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Okay and now back to your regularly scheduled program.  Today and today only because I’m traveling on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I have already typed some personal and exciting news about my life for tomorrow-so if you want to know about my life changing revelation filled with drama and good times…stay tuned for tomorrow.

On another random side note I have found in the blogging world that Holly is such a common name.  I don’t know anyone else with the name Hollie/Holly/Holli at school both high school and college-so it’s pretty cool there are so many in the blogesphere.

I have found another Holly (not really found because we have been tweeting BFFS for a while now and I like to pretend I harassed her enough to get a blog).  Everyone needs a blog.  I even tell my real world friends that.  So I don’t have to put up with their drama and they can vent to others…anywho.

Go read and stalk Holly’s blog like I do.  Because you will love it and both our first and last names start with H.  Therefore we are H squared twinnies. Go.Now.

I felt like I got hit by a bus of tiredness today.  Not muscle soreness but legit I was just so sleepy.  I hadn’t slept the previous days before the half very well and last night I slept like a rock but was still tired.  Seeing as I was so tired, I felt the need to sit and take photos of myself versus get ready for class.

take that half marathon.

Back to my day.   I haven’t made oatmeal pancakes in a while and I don’t really have a reason for it honestly because they used to be my favorite.  Sometimes I’m just rather forgetful and so certain things slipped my mind.

During class today, I really zoned out.  I normally pay attention I do, but I was just so out of it and not wanting to learn anything about algebra, calculus or coaching for that matter.  I think I literally slept with my eyes open.

Lunch today was my typical quiche and salad collection.  I’m excited to let you guys know that I’ll be doing a little experimenting in my kitchen back home this week so be prepared (or pretend you are).  I tried the tomato and artichoke salad but they added way to much balsamic vinaigrette so I was not a fan.

ew and onions. I just ate the artichoke and quiche.


Since yesterday I did a half recap, here are my stats of last week.  What I didn’t realize (because I’m slightly overzealous sometimes) is that I worked out harder this week then previously.  Which means my time for my next half can drop (hopefully).

**Everything was accomplished with my half marathon.  I got the time I was looking to get, my heels do not hurt (and aren’t fractured) and I’m not sore.  I’ll repeat this.  I’m not sore. 

42 miles running (new season high)
2 hours (6000) yards swimming
4 hours of Arc trainer

This week is going to be a lot lighter for me.  I’ll be home and would rather spend time with my family and I want to recover fully for May 1

30-40 miles of SLOW running
1 hour swimming

(who knows how much Arc)

Questions for you:

  1. How is your workout week looking?  Brag about it.
  2. Is common is your name?


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  1. WOW your stats for the week are AMAZE:) And Emma’s not a common name at all…let’s ignore the fact that there were 5 of us in my class when I was a kid…

    Oooh and I can’t WAIT for this revelation!! There are all sorts of weird ideas floating about my twisted mind right now! 😛

  2. Heck no, my name is not common. If I see it spelled the same, it’s not pronounced the same (usually will be Shawna, Shannon, or Shayna)..not Shanna, like Banana 😉 har har har

  3. Your oatmeal pancakes look delicious! My name (Julie) is pretty common. I was the only one in my (small) high school with it but once I got to college I met a bunch of other people with my name!

  4. Well I am yet another Holly!!! I know what you mean — I think there was one other Holly in my entire high school and I never met any in college and yet there are tons in the blog world! I always thought I had such a special unique name. Oh well!

    Workout week — this week it is looking good. I’m feeling good and I’m already ready to tackle my 17 miler planned for Saturday. I’ve got 2 weight lifting sessions planned and 4 total days of running.

  5. Your not sore! thats awesome! I was sore for three days after my 1/2, but I wasnt prepared haha
    My name is common, but I like it. I love the name Kristen, much better than apple haha

  6. So I completely agree with your statement about our names I really don’t know anyone in the regular world with it but in blog world there are so many. It must be something in the name 🙂 and THANK YOU! for the mention 😀

    I’m hoping my workout week will be awesome but I’m kinda nervous because I’ve been bad at stretching lately and my achilles does not like that… oops

  7. Can’t wait to hear about your BIG news!
    My week should be great on the workout front because I have zero exams or projects, so more time to run.
    My name is so common, but I really like my name.

  8. I think I’ve seen like 3 other Jamies in the blogosphere,,,, in real life I know one other. Not counting the Jaime (hi-may) which is a spanish boys name and I know a boy named that.

  9. This week I’m going to try to fit in some light running if my foot doesn’t bother me. Also, I plan on swimming Friday!

    My name is not that common. I can never find my name on those key chains because my name isn’t spelled Christie.

  10. I hateeee sleepy days! I made the mistake of scheduling my Calc III class at 715 at night.. well actually I should my school made the mistake of that being the only time offered. They should know sleepiness and math don’t mix! 😉

    Your plan for this week looks amazing though. SLOW miles. I’ll be right there with ya! Maybe we should put tacky glue on the bottom of our shoes. And YES, my name is soo common. I remember in 8th grade there were 3 of us named Stephanie in the same English class.. annoying!

  11. My name is pretty common- the most in the year I was born. My boyfriend’s is the same- weird huh?
    Yay for not being sore!

  12. I hear of so many Hollies in the blog world, so weird because I don’t know many in real life haha .. real life?
    I am excited to hear your news and see what you cook 🙂
    My workout week? I missed spinning today cause I slept in bahah so maybe I will swim!!

  13. well your workout stats just put mine to shame…I just bragged on my blog about being able to do 30 minutes of cardio hungover! haha.

  14. I’m thinking my name is pretty common – although maybe not the spelling? Probably just wishful thinking on my part.

    My workouts have been kind of intense the last few weeks, with 2 days a week dedicated to 6 mile runs in the am and a bodypump class in the pm. God I hate showering twice a day!

    But I think I need to lay off a bit for my marathon May 7th – definitely want to be in tip-top shape for that! I can’t be walking like a penguin, still sore from bodypump.

  15. MYYY name isn’t too, too common. I’d say it’s pretty rare I meet a new Alyssa. And I like it that way. 😉

    And ugh. My shins are awful, and my running has been pitiful lately. Not cool when my next half is a month and two days away. Waaaah!

  16. I am very happy for you! But just to warn you as someone who has been out of college for four years…you might change your mind again! So just be open to change (as you seem to be) and just major in something you enjoy. Let the chips fall where they may!

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