Kombucha, Froyo and Giving Up Cake

Oh my goodness-you guys are so well beyond being supportive of me.  I was pretty nervous putting everything out there in the blogging world but what can you do.  Come in the fall, I couldn’t complain about math classes that I’m not taking.  I’m glad I have awesome supportive people like you guys.  Seriously, I can’t even thank each and every one of you enough.  I’m really invited everyone to a pancake fiesta at my house.


So on a completely different note, but dealing with nutrition-

For nutrition, we have to give up a food that is deemed unhealthy by society for 30 days.  At the end we are supposed to write up a paper about our thoughts, was it difficult, a daily log, blah blah blah and basically that we aren’t mentally dependent on food and that you can survive mentally and physically without all the processed and unhealthy food.  We were given a broad list of choices (because I would have chosen something mayo to give up)….fried food, fast food and restaurants in general, chocolate, dessert, and something else but I can’t read my handwriting from class in January.

Did I mention we have to do this for 30 days and keep a log? (Well it’s due May 21st, the last day of exams)  What is today April 20? 

Perfect , this is the last feasible day that I can begin the 30 days and thus won’t fail the class.  The paper is worth 15% of our final grade.  Actually, I’d just end up getting like an 80 if I didn’t do the project but I need to start out my major strong.

Honestly, I have putting this off all semester because I knew what choice I would have to make.  I mean sure I could lie and say I did it and BS my way through it.  I’m not very good at lying and I’m sure it would sound fake and clearly not done.  I swear I’m not a procrastinator with anything except for this stupid project.

I chose no unnatural chocolate and added sugar items for the next few weeks.  This does not include things like cocoa powder and dark chocolate, it was meant to include things like chocolate cake, cookies, brownies…ect.  Everyone knows that dark chocolate is a great source of antioxidents but how the culture has evolved it into desserts and candy bars has given it such a negative connotation.   I could have chosen fried and fast food, but I don’t eat that anyways so why even do it anyways? 

Anywho-I think giving up cookies, cake, brownies and all that chocolately jazz will be the most challenging and yet the most feasible.  I should have done this in January or even during lent but like I said-I have been legit procrastinating for a while now.  I was hoping if it got to this time and maybe she decided it was not okay.  I guess the people from the previous semesters have had great success with it though.

I’ll still be having dark chocolate pancakes because those are made from cocoa powder (with unadded sugar) so my teacher said I was A-okay.  The unadded sugar isn’t a big deal for me at all, and it is just kind of thrown in there but you guys clearly know I’m a big cake and cookie gal. 

So look for an added blurb everyday at the end of the blog about how I’m doing.

Anywho-I have had some AWESOMESAUCE things since my travels started.

The Amazing Roll

Spicy Salmon and Crab Rolls

This was literally called crab lump in a shell. How could I not get it?

Panera Salad is the (Fuji Apple)

Black Bean Soup

Funny story about the woman in Panera.  She asked me today if I wanted the half salad and soup and I said no-I wanted to the full of both of them.  She asked if I was familiar with their menu because it was a lot of food.  I said yes, I always got the full of both and then asked if she was familiar that I had just run 10 miles and was rather hungry.   I hate hate hate that people judge me and don’t think I put down a lot of food.

Matt@Athletes Plate raves about Kombucha so I finally was able to try it. It was certainly interesting but not bad.

OEMGEEZ. My first time trying froyo and I will be getting three of these for my post half marathon next weekend. (Chocolate free of course)

So sad it's done. 🙁


Question for you:

  1.  Which of those (fried and fast food, restaurants in general, desserts, chocolate and processed sugar) would you be able to give up?
  2. What are your thoughts on chocolate?


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  1. I could totally give up fried food and fast food since they’re not in my current eating routine anyway.

    Ditto on judgement from waitstaff, etc. Um yes, I plan on eating half a Deep Dish pizza..what’s it to ya?

