Sometimes I pretend I’m not the Worlds Best Confuser

I’m probably the worlds best confuser. 

But anyways-I’ll try and explain my project about nutrition again.  The objective of the project is basically to show that our society (at least the American society) has developed such a craving for certain foods that has caused some many fast food, fried food, junk food, crap food to be most prominent.  For instance, when you drive down the road from my house, I come across a KFC, followed by Micky D’s, Wendys, then Taco Bell.  Then behind both of those a café (my favorite JoJacks!)  and Quiznos.  I am not saying quiznos is healthier by any stretch of the first four options which have about 90% unhealthy choices.

I am, however, a believer that you can find a few healthy things at fast food restaurants as long as you don’t layer it in the Ceaser Dressing they give ya.

We were given a boat load of options to cut from our diets and I know (being a food blogger and a lazy one at that) that cutting restaurants in general is not feasible for me.  In fact, I could do it but it would be very difficult for me personally.  I love going out to eat.  Love it.  Judge me if you want-I don’t care and I will continue to try every restaurant within a 100 mile radius of me.

The second option was cutting out just fast food and fried food.  I have fried food maybe once a month.  Give it to me grilled baby.  The only fast food I eat religiously is Quiznos. So that wouldn’t be a big challenge and thus a little bit boring.

The third choice was desserts in general.  Um-no that would be like cutting out restaurants and I can guarantee you my recovery meal of choice from long runs ice-cream.  So it would be extremely challenging and may result in more harm done then needed.

Cake batter icecream=key to my heart

Lastly (besides the option that I couldn’t read) was giving up added sugared items and chocolate.  This DOES not include unsweetened chocolate but was meant to include things like candy, cookies, cake, powdered sugar donuts, sugared cereals…eh you get the point.  When I have cereal, is the day there is a huge pancake epidemic.   Chuck hit it right on the point when he said the purpose of this grouping was look for more natural foods and the least amount of ingredients.  Thanks Chuck, you always seem to have to my back.  🙂

I typed in cereal to my 3000+ photos and found this one time Nov 3 I had Trix.

So yes-I hope that better explains my assignment.   Here are my two days thus far. 

Day 1 I was traveling all day and only to come home to my mom having bought cupcakes and then baked my favourite cookies.  I should have done this journey when I was soley at school.  I had lots of salmon instead for dinner because it was in the fridge and I love salmon.  If I hadn’t started this stupid thing I would have had probably 5 cookies and called it a night.

Day 2– I wasn’t home for a good portion of the day which was nice because those cookies are still saying hey girl hey. Anywho-another successful day.


Today mom and I went on a date to my favorite café Jojacks!  I decided in honor of trying new things I would get the coconut shrimp salad.  The salad had mixed greens, mango, shredded coconut, shrimp topped with a lemon vinaigrette.  It was really good but my favorite still lies in the cranberry walnut salad.  (In the three days I’m home I’m going to try and convince my parents to go again…shhhh).


I spent the majority of the day working on my nutrition paper about the HCG diet and I hope to be completely finished tonight.  My goal was to finish this paper tonight and another nutrition paper sometime else throughout the break.  If I make myself daily goals-I might actually get through them.

In the working out end, my joints were a little stiff today.  Does that sound weird because I’m not 90?  Anyways-I didn’t feel comfortable running and took today off and possibly tomorrow too.  I decided to go swim (can you believe it, I by myself decided to swim?…I wish I never had goggles and a swim cap at my house.).

Anywho my swim workout today was in meters and at sauna temperature today:
1000 warmup
400 IM
200 butterfly kick on back
1000 Pull
400 IM


That’s all I got for being home today.

Question for you:

  1. Do you make daily goals, weekly goals, hourly goals, no goals?  Do you make to do lists or play it be ear?
  2. Favorite salad combination ever?

If you want to submit any life changing guest posts to me that would be awesome too.  Send me an email at


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  1. Daily and weekly goals are optimal, I think. I mean, I think that because a combination of the two has kept me employed full-time since 2001. I write out daily goals at work every morning.

    My go-to salad is arugula, tomatoes, fat free feta, and balsamic dressing. I also love throwing apple chips in there. Though now I have a crush on mixed greens, warm snow peas, sprouts, grilled salmon, and ginger tamari dressing.

  2. M go to salad is spinach grilled chicken dried cranberries Parmesan cheese balsamic vinegar..MMM 🙂 but I need newer options so I don’t get sick of these ones!

  3. I try to make daily goals in to-do lists, but I’m really bad at actually doing everything on them. I do make goals for important things like big projects or races though.
    That salad sounds deliciousss with the coconut, shrimp, and mango. Mmm tropical.

  4. I am a huge list-maker and sticky notes are my best friend. I always write to-do lists just because it makes me feel productive when I can actually check something off. 😉 Or in case I forget something, but thats rare.

  5. I was wondering what interesting stuff you found for your HCG paper. A lot of people who I work with are doing it, and the little I know, sounds really dangerous!

  6. I am working on setting some race goals, but I’m afraid to since I think I may jinx myself and never be able to run again because of my foot. Otherwise, I am a total planner. I need plans.

    I love spinach salads with white beans. Not that I have it a lot, but it’s good.

    Good luck on the whole paper!

  7. I definitely make to-do lists and I make some goals each month. Prior to April, I would make concrete goals of doing this, doing that. Now I’m trying to just relax a bit and not put so much pressure on myself.

  8. i always make a “to do” list everyday but then never look at it again. it’s usually just in the back of my head but i rarely go back to it to cross anything off(or do i ever really finish everything..bahaha). hopefully you got done what you wanted to!

    and my fav salad is the strawberry poppyseed one from panera!! 🙂 sans pecans because i’m really not a fan of them.. but everything else. chicken, strawberries, blueberries, tomato(i think?), lettuce and lemon poppyseed dressing. amazing!

  9. Girl you know I got your back! I also wanted to say there’s a difference between ENJOYING and savoring going out to a restaurant for good food, versus going out because your lazy and don’t want to cook and do decide to eat unhealthy. We see where you go out to restaurants and its obvious that not only is it something enjoyable for you, but you choose pretty healthy options. Way to Holz : )

    I make weekly goals basically and sometimes monthly. I keep them S.M.A.R.T and a year is too long for that!

    What is HCG diet? I’ve heard a lot about its existence and why its a horrible idea, but don’t know exactly what it is!

  10. Haha your street sounds awesome!! All those fast food places- hilarious!! 😀 And cake batter ice cream?! WHA?!?! That sounds AWESOME!!

    I love goal making!! Yearly, monthly, daily, secondly, whatever, I am a goal person!! Salad= lots of hummus on top, then I’m happy 🙂

  11. I have lots of goals – for the day, if it’s a crazy day, broken out by time, monthly, & yearly. I usually don’t have weekly goals.

    Favorite salad combination ever = anything with beets, goat cheese, & hazelnuts. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  12. awww! what a huge bummer coming home to your FAVORITE cookies and not being able to eat them! Hopefully you can package some up and have them when this is all over:) haha ice cream is my favorite postrun recovery food too:)

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