes me crave them SOOO bad!!

  12. I love Panera, too! And I also hate red onions….ick.

    I can’t steal my sister’s clothes because I’m 5’3 and petite, and she is 5’9 and super athletic! I wish I could though!

    That’s funny that you can share clothes with your brother!

    Have a great easter!

  13. Ohhh I’m the exact same way…no sister but I steal clothes from my brothers like mass! 🙂 haha we all share socks (even though we’re like 5 sizes different) and my little bro and I definitely share t-shirts…its a good system we got goin’ ! I’m a huge mega panera addict as well, I could eat there everyday and be happy…as long as I can get those chocolate brownies..yummmm! ps love the haircut!

  14. 1) Fun fact – I have three moles on my lower back that look like a tatoo.
    2) Of course! I have a sister that’s 2 years older than me, so there was lots of closet raiding in high school/junior high. 🙂

    Good luck with your studying!

  15. I like the hair. Its cute all wavy! And I am super impressed with your swim on your day off. Nice!
    I have 3 brothers, so no clothes stealing here. haha.

  16. mmm, I could live off panera! I don’t think I have ever tried anything there that I don’t like. I’m in the same boat though, no onions!! Yuckkk. Your hair looks fab girl! It’ll grow fast 🙂

    fun fact: I can’t say the word bagel right even though I think I say it right. People try to teach me how to say it but it’s physically impossible for me to because I don’t know how I’m saying it wrong.. bahahah.
    I usually don’t steal my brother’s clothes unless it’s running shirts. They’re both forget to give away when they outgrew them so I go on the hunt for mediums when they’re not home.. OR I steal their hanes t-shirts that they wear to tie-dye them 🙂 btw.. one of my brother’s names is Matt too!! Weird!?!

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