  2. AAH you are so insane/brave/crazy!! I could never give up chocolate, and I’m not even joking. I’m sure I would spent the 30 days lying in the fetal position bawling my eyes out until someone fed me some chocolatey goodness. I believe that chocolate is GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL and therefore good for you 🙂 And doesn’t dark choccie have antioxidents or something vaguely beneficial…?

    Btw, I am on my way to your pancake get together now. Prepare all 10 batches for me please.

  3. I don’t like when people comment on what I order! Yeesh.

    I don’t eat much fried food/fast food, so I could give that up pretty easily. I think its great that you are challenging yourself to give up the sweets/cookies/cakes/etc.

  4. I’m totally on my way for pancake party 🙂
    And omg first time fro-yo?? Woohoo glad you had a great experience 😀
    Giving up fast food like Mcdonalds and BK would be insanely easy since I’ve been off it for years lol No fake meat patties for me. Just don’t take away pizza and chocolate!

  5. Fro yo is my biggest addiction! I would probably try to give up sugar since that would be the hardest for me. Im not too crazy about chocolate…I prefer the more carby desserts 🙂

  6. I would easily be able to give up fried or fast foods because I don’t eat those anyway… but I wonder if your prof considered that being in a nutrition class, you guys probably eat fairly well and know that moderation is key? I mean 30 days without something is hard. And eating a block of dark chocolate each day, or fast food once a week, isn’t necessarily unhealthy…

    That sushi looks yummy :).

  7. People think I don’t eat at all. Like, literally. At my school, I get asked all the time what I eat because apparently no one thinks I eat. Whatever.

    In the past when I struggled severely with my eating disorder, I didn’t eat any sugar, sweets, etc. I could do it again, but it would be tough for the first few days. I’m not even a huge fan of chocolate unless it is with something else. AKA peanut butter or ice cream.

  8. Ughh I hate it when people at restaurants look at you crazy when you order lots of food–I can totally relate, so frustrating!!

    I’ve never been much of a chocolate fan. I used to like it, especially Reese’s, but after I gave it up for lent like 5 years ago, I’ve never really craved it since. Oh and welcome to the “dark side” aka the world of fro-yo heehee 🙂

  9. I love fro yo…NOMMMMMM. and im totally jeal of all your sushi I’m def hitting up sakanaya this weekend for some delishisnesss. Hope your break is fantab girrrrrl

  10. I have no sweet tooth, I swear.
    I was curious weather “cake” would include that preceded by “pan” and for your sake I am glad it is not!
    I’d have to give up wine if I were in your class, as I don’t really do the other stuff.
    Except Diet Soda, which I recently caved to.
    I’d be SO hard pressed to give up asparagus for 30 days.
    Giving up all veggies would be even worse and probably not healthy.
    Giving up fruit…hard but maybe i’d manage.
    But why.

  11. Bahaha, procrastination at it’s best! Giving up something is definitely rough at first, but after a week or two the cravings go away. I’m sure your delish choco pancakes will take care of any problems(: I gave up candy for lent but I mainly only ate reeses anyways(hello, chocolate&peanut butter!). It really hasn’t been that bad and I don’t think I’m going to be too crazy about them after. Yes, they are good but I’d much rather have dark chocolate pb on toast instead now.

    and I HATE people that judge like that woman at panera! People always ask me what I eat and I tell them that I honestly eat every 2-3 hours and well over 2000 calories and they think it’s nearly impossible. Hellooooo, not every woman eats like a bird! I run, I like food and I get ravenous when I go 3+ hours without eating unless I’m sleeping so obviously I’m going to eat some deliciousness.

  12. I gave up all desserts in January since I had OD’d during the holiday season and it was hard but I just started eating a little bowl of cereal before bed instead of sweets so I’m not sure if that counts? I like chocolate but it is not exactly a vice of mine. I can’t do a lot of chocolate unless you pair it with vanilla ice cream then it’s true love!

  13. That’s a really cool challenge/project, and good luck giving up chocolate. At least you have your cocoa powder still.
    Chocolate is definitely a big love of mine, but I’d rather have just plain dark chocolate over chocolate flavored things.

  14. I do the same thing at panera!! Actually I get the exact same meal. I’m sort of obsessed. I can’t believe you’ve never had froyo and actually feel bad that you had to wait so long to try it. Amazing stuff.
    I would give up processed sugar. I eat a lot of unnecessary added sugar, though not as much as most people I’m sure, but I’ve always wanted to try giving it up!

  15. I hate when people say crap like the lady at Panera did… it makes me feel crappy and pisses me off. Sorry, venting.

    What about like cookies made with all natural ingredients, etc? Are we judging by the ingredients or by the name? So if you made healthy oatmeal cookies with no added sugar, would that be ok, on would you have to call them like oatmeal “round things”? lol

  16. can you believe i have NEVER had fro yo! i need to get my butt in gear because according to EVERYONE its heaven- hah love the pics girl 🙂 i think i’d be able to give up fast food restaurants because i dont do that as often any more.but sweets..woah thats a different story 🙂

  17. I hate when people think I can’t eat a lot either. If you give me a watermelon. Psshhh it’s gone! 10 miles = need lots of panera 🙂

  18. HAHAH!! I LOVE you for saying that to the woman at Panera!! Way to stand up for yourself! My mom runs way more than I do and she’s very thin, but she eats a TON and has always been super skinny. People always assume she doesn’t eat, etc… and it drives her nuts! I’m tiny but don’t usually have that problem with people assuming I cant eat, I guess since I’ve got a j-lo sized butt..oops. I guess I’d go with processed sugar too, since I don’t eat fast/fried food anyway! -jamie

  19. I would probably give up desserts and “non real” chocolate. I have a bad bad sweet tooth, and I don’t eat fast food or fried things.

    That is awesome that you told off the lady at panera I hate when people judge you for what you order. Not gunna lie it occasionally affects what I order. I can’t believe youd never had froyo! It is soooo good! I def still like ice cream a billion times better but it is a good trade off.

  20. Is that Yogen-Fruz I see you eating? I LOVE that stuff and it’s made an appearance more than once on my blog! 🙂

    Giving up chocolate for me wouldn’t be too hard, unless it was dark chocolate. I’m addicted to dark chocolate!

  21. Hahahaha. “Are you aware I just ran 10 miles and am starving and will jump behind this counter and punch you out if you don’t give me my PANERA NOW!?”

    Loves it. I feel the same way girl!

  22. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I’m not a big chocolate I guess I couldn’t have chosen that for my paper..what would of been hard for me would be frozen yogurt /ice cream/ all of that frozen dairy stuff(which is what I gave up for ice) or animal crackers. I love animal a lot! 🙂
    I hope your paper goes well!!
    Mmm all of that sushi looks delish- I LOVE sushi, it’s my fave food. And are you trying to torture me?! Crab lump in a shell. OMG. I want that. Now.
    And whoa! I can’t believe that’s your first time having frozen yogurt…cr-cr-crazy! Lol!
    Oh & I HATE when people judge me for what I eat too. And I hate comments like ‘you’re eating again?! Didn’t you just eat?!’ I’m like..pllllease go away! & the worst part is that THEY are like the most unhealthy people ever. Grr!

  23. oh i could most def give up fast food its not that appealing to me anyways but i think i would try giving up sugar..but that would be hard so maybe a good motivator to see if i could actually do it! oh and me and chocolate anything will never part ways!

    but i am actually a new reader of yours and i am hooked on your blog i love it and you really inspire me to run lol never thought i could actually run as much as i have been! 🙂

  24. It would be easy for me to give up fried food. I’m just not into it anymore, I don’t know if it’s all the grease, but it physically hurts my stomach to consume it. I could probably also give up fast food, but that depends on the definition. If Chipotle is considered fast, then there’s no way!

